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Final Fantasy XIV Ninja Guide

In Final Fantasy XIV, the Ninja job is part of the Discipline of War and the Rogue class. After finishing the "My First Daggers" quest, gamers begin as the Rogue class. Once they attain Rogue level 30, they can use the Soul Crystal they won from the mission "Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night" to advance to the Ninja class.

Ninjas are equipped with a wide range of "crowd control" skills and access various potent area-of-effect techniques. In addition, the ninja job has distinct running and jumping movements.

How do you get Ninja unlocked?

You must first unlock Rogue so that you can unlock Ninja. To acquire Rogue, you should be level 10 in at minimum one class, then head to Limsa Lominsa Bottom Decks (x:8.1 y:16.1) and complete the task "My First Daggers." This allows you to switch toward the Rogue type. When you reach level 30, you must return to Limsa Lominsa Bottom Decks (x:8.1 y:16.1) to obtain the task "Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night." Achieving this will grant you a Ninja Soul, enabling you to transform into a Ninja. 

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Ninja Playstyle

In Final Fantasy 14, the Ninja playing style emphasizes swift movements and strikes, with a large portion of their strength deriving from the ninjutsu skills. More than any other profession in Final Fantasy 14, it is fast-paced and challenging to do on high ping. Due to the vast volume of intricate combos you must memorize, ninjas are among the hardest occupations for newbies to master.

Additionally, the Ninja doesn't deal much damage, which, if misplayed, can be extremely disappointing. The Ninja task makes up for any damage shortfall with utility. The class is armed with various potent debuffs, such as Trick Attack, which can be deployed on enemies to transform them from formidable opponents into easily destroyed targets.

Ninjas are very sought after by teams performing high-end raid content since they make encounters go much more quickly and smoothly.

FFXIV Gameplay


Daggers are used by ninjas. Their primary armor is "Scouting" gear, which is unique to them and is light armor with mediocre protections. Rogue and ninja DPS disciplines employ the same "Aiming" equipment as physical range DPS disciplines, despite other melee DPS disciplines.

Dexterity should always take precedence over other traits for rogues and ninjas because it increases their attack power. They gain the most advantage as DPS disciplines from the direct hit, critical hit, skill speed, and determination auxiliary traits, all of which enhance their ability to deal harm in a certain way.


A solid rotation will maximize your damage while letting you ensure that you have any casting when your GCD (Global Countdown) has still been recovering. We'll review Ninja's Off-GCDs and Opener later in this tutorial.

For the time being, however, we will concentrate on the fundamental rotation skills with no fancy stuff added between those attacks, such as Off-GCD Actions or pre-pull setups. This way, one can practice every crucial rotation until gradually putting in the additional stuff, which may appear intimidating at first.

Basic Single-Target Rotation

Spinning Edge > Gust Slash > Aeolian Edge or Armor Crush

Aeolian Edge will deliver enough damage at the end of this rotation while increasing your Ninki Gauge. Nevertheless, finishing with Armor Crush will cause substantial damage if performed on the opponent's flank, boost your Ninki Gauge, and prolong the duration of Huton.

Basic AoE Rotation

Death Blossom > Hakke Mujinsatsu

As with other basic AoE Rotations in Final Fantasy 14, you only have to use two strikes on several foes. Therefore, this rotation is most effective against groups consisting of three or more foes and should not be used against smaller groupings.

FFXIV Ninja Guide

Positional Attacks

Hitting specific attacks from positions will provide you more damage and other bonuses, making it critical to aim for when conducting rotations. Conversely, missing or disregarding your positional attacks causes significant damage, which is not a good thing and ought to be avoided wherever possible.

If you realize you won't make it to your placement on time, it's better to hit the target than screw up your GCD/OGCDs. In the long term, executing your Actions is far more useful than completing your positional attacks, but hitting them will award you substantially more damage.

FFXIV Ninja Attacks


  • Trick Attack: +100 Damage Potency when striking the enemy from behind.

  • Aeolian Edge: +60 Damage Potency when striking the enemy from behind.


  • Armor Crush: +60 Damage Potency when striking the enemy from the side.

