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Final Fantasy XIV Money Making Guide

Money is always useful, so learning how to get as much FFXIV Gil as you can as quickly as possible will always be helpful. If you have sufficient Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, in that case, you can upgrade your equipment, give your character unique features, or obtain a stylish mount with the long-term objective of eventually purchasing a home.

Gil can be obtained in various ways, including by completing quests, selling goods (perhaps ones you manufactured yourself if you choose from the FFXIV crafting jobs or ones you found using the FFXIV gathering jobs), defeating enemies, finishing dungeons, and taking on various challenges.

Making Gil in Final Fantasy XIV: An Introduction

Final Fantasy XIV has three primary methods for earning enormous sums of Gils (25 million+).

Purchase contents (Sell Your Body)

Working for crafters and Gil purchasers is a perk you can obtain if you are a member of the fflogs elite with links to selling linkshells, discords, and other items. They'll take the rare treasure for Gil while you defeat bosses for them.

Craft (The Honest Gillionaire)

The most reliable method of earning a lot of Gil in FFXIV. Offer the newest tools, food, and potions for sale, all with your mark on them. Crafters frequently make between 5 and 25 Million Gil per week, depending on how busy they are. Be cautious; joining the craftsman ranks entails the Market Board's undercutting conflict.

Compared to crafting, almost every other means of earning Gil will involve a greater amount of grinding for relatively little reward. All Gil-making techniques, however, still depend on timing for best results. 

You can earn three to four times as much money in the first week following a significant update as you might at any other time.

FFXIV Crafting

Endgame farming

Many new avenues for earning money become available once you turn 50, even though they may not immediately be apparent. In the same manner, as previously mentioned, Disciples of War and Disciples of Magic can harvest foes. This is usually a consistent source of income because crafters constantly require new supplies. 

Every world has different things that are desired, but it is typically easy to determine what people need. You can find goods like fleece, diremite web, crystals, clusters, and others on enemies.

Making money isn't limited to assassinating adversaries. When you complete dungeons like Ampador Keep, you receive Tomes of Philosophy. Although these are frequently used to purchase stuff for your character, they can also be used to purchase supplies for crafts.

Crafters are interested in these to manufacture high-end goods. Depending on your server once more, one of these can sell for up to $50,000. Making over 300,000 Gil after playing a few Dungeons for a few days is not the question!

Purchase Gil (Turn to The Dark Side)

For individuals who don't care about the Terms of Service and prefer a low-key, simple lifestyle, it's quick and straightforward. However, if you ever decide to go this way, we offer you a fantastic offer.

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Craft and gather

Finding a job might be a good idea if you desire a consistent Gil revenue to (ultimately) become wealthy in FFXIV. Several options are available, including being a weaver, carpenter, chef, or botanist. The followers of the Hand, which make up most of these professions, specialize in item creation, but a few are more concerned with resource gathering (Disciples of the Land).

Due to the constant demand for commodities, gathering them is a simple way to make money (especially for Miners). These most basic supplies can sell on the Marketplace since crafters frequently prefer to buy supplies rather than seek them. The ability to sell or finish Treasure Maps will come later.

All crafters have their purposes, but armorers, goldsmiths, and alchemists produce the most valuable goods. Remember that when you level up these professions, you'll be able to make better gear, ultimately selling for more Gil.

FFXIV Gathering

The FFXIV Retainer Ventures

Earning profit in Final Fantasy XIV is one of the nicest things since you can enlist the aid of your dependable retainers. You may take your Retainers on that so "Retainer Ventures" once you've finished the "Scions of the Seventh Dawn" Main Scenario Quest (level 17 required). You get expertise plus, of course, Gil by completing these missions.

Your rewards will improve as your Retainers complete more Ventures and their level rises. These Retainer Ventures are indeed a simple way to earn money that will eventually increase in value, despite not being the most profitable way to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV.

Keep in mind that you cannot begin a Retainer Venture until you have acquired a Venture currency. They are available for purchase from your Grand Company Vendor or obtained through completing Beast Tribe Quests and Guildleves.

