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Final Fantasy XIV - How to Choose a Job Guid
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Final Fantasy XIV - How to Choose a Job Guid

The most crucial choice you'll make when starting FFXIV is choosing what class to play. The beginning of your tale and the nature of your multiplayer adventures are influenced by the role you take on.

An MMORPG's class structure frequently serves as the cornerstone for its success. Traditional systems' three primary class types are tanks, healers, and damage dealers. Players select a class to play as and are locked into that option until they create an alt. The less popular but more "traditional" approach does away with classes entirely and allows players to become whatever they wish. It was used in some of the genre's first games before being abandoned and later revived.

Final Fantasy XIV's creators, Square Enix, have struck an intriguing compromise by including renowned classes and jobs from the Final Fantasy series and allowing users to play as any of them on any character. If a character fits the requirements, completes the accompanying Quests, and activates the right Soul Crystal, they can play as any of the current 10 Base Classes and extend them to all 18 Jobs.

This guide tries to introduce you to all 18 of the jobs in Final Fantasy XIV and quickly outline each one's key characteristics. To produce a clear comparison tool for both new and seasoned players, it will highlight the tastes, strong points, and key gameplay elements of each of them while also attempting to bring out the faults. It will also concentrate on the modifications made in the Shadowbringers expansion.

We'll go through the information you need to know before selecting a class in our FFXIV tutorial. We'll go through how roles function, how classes change into jobs, and how you may get additional jobs in the game's expansions, such as Endwalker. All these classes have their unique abilities and perks. You can buy weapons and upgrades for all the classes using Gils, and in case you are running dry, there is always the option to purchase them.

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The Class types in Final Fantasy XIV


In a sense, tanks act as shields for the other party members. They have strong defence and HP, as well as talents that draw the attention of their foes.

1. Paladin

With shields and holy magic, the paladin shields the group. Additionally, they use their MP supply to heal allies and inflict burst damage. Although the Paladin role is a great way to learn to tank, it may be difficult to master.

2. Warrior

Warriors can effectively draw in swarms of enemies, do respectable damage, and have a range of self-healing abilities. The Warrior job is a wonderful option for those who have tried a DPS FFXIV character and want to try tanking.

3. Dark Knight

The strongest damage-mitigation ability in the game is possessed by The Dark Knight, who wields the power of darkness. Being a competent Dark Knight requires strong mana and blood management, which may be challenging in the heat of combat.

4. Gunbreakers

Players who like Squall from Final Fantasy 8 will most likely enjoy Gunbreakers. The playstyle of the Gunbreaker profession is easy, and it has various strong combinations that may boost damage or build shields.


Depending on how successfully they perform their job, healers either keep the squad alive or bring them back to life. While healing is taking place, healers can also inflict small injuries.

1. Scholars

The Scholar calls forth fairies to aid the party's healing and serve as shields. Taking care of oneself and a fairy might make mastering the Scholar profession more challenging, but when handled properly, they can heal while doing good damage and are vital team players.

2. White Mage

Typically, when you think of a healer in Final Fantasy, you picture a White Mage. They have excellent spells for long-term recovery and considerable healing power. In addition, the White Mage job may assist with DPS if necessary and is quite simple to master.

3. Astrologian

The Astrologer employs cards to enhance teammates and magic to heal and protect the group. The two positions available to this FFXIV class are one for group shielding and the other for quick healing.

4. Sage

The Sage is a healer class that employs aether-infused Nouliths that may be detached to help comrades out in combat by healing, boosting, or shielding the group with barriers.

Melee DPS

Melee DPS jobs put you face-to-face with your adversaries. While the tank keeps the enemy off-balance and the healer keeps you alive, deal a tonne of damage.

1. Monk

Monks have the potential to hurt the group while also enhancing it greatly. An effective monk requires perfecting their move rotation, but with enough practice, they might also have one of the squad's highest DPS. It's crucial to remember that the Monk's functionality will be revived by Patch 5.4, which will debut in early December.

2. Dragoon

The amazing leap attacks that dragoons are known for, as well as their overall bright personalities. They are often slower than other DPS vocations but do damage comparable to most DPS classes. Although dragoon might be challenging to learn, you'll look fantastic charging into combat.

3. Ninjas

Ninjas use ninjutsu to carry out swift and effective variations. They may also use several debuffs on adversaries, increasing the squad's damage output. Nevertheless, because of their dependency on debuffs, ninjas have lesser DPS than other professions when used poorly. In addition, due to the speed of certain of the Ninja's skills, playing with high latency may be a little more challenging for them than for other classes.

4. Samurai

The Samurai deals the most damage per second in the game, but he has no helpful quirks that aid the team in battle. Furthermore, without a group to support them, it is hard to keep a Samurai alive; therefore, single questing might be challenging.

5. Reaper

The two-handed scythe, which may be used to kill targets up close, is the main weapon of the Reaper and was initially introduced as the main weapon for the Dark Knight job in Final Fantasy XI.

Ranged Magical DPS

Take a step aside from the combat and employ various forms of magic to deal your enemy extremely heavy harm. Because you cannot move while casting, ranged magical DPS often has a limited range of motion.

1. Black Mage

Similar to how the White Mage is a staple of the Final Fantasy series as a healer, the Black Mages are renowned for being powerful elemental casters. Final Fantasy XIV's Black Mages have a great damage potential, are not overly challenging to learn the principles of, but are challenging to master.

2. Summoner

Three battle-pets, including some adorable Carbuncle you might recognize from earlier Final Fantasy games, are summonable by the summoner to help them in battle. Battle-pets assist teammates in being buffed, and summoners are capable of doing significant damage to single targets. If necessary, the summoner may raise fallen companions from the dead during combat.

3. Red Mage

The Red Mage is one of FFXIV's most evenly matched professions, proficiently with black and white spells and weaponry. Due to their lengthy casting times, they produce less damage than other DPS classes, but their variety makes up for their slower pace.

4. Blue Mage

The Blue Mage can only level up to level 60 and is only intended for solo play; with Patch 5.4, this cap will be lifted to level 70. Blue Mages may cast various spells and replicate the skills of vanquished foes. To help you determine if this single-player-only character is right for you, we offer comprehensive guidelines on unlocking the Blue Mage and what spells they can employ.

Final Fantasy XIV Ranged Magical DPS

Ranged Physical DPS

Like ranged magical DPS, ranged physical DPS tasks pull you away from the action. However, because sluggish casting doesn't constrain them, they are far more mobile.

1. Bard

With music, the bard primarily employs damage buffs to assist the party and removes enemy player debuffs. Despite the bard's poor damage output, the party's increased strength makes the bard useful in challenging circumstances.

2. Machinist

The Machinist utilizes turrets and a cannon to destroy adversaries. To effectively do huge damage when playing the Machinist, the Heat and Battery gauges must be filled.

3. Dancer

The Dancer is a supportive and DPS position that is well-balanced. We have a comprehensive FFXIV Dancer career guide to provide you with additional information if the idea of dancing about the battlefield and cheering on your comrades appeals to you.

All these classes have their unique abilities and perks.

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