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Final Fantasy XIV Gil Farming Tips

Gil is the currency used by players in Popular Series Final Fantasy XIV to purchase items such as furnishings, armor, and weapons. The highest cost a player might incur in the game is probably in-house, which many players fantasize about saving up for. Players can choose from various methods to increase their Gil to millions. But some solutions function much more effectively than others.

Players jumped at the opportunity to profit from selling new armor and stuff to earn a lot of Gil as soon as Endwalker was published. It illustrates how the market in Final Fantasy XIV is constantly shifting because it is all based on what people value but how many players are above or behind with the dungeon and plot.

 However, this does not presume there is no tactic to farming for Gil. What is valued at one million Gil today might only be worth two Gil next month. There are quite a few techniques for players who desire to become wealthy.

Unlock the Gemstone Trader Shops and Sell the Goods There

Vendors of gemstones began in Endwalker and moved into Shadowbringers. The more Fates the player completes in their region, the more they have in stock. As many people don't have entry to these vendors, if the player completes all places, a special vendor is opened, and they have access to products that can be resold for many Gils.

These vendors offer a variety of goods, including furnishings, minions, and occasionally even Chocobo armor.

Final Fantasy XIV Gemstone Trader Shops

Reselling just on market board after purchasing via Beast Tribe NPCs

Don't purchase from any outdated NPC and resell it. It requires some skill to pick whichever NPC to resell from to make Gils. Players can search the market board for items that can be sold again. This is helpful when deciding what they should buy with tomestones and how much they can purchase from Beast Tribes.

Due to the fact that gamers are essentially turning products that are only available via special money into Gil, reselling these items is often profitable.

Make And Sell Weapons With A Boss Theme

The most popular goods on the market board frequently have boss themes. However, use caution and often check the trading board to monitor the prices. 

From one day to the next, they may rise or become inexpensive. But given that they are rather dazzling, it is pretty simple to understand why they're so coveted. Some bosses also allude to earlier Final Fantasy games, which makes the fanbase like them. The likelihood that the item will sell for further Gil increases with the fight's difficulty.

FFXIV Gils Earning Guide

Gathering Classes at a Level

Although gathering classes won't yield as much Gil as creating, they are still free. Gathering only takes up the player's time. Check on the market board for available items selling for reasonable Gil, then go on and gather while watching TV.

While working on another project, it is simple to complete this one. Many would concur that the Mining class is the most profitable gathering class.

Sell Heaven's Best Or the Palace of the Dead's Loot

The special dungeons Palace of the Dead or Heaven on High are the greatest for swiftly levelling classes; they also include incredibly unique loot. Heaven on High, one of the two unique dungeons, offers richer prizes but is only accessible to more experienced players.

Any loot players find in these dungeons is probably valuable enough to sell. These consist of minions, unusual orchestration rolls, and other things. The loot is usually harmless enough that most gamers want to keep it even if it cannot be sold (like an incredibly rare mount).

Housing Craft Decoration

It does not necessarily follow that players shouldn't build furnishings just because they may not have a real-world residence. Making furniture is a very lucrative endeavor. Players who own homes take great pride in beautifying their interiors and exteriors and are willing to spend much of Gil to get the ideal home.

Carpenter is the greatest crafting class for it because it offers the most recipes for housing of any class. Players can start working on what is buying for the most within the Housing category by studying on the market board.

FFXIV Housing Craft Decoration

You might wonder if these tasks can be accomplished without any initial funding, and the answer is NO. All these tasks require some initial Gil to start. For beginners, it won't be an easy task; otherwise, why else would you look at this Gil Farming guide if you had more than enough of it. So, here is our solution.

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Play expert roulette and buy materials

Making Gil through roulettes is a steady and slow process. Players not only receive some Gil automatically, but they can also find loot that is valuable enough to sell. Sadly, most stuff doesn't fetch much at auction. A distinct story applies to the harder roulettes. The best materials currently accessible are offered to the highest level players that play Expert Roulettes.

The Gil will mount up fairly nicely if you sell that material on that market board daily. In addition, several of Final Fantasy XIV's dungeons are stunning and merit repeated visits.