Invoking The Ninja Way

The complete list of PVE actions accessible to the Ninja job in Final Fantasy 14 is provided below.

Spindle Edge

Unleashes an assault that has 230 potencies.

Shade Shift

Shadows are created, negating harm equal to 20 percent of your total HP.

Gust Slash

Unleashes a 100 percent effective strike.


Gives you the ability to blend in with your environment, making it difficult for most adversaries to find you. Your movement speed is, however, slowed down by 50%. In addition, enemies 10 levels greater in level than you and those with exceptional sight are ineligible for hiding.

Throwing Dagger

Unleashes a 120-percent-effective ranged strike.


Launches an assault with a 150 potency.

Trick Attack

Releases a 500 potency attack if done to a target's back.

Aeolian Edge

When executed at a target's back, it unleashes an attack with a potency of 100 or 160.

Shadow Fang

Launches an assault with a 200 potency.


Make the traditional mudra hand sign for "heaven."


Executes a particular ninjutsu maneuver that corresponds with the mudra combination that was just generated.


Perform the "earth" mudra using your hands.

Death Blossom

Unleashes a 120-percent-potent strike on all nearby opponents.


Get there quickly to the designated spot.


Make the traditional "man" mudra hand gesture.


Gives you the ability to use one ninjutsu without using any mudra charges.

Mujinsatsu Hakke

Launches a 100-percent-effective strike on all nearby opponents.

Armor Crush

Launches a strike from the flank of a target with a potency of 100 or 160.

Dream within a dream

Launches a three-hit strike with a 200 potency per hit.


Delivers a 200-potency fatal direct hit.

Medium Hellfrog

Has a 200 potency and delivers fire harm to a targeted and all nearby opponents.


An attack that harms the unaffected enemies and has a 300 potency.

Ten Chi Jin

Converts each of the three mudras into the ninjutsu move momentarily. Then, when one of these actions is carried out, the remaining mudra transforms into a different ninjutsu move, and so on, until all three are carried out, or the Ten Chi Jin effect wears out.


By dispelling Suiton, you can add 50 to the Ninki gauge.


Gives you 5 slabs of Bunshin, each of which enables your shadow to strike opponents whenever you complete a weapon skill. The potency of a shadow attack differs based on the attack used; however, combo bonuses have no effect.

FFXIV Ninja Fight

Ninjutsu Abilities

In Final Fantasy 14, ninjas have ninjutsu skills that they can use if they've executed a specific series of mudras. When performed correctly, they are potent actions that can do a sizable amount of damage.

Failure to perform a proper mudra combo will result in the amusing Rabbit Medium action, which makes a rabbit emerge on the head. However, other than showcasing your misery to other players, Rabbit Medium has no adverse effects.

Fuma Shuriken

A 500 potency distant ninjutsu attack is released.


Releases fire damage with a 500 potency that deals 500 damage to the victim and any nearby opponents.


With an 800 potency, it unleashes lightning damage.


With a 400 potency, it releases ice harm.


Reduces auto-attack latency and the recast time for weapon skills by 15%.


It creates an area of corrupted ground with a 100-damage potency that damages all opponents who enter it.


With a 600 potency, it unleashes water devastation.

Goka Mekkyaku

Releases fire damage with a 750 potency to the victim and any nearby opponents.

Hyosho Ranryu

With a 1200 potency, it releases ice harm.

Ninja lore

The hidden skills of the Ninja, who originated in the war-torn regions of the distant East, were developed out of necessity and have since produced a distinct species of highly skilled warriors.

They can control the life-giving energies of the earth, the air, and all living things. They make their power known by weaving hand signs and unleashing various attacks on their enemies. Learn to control the flow of battle by mastering ninja techniques.


In Final Fantasy XIV, the job of Ninja was introduced with patch 2.4 (Dreams of Ice). They are warriors who favor daggers and dress in leather armor above other weapons. Ninjas specialize in the art of assassination and are mostly used for melee DPS. In contrast to other vocations in the game, ninjas are trained in the secret techniques of ninjutsu, which provides a unique gaming element. However, it is not advised that novice players take on this position because it requires more initial learning.

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