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Final Fantasy XIV Leatherworker Levelling Guide

Leatherworker is a crafting class in Final Fantasy XIV that focuses on manufacturing a specific type of armor. In the game, nearly each physical DPS vocation uses leather armor, with Dragoon being the sole exception. The Leatherworker Crafting Class will come in handy if you play with one of the main Dancers, Machinist, Bard, Samurai, Monk, or Ninja. Leatherworker is one of the most prominent classes in FFXIV. This Disciple of Hand may also create leather-based accouterments, including Caster Class' Shields and Monk's fist weapons. Not only this, but you also get to craft weapons for Disciples of Land and Hand. The tools which you can find with leatherworkers are awls and knives.

How Does FFXIV Craft Work?

Three primary aspects influence the crafting procedure in FFXIV. Two of them are characteristics that improve the effectiveness of what you do in this class.

FFXIV Crafting

Crafting Points or CP

It is one of the requirements for the majority of crafting tasks. More challenging objects may necessitate more activities and a lengthier making procedure. It's unlikely to occur at the game's early stages, though there may be times when you'll fail to obtain anything useful and need more CP. Keeping this in mind while you upgrade your equipment will surely help you.


The third is the resource to help these talents to be performed. With the right crafting equipment, you can improve all 3 of these stats.


Craftsmanship enhances the productivity of your most fundamental crafting tasks, allowing you to make more progress. It aids in the effective synthesis of things but does not affect quality.

Process of Creating

A new dialogue box opens when you click on Synthesize button adjacent to an item available in the crafting log. The crafting screen shows the most crucial information about the current procedure. Understanding and taking note of the signs is critical for your venture as a Leatherworker or any other maker.

FFXIV Leatherworker Guide

Quality Bar

The quality bar shows how hard you've worked to create a high-quality (or HQ) product. This quality bar depicts how much you need to get the best score. You will be offered a % chance of acquiring the superior product after the procedure is complete.


Condition is a minor character that adds complexity to creating HQ or collectible objects. It is a distinct factor that influences quality-improving actions. After each turn in the crafting process, the

Progression Bar

It indicates how close you are to completing the process. This is the most important stat because it essentially "makes or breaks" the created object.


Most crafting operations reduce durability by one (though there are ways to get them back). The crafting process fails when your endurance runs out before the progress meter is full. Its primary purpose is to tell you the number of turns you have to complete the work. 

Levelling Guide for Leatherworkers

All Final Fantasy XIV Disciples of Hands level up fairly uniformly. In addition to the usual experience payouts for each successful crafting attempt, it uses a few unusual mechanics. To begin with, FFXIV offers a variety of turn-in options. Following are a few levels; the most basic Grand Company turn-ins don't produce significant rewards. After level 50, several special deliveries offer extraordinarily generous awards for collector items.

Another great option for crafting classes to level up is through levequests. They are ongoing jobs that will give you more experience and reward Gil for producing high-quality goods. These occupations will be the primary source of your experience at various levels. Conversely, allowances place a cap on requests. Each Final Fantasy XIV character may save up to 100 and receive three of these every 12 hours. Accepting a request requires one permission. Therefore, before starting the leveling procedure, we advise amassing lots of allowances.

FFXIV Leatherworker

Levels 1-15

The difficulty of these levels could be higher. Leve allowances are significant, as previously stated; therefore, we'll keep them for higher levels. Focus on turn-ins from the Grande Company instead. Their payments will more than cover the cost of your passage through the first several levels. Experience in crafting is currently also very significant.

Meanwhile, remember to finish your class assignments. The first one demands the development of Leather. One Animal Skin and one Earth Shard make up its composition. You will then require three Leather Chokers when you reach level 5. One Earth Shard, one Wind Shard, one Leather, and one Animal Sinew are used to build each. The 10th-level Leatherworker assignment calls for 12x Hard Leather. Using 1 Animal Hide and 1 Earth Shard, you can create 1.

Levels 15-20

Utilizing the level allowances should start at level 15, which is a great starting point. Experience obtained through crafting and turn-ins from the Grand Company has a significantly lower value. Meanwhile, leves are advantageous if you supply the necessary high-quality items (which is critical if you are looking for efficiency in your allowances, which you should be). There are several levequests at each level tier. Often, some of them are more effective than others.

