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Final Fantasy XIV Levelling Guide

Over the years, Final Fantasy XIV has maintained a devoted following and earned a spot among the top MMORPGs in the whole market. New players are constantly exploring Eorzea, and with the entrance of new players, the enormous process of levelling occupations begins with the utmost accuracy and efficiency. However, some players may search for the best and quickest ways to level up their FFXIV occupations quickly. This guide post will walk you through the procedure and includes sections on levelling tasks specific to the level cap for each major expansion.

The key story missions in the expansion will reward you with a sizable quantity of experience points, so you should start there to gauge when you reach the Endwalker levels. Then, by participating in several Endwalker endgame activities, such as the expansion's raid, you can ensure that you are earning the most EXP for your occupations and, in no time at all, you will have reached level 90.

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Final Fantasy XIV Levelling

Experience points from food

To begin with, there are simple ways to increase your EXP (Experience Points) from every source. The first method is to play the game and eat food. But, of course, you won't break the bank, so don't stress about the type of food.

Storyline quests and missions

The bulk of this FFXIV levelling guide is now at your fingertips. The major plot missions will by far be the greatest source of EXP. The greatest money will come from these, especially early on in the game. If this is your first character, you should explore them for the story and the vast quantities of EXP as you will run out of these around level 30. They will also direct you to other locations and Guildhests that you may participate in.

Every five levels, your beginning class will assign you tasks that will award you with plenty of EXP. In addition, you can choose a Job once you have attained level 15. One of these objects can only be levelled up at a time; however, the missions provide significant EXP.

You will receive additional EXP through the Daily Roulette for a randomly chosen task. This is worth considering, particularly if you are between class and job missions and logging in daily to collect some EXP. This is not a small amount; you can usually level up entirely.

Challenge log quests and Hunting

Challenges or Hunting missions are available frequently. These might be straightforward tasks that only need you to kill a few enemies or finish a bunch of Guildhests. These may be completed quickly as you wait for a Guildhest. If you find yourself waiting around, completing the challenges is worthwhile because the Challenge Log refreshes every week.

Boss battles or FATES

FATES are nothing but boss battles that will periodically appear throughout the globe. You will need to team up with other adventurous people since you won't be able to defeat them on your own. Although you could find these as hunting log targets, it won't provide as many experience points (EXP) as a Guildhest or a tale mission. But, again, it may be a decent way to harvest EXP while you're hanging out for a Guildhest group because there are groups of people that will be actively looking for FATES.


After you have completed the tale missions, the Guildleves, the daily recurring quests, and the Guildhests listed below will be your major sources of EXP. These tasks are not challenging and are relatively simple to complete. With the highest setting and a few levels below, you may earn about twice as much as you would from a typical tale mission. Some of them may even be resolved without engaging in battle, which makes them very simple and advantageous for all parties.

FFXIV Levelling Jobs From 1 To 50 - A Realm Reborn

You will have selected a profession or class that fits you before you begin your trip through the adventure. However, to earn more experience points (EXP) for combat occupations, you will want to start by completing as many quests as possible, especially main missions. This is how the game naturally progresses, and it is effective.

Additionally crucial is resting. When in towns, cities, and other "safe zones," you could occasionally see a moon icon on the levelling bar, and you might notice that certain sections of the bar glow a deeper orange. After a long day of labor in Final Fantasy XIV, you will get a lot of EXP if you log off in these places and relax. The "Brand-new Ring" is also really helpful for levelling jobs, in my experience. This ring, which you may get after finishing the "Hall of the Novice," will raise all EXP gains by 30% up to level 30, albeit it goes up to level 31.

FFXIV Levelling Jobs From 50 To 60 - Heavensward

Continuing the process, PVP competition, and finishing the "daily levelling roulette," which is amazing for exp, are two more wonderful ways to acquire EXP for Heavensward. In addition, playing "MSQ Roulette" and finishing side tasks will offer you a surplus of extra experience points while accomplishing everything else.

Naturally, finishing the main plot objectives for Heavensward will provide you with many experience points and is recommended to be done first.

FFXIV Levelling Jobs From 60 To 70 - Stormblood

Continuing to complete "Clan Hunts" and "Beast Tribe" missions, which are great for generating more EXP, is another way to keep collecting EXP for occupations. In addition, being aware of any changes brought about by patches can help you determine whether the EXP requirements for particular activities have altered as a result of all the updates that have been released.

In this level set, finishing Heaven-on-High, a dynamic dungeon that changes with each run, is the most prevalent way to get experience points. This is a fantastic way to give your character experience points.

FFXIV Levelling Jobs From 70 To 80 - Shadowbringers

After leveling up until the level caps of the following expansion, Grege The Tap Keeper, situated in the Gold Saucer at the precise coordinates of X 5.4 and Y 6.6, is someone you should talk to. They will offer food with a stat benefit, and while this food buff is active, you will earn a significant EXP bonus. As a result, your EXP gains from all sources will be extremely high, and raids and trials will give you tons of exp to aid in levelling.

FFXIV Levelling Jobs From 80 To 90 - Endwalker

When determining when you will reach the Endwalker levels, completing the expansion's primary story missions will earn you significant experience points, so you should start there. You may then guarantee that you are receiving the highest possible EXP for your jobs by doing numerous Endwalker endgame events, such as the expansion's raid, and in no time, you will have attained level 90.

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