Send retainers on business trips

Send servants out on ventures whenever you can. There is a possibility that they will return with stuff the player can offer. Depending on the class and level of the retainers, some loot may sell for a high price. For instance, highly sought-after minions like the Fat Cat and extremely rare minions can sell for up to thousands of Gils each.

It does require unique money called "ventures" to send retainers. These are simple to get by finishing quests for the beast tribe or using the company credits you earned via FATEs and quests.

Create Items Required for Class Quests

Players in need of Gil can consistently earn money by completing class tasks. This is because many people purchase products from the market board instead of taking the time and care to manufacture them themselves.

Create numerous copies of an item and observe as others line up to buy it if players research the items needed to accomplish a class quest. Naturally, this calls for a crafter's levelling. Players are strongly encouraged to level a crafting profession since it is essential to earning Gil.

FFXIV Gameplay

Become a gardener

The more diligent players should try this method of earning Gil because it can pay off handsomely. First, however, the player will require a piece of real estate, such as a Free Company home or a private residence, where they may take care of their garden. 

Thavnairian onions are one of the most lucrative yet time-consuming plants players may grow because they can be used to level up Chocobo friends. To achieve this, it is necessary to cross-breed other vegetables to obtain the right seeds. It also calls for consistent watering.

FFXIV Gardener

Earn Rewards From Wondrous Tails And Sell Them

After reaching level 60, players can accept the quest "Keeping Up with the Aliapohs" from the NPC Unctuous Adventurer in Idyllshire (X:5.7, Y:6.1) to obtain access to Wondrous Tails. Now that incentives are no longer randomly assigned each week and simply offer Certificates of Commendations of various qualities that players may exchange for prizes, the system has been simpler.

Players can receive a fresh journal each week from Khloe in Idyllshire (X:5.7, Y:6.1), which features a system akin to bingo. Players must complete trials, assaults, and dungeon (or three) to earn seals and the chance to score a few lines. You can sell some awards for a respectable amount of Gil.

Gather Crafting Recipes That Can Be Unlocked

Unless they acquire Master Recipes, no player knows every crafting recipe. However, once a player reaches level 50 and completes the mission Just Puttering Around in Mor Dhona, which Guiding Star offers, they can acquire these (X: 21.9, Y: 6.9). 

Crafting, Demimateria, and Headpieces are the three Master Recipe Tomes that can be unlocked. The player must be at the greatest level to be able to purchase and use all of them. Players get an advantage by possessing these recipes and selling goods they produce because not every other player will be interested in finding these recipes. To buy them, though, you need to gather and craft scripts.

Sell Eureka Reward Points

Once the level 70 quest "So We Shall Call It Eureka," offered by Galiena in Rhalgr's Reach, has been completed, players can access the instanced area known as the Forbidden Land known as Eureka Anemos (X:9.8, Y:12.5).

Fans of Final Fantasy 11 will love this instanced location because it heavily draws from Square Enix's prior MMO. In Eureka, there are many jobs that players can complete, and many of them come with rewards.  Certain rewards, like the minions with Final Fantasy 11 themes, are guaranteed to make money when listed on the market board.

Avail of Map Parties

It may be preferable to keep a map rather than sell one if players receive one. This is especially valid if the map is intended for expert players.  Although it can be little risky, successful players can often leave map dungeons with much more money than they invested in the map. The best option is to obtain maps by collecting classes or as a bonus from Khloe's journals. 

Players can avoid paying Gil for the map if they do it this way. Therefore, it wasn't a huge loss even if players were expelled from a dungeon early.

Get Minions to Hunt and Sell

Final Fantasy XIV's minions are gamers' favorite, and many attempts to gather as many as possible. In addition to dungeons, raids, crafting, collecting, and other places, minions can also be discovered in several other places.  Several minions may be sold on the market board, so many players make Gil by determining which minions are worth approximately the most money and then looking for them to sell.

Players can verify whether a new minion has indeed been introduced and whether it is sellable with each update. Farming specific dungeons to gather the minion to sell may be worthwhile if it is a sellable and difficult-to-obtain item.

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