Levels 20-25

Now, we're going to advocate for a "triple leve." You can fulfill the objective of this quest three times with a single permission. Because it often only requires basic materials to be made, and the triple reward occasionally outweighs the other options, this sort of task is frequently helpful. The greatest triple in this tier is Packing a Punch and requires Hard Leather Cesti. These are built of low-cost materials: one Earth Shard, one Wind Shard, one Beast Sinew, one Aldgoat Leather, and two Bronze Ingots. Talking about the quantity of Gil you have to pay on mats; it's the best alternative.

Levels 25-30

The finest triple quest throughout this tier, Belts Served Cold, calls for a Voyager's Belt. one Wind Shard, one Aldgoat Leather, Two Earth Shards, one Iron Ingot, and one Beast Sinew are required to make this item. Just Rewards is a more time-effective technique, but it's also more costly and demanding. Additionally, a Goatskin Wristband must be sent with this assignment. To make these, you will use 1 Fish Glue, 2 White Corals, 2 Wind Shards, 1 Aldgoat Leather, and 3 Earth Shards.

Levels 30-35

Again, on this tier, we advise one triple and one single leve. The finest single, Slave to Fashion, requires you to wear a boar-skin choker. It comprises one boar leather, one hippogryph sinew, three wind shards, and four earth shards. When there are several levels, we favor the subordinate clause. Create a Goatskin Choker by combining two Earth Shards, one Aldgoat Leather, two Wind Shards, and one Diremite Sinew. HQ Boarskin Ringbands are required for the Leatherworker quest at level 35. They consist of one Boar Leather, one Steel Ingot, four Earth Shards, and four Wind Shards.

Moving forward, things might get intense and expensive too. So our advice is to be ready to spend some FFXIV Gil to enjoy uninterrupted fun. If you are falling short of Gils, getting them for real money is the best way.

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Levels 35-40

Levequests remain our TOP priority for experience, which we still rely on. A 3x leve known as Supply Side Logic requires 5x Boar Skin (making it 15 if you want 3x rewards). One Boar Hide, Four Earth Shards, and one Alumen are used to create this item.

A great alternative for singles is Through with a Glass Brightly. To finish this task, you must have fingerless peisteskin gloves with you. Four Wind Shards, one Boar Leather, two Peiste Leathers, Four Earth Shards, and one Steel Rivet make up their construction.

Levels 40-45

Levequests in this tier could be better. Some of the products may require more work to create. Others may be costly or need more returns. However, leves are still the most efficient method to get experience; one must choose the proper ones.

Boarskin Moccasins are required for Foot Blues. 1 Rubber, 1 Hippogryph Sinew, 1 Aldgoat Leather, 1 Boar Leather, 4 Wind Shards, and 5 Earth Shards are the ingredients in their recipe. In The Birdmen of Ishgard, you can choose a little more expensive but more lucrative choice. You must make a pair of Boarskin Culottes to fulfill this assignment. They are made of five earth shards, four wind shards, two boar leathers, and two undyed woolen cloths.

Levels 50-60

As previously indicated, reaching level 50 marks a little change away from levequests as the significant source of achievement. The expansions raised the level caps of all classes and included new means for leveling them. Beast tribe daily missions and collectible turn-ins should be prioritized.

Daily Questions on Moogles

The Moogle daily is a wonderful method to level up as a Disciple of Hand quickly. Unlocking them and achieving Moogle renown is something to consider. You can still advance with the beast tribe daily, even if you don't have enough Gil to buy pricey ingredients or update your crafting equipment.

FFXIV Moogles

The Exchange of Splendors

Rowena's House of Splendors is related to the game's initial collectible turn-in system. To gain access to it, you must finish the mission Inscrutable Tastes. It operates in a straightforward manner.

Levels 60-70

This tier is eerily similar to the one preceding it. You can acquire access to a new daily set that pays out more money. Namazu Beast Tribe Quests also require a quest chain, but a much shorter one. Courage, the Cowardly Lupin, begins the 14-task series and finishes with Tricks and Stones.


This will be all from us for now. This guide will help you level up faster and become a good Leatherworker. Final Fantasy XIV is full of surprises and materials to explore. So don't stop just here. Stay Tuned with us for more updates.

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