Beast Tribe Challenges

In Final Fantasy XIV, the Beast Tribe Quests provide you some Gil, Tomestones, and Ventures as prizes, but that's not the only benefit of completing them. You can access rare materials and items by completing tasks for the Beast Tribes, raising your reputation. 

These adornments, mounts, and minions are available from Beast Tribe Vendor; you can purchase them and offer them for sale to other players on the Market Board. Unique dyes should receive extra attention because they frequently command high costs. You just need to choose a handful of these ways to get money to start putting Gil in your wallet in Final Fantasy XIV!

FFXIV Tribe Challenges

Play Duty Roulette and the Weekly Challenges

Keep doing what you're doing if you've completed the Duty Roulette and the Challenge Log to complete various tasks, such as gaining class experience (we have an FFXIV XP levelling guide if that may help). Although most of the techniques for earning Gil listed here are even more lucrative, these tasks provide a lot of in-game money and don't need much effort.

Make sure you are the "adventurer in need" if you want to receive the most Gil from your Duty Roulette. Using a Tank or Healer will grant you a Gil bonus because these classes are frequently in low supply (as shown by the little indicator to the left of the level requirement in the Quest Finder). Remember to trade your Tomestones (an extra, high-level prize) for special equipment and accessories. You may earn more Gil by reselling them.

You can also use the Market Board to exchange loot with other players if you don't need it (the FFXIV auction house). Desynthesizing will provide you with some materials for crafting. If you do this, you could keep a few of the components for your personal use and sell the others on the market.

Read up on the Marketboard

What is the most lucrative thing to sell after levelling up your gatherers and craftspeople? Given that the demand may change occasionally, there is no ideal response to the question. Therefore, it is a good idea to always check the Market Board before choosing an item. 

As a general guideline, though, remember that most players are either looking for time-saving techniques or items they can't produce themselves. They will provide good money for high-level equipment or a lot of basic materials.

To check how many others are selling the item you wish to sell and their asking prices, click on it. A larger stack would be appropriate if you sell food or basic supplies.

FFXIV Marketboard

Maps of the Grand Company and Treasure Hunts

High-level Disciples of the Land (miners, fishermen, and botanists) can find FFXIV treasure maps when gathering. Additionally, you can purchase them at the market.

You can gain the capability to decode these maps and embark on a fruitful Treasure Hunt after finishing the "Treasures and Tribulations" quest (level 36). You may want to transfer the other Treasure Maps to a friendly player via mail so they may be stored because you can only retain one Treasure Map at a time.

Before you embark on a treasure hunt, keep in mind that using a treasure map is a bit of a gamble because you never know what you'll find. You can offer the charts on the Market Board for a lesser but consistent amount of Gil, even if making them yourself is usually more lucrative in the long run.

Try the Grand Company Hunts rather than Treasure Hunts aren't your thing. On the Hunt Board for your Grand Company, you can view available Hunts and their rewards. You can swap the Seals you earn for other valuable items and the quite large Gil prizes by completing them. To unlock the feature, you must advance to the level of Second Lieutenant.

FFXIV Treasure Hunts

Do Everything to Increase Profits!

Being self-reliant is the only surefire way to generate a tonne of Gil. Achieve high levels in a few complementary classes and sell the goods you can produce for a tidy profit. An attacking Class with Weaver and Miner is one of the greatest pairings. You may farm Banemintes as of level 50. After that, Diremite Webbing will be dropped. You can transform the web into Dew Yarn if you are a weaver with level 25 or higher.

Afterward, make Undyed Velveteen from the Dew Yarn by using it. Since you didn't spend any money on supplies, if you sell the Velveteen, you'll make a 100% profit. Miner will come in handy when you eventually run out of Lightning Shards. Pull the Miner out once it is tapped out, then hunt for Lightning Shards in and around Ul'dah. At level 1, this is feasible, but when you go to level 20, the shard yield doubles, making the strategy considerably more effective.

A player can cultivate, craft, and mine with all those three Classes without needing to buy anything from the Market Board. As your craft levels up, the likelihood of HQing will rise as well, earning you much more Gil each synthesis, and as your miner levels rise, you will farm shards more quickly, requiring less time to gather them.

Other Class combinations can also accomplish this feat, so carefully search the Market Board for products you may use to carry out the same action.

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