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Final Fantasy XIV Goldsmith Levelling Guide

There is no surprise that Goldsmith is a well-liked crafting profession, given that beauty is the ultimate goal of Final Fantasy 14. But their accessories are just not for show; they're also crucial for stats. The gear set for each class includes the jewelry that goldsmiths create. They also produce weapons, primarily for Black Mages and Monks, two professions. Ores, diamonds, and other materials used in goldsmithing can get pricey, but at a high level, it can be profitable.

The time commitment cannot be avoided, but more effective strategies exist for working through the grind. Here is a chart showing the progression of a Goldsmith from the 1st level to the 90th, including upgrades to the gear and the optimal levels to gain EXP.

Things to know before starting

It will be a tedious process

Goldsmithing may be enjoyable, but being a level 90 Goldsmith is not. You can opt to level your crafts to their maximum levels manually, or you can use Final Fantasy XIV's repeating tradecraft levels to boost your crafting experience.


We will now discuss leves. We'll continue inside Ul'dah until we reach the 53rd level and commence with the content in Heavensward, so you should head over to The Quicksand to find the leveled Eustace.

You are to choose from three available types of tradecraft levels: charity, inventiveness, and constancy. Constancy levels yield a larger number of EXP than Charity levels do. The caveat is that the player can submit up to 3 times the necessary item on Charity tiers and receive the EXP thrice.

For instance, when you requested a pair of 'Brass Ingots' on a Charity level, you might submit six to receive triple EXP. Most of the experience is gained from ingenuity levels; however, you must deliver the products to a new location.

Your equipment will get outdated as you go through the stages and complete more difficult recipes. To maintain Craftsmanship and Control at a high level, meet with the NPC that serves as your neighborhood tool and tradesman supplier. Look at the 'Linen Coatee' and the 'Velveteen Coatee Set' at the 38th and 26th levels, respectively. Crafters typically start with red since leves don't give them much money. Finding anything you could quickly manufacture for a gain by looking around the market is always a good idea. Additionally, you can find equipment on the Boards in the market, sometimes for less money than NPCs.

FFXIV Levequests


You will gain access to Collectables at the 50th level. Special things known as collectibles can be created and traded for Scrip. Then, you may use it to buy expensive things. You cannot create HQ collectibles; rather, utilize skills that raise an item's receivables statistic rather than the percentage of HQ. Therefore, the value of collectible items is higher in Scrip.

Master recipes are among the most significant products to purchase with Scrip. Such items enable the crafting of recipes needed for a variety of levels.

Eloin is Ishgard's successor. Instead of five levels going forward, new leves will appear when you cross every 2 levels. Beware: as the requirements for EXP to level increase once you reach the 50th level; your progress will severely slow down. Aside from small-scale leves, you'll gain access to many leves, which need 10 leve allowances but offer far more experience points. You'll have a tonne of time saved by taking them.

During the gameplay, if you need some weapons, armor, or other resources to help you level up faster, you can always use Gils to purchase such equipment. However, if you need more Gils, the best way is to get them for real money.

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FFXIV Goldsmith Guide

Levels 1 to 21

The Steps of Thal in Ul'dah are home to the Goldsmith's Guild. To take the Way Of The Goldsmith quest, you must be at least level 10 in one fighting class.

The first hammer, the Goldsmith's main tool, is yours when you accept the mission from the Hyur receptionist. The EXP gain for leves below level 20 is low; therefore, there is little use in taking them. Instead, just concentrate on the job quests right now. If you don't already have it, job quests will also grant you a basic set of crafting equipment.

Levels 22 to 53

Start taking care of your equipment right now. Disciple of the Hand gear increases Craftsmanship and Control, enabling you to advance more quickly and acquire more quality with each action.

An Iron Chaser Hammer, a Recruit's Grinding Wheel, and items from the Initiate's and Cotton Crafting sets are all things you should have by level 21. From the Job Quests, you should already have some of these components. If you don't, Yoyobasa and Gwalter, two merchants on Ul'dah's Sapphire Strip, will sell them to you. All DoH vocations can craft equipment, aside from primary and secondary tools, as long as it fits the level requirements for equipping.

Levels 54 to 63

The following gear set, available from Evrardoux and Norlaise in The Pillars of Ishgard at Level 53, includes a Mythrite Lapidary Hammer, a Garnet Grinding Wheel, and the Holy Rainbow Crafting set. Find the Ramie Crafting set further on in the Ishgard DLC.

Levels 64 to 71

In Kugane's Umineko Teahouse, speak with the charming Roegadyn man. Keltraeng represents levels 60th up to 69th of the Levemete. Purchase several new tools, including the 'Ruby Cotton Crafting Kit,' the 'Koppranickel Ornamental Hammer,' and the 'Stiperstone Grinding Wheel'.

Sadly, after this moment, there are no more significant leves. So, the usual Charity and Constancy leves are back in effect. Make collectibles occasionally since you need the Scrip for guides and master recipes.

Levels 72 to 80

After that, reach the Crystarium. Once you reach Level 71, NPC vendors will start selling the 'Brightlinen Craftthe ing Kit,' White Oak Grinding Wheel, and Deepg, an old C-pein Hammer. The 'Ala Mhigan Crafting' set could be less pricey than Brightlinen; take a peek at it on the Boards in the market.

As you advance up to the 80th level, look for components first from the 'Pixie Cotton Crafting' set at the 74th level, and the 'Zonureskin Crafting' set at the 77th level. Crystarium Deliveries become available once you reach the Shadowbringers content. These are tasks that require you to create and deliver particular collectible objects. You will receive 9 million EXP overall for completing a certain Crystarium questline. Goldsmith, Armorer, and Blacksmith questlines fall under 'Forging' and contain several jobs that may only be done once. You cannot play them again to get experience in a different profession.

‘Eirikur the Hrothgar’ is the Crystarium levemete. Forging missions for 'Crystarium Deliveries' are given out by Iola.

Levels 81 to 90

Prior to leaving the Crystarium, make sure to upgrade your gear on the way back. It is necessary to purchase a 'Dwarven Mythril Lapidary Hammer,' a 'Lignum Vitae Grinding Wheel,' and a 'Dwarven Cotton Crafting Kit.' Grigg is Sharlayan's level.

Above level 80, only Constancy levels are available; no Charity levels exist. Thank goodness Studium Deliveries, Sharlayan's version of Crystarium Deliveries exists. The grouping of many jobs is exactly how they operate in the same manner as the 'Crystarium questlines.' Rurusha should be contacted by goldsmiths.

You succeeded! The Level 90 collectible for the Goldsmith is the 'Rarefied Chondrite Needle,' which you can make. It can be exchanged for unique purple Scrip. This purple-colored Scrip can be used to purchase 'Disciple of Hand or Land' job-specific Level 90 artifact armor.

FFIXV Goldsmith

Repeatable Quests

These item totals correspond to the initial order number. To gain the greatest experience, you must produce three times the amount specified, turn it in, and ensure each item is of the highest caliber possible. You can skip the high-quality portion of the process, but doing so will cost you a lot of XP.

The levels of experience listed are the absolute minimum. The initial XP will be multiplied by six for numerous excellent quality turns.

  • King for a Day in Ul'dah (7331 XP)

  • Dog Tags Are for Dogs in Quarrymill (7331 XP)

  • All Booked Up in Ul'dah (11115 XP)

  • Dancing with the Stars in Quarrymill (11115 XP)

  • A Little Bird Told Me in Ul'dah (17670 XP)

  • Get the Green Stuff in Costa del Sol(17670 XP)

  • Burning the Midnight Oil in Ul'dah (23940 XP)

  • Faith and Fashion in Coerthas (23940 XP)

  • It's My Business to Know Things in Ul'dah (32049 XP)

  • If You've Got It, Flaunt It in Coerthas (32049 XP)

  • The Big Red in Ul'dah (39087 XP)

  • Light in the Darkness in Mor Dhona(39087 XP)

Additional Tips to keep in mind

  • With an asterisk next to their experience counts, repeatable, charitable, and triple turn-in levels are identified. The XP amounts indicated here are three times the base amount because it is assumed that you would use these levels fully and complete all three prerequisites.

  • With no experience beyond 0, each listing presumes you have attained the necessary level. The second listing, Pretty Enough to Eat, which awards 11,616 XP when submitted at high quality, is an example of this. The number of HQ turn-ins listed is two, even though the level 10 XP requirement is 11,800, which is more than the level's payout. Keep this in mind because you rarely start at 0 XP when you level up.

  • Our top recommendation for mass-leveling is repeatable or triples. If you just need it for brief periods, Ingenuity can be more cost-effective (though they require travel).

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