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Final Fantasy XIV Paladin Guide

There are several fun jobs in Final Fantasy 14, each of which plays a specific function in the game's many modes. One of the finest tanks inside the game is the Paladin, who can defend their comrades while dealing melee damage and casting spells on the opposition.

Due to their distinctive blade and shield, paladins have one of the unique skill sets for their profession and excel defensively and offensively. As a result, the Paladin is pushing itself toward you if you're seeking a position that can hold down the fort, guard your squad, and do respectable damage to the opposition.

The Shield Hero's Ascendance

Like the majority of positions in Final Fantasy 14, you must level a qualifying class to Level 30 to take on the position of a Paladin. In this situation, moving to Paladin requires that you first gain the Gladiator class and level up to 30. The Gladiator is among the game's several starting jobs; thus, you can choose it after making your character or begin learning the class at Level 1. You could switch to Gladiator if you didn't select it as your beginning class by traveling to Ul'dah - Steps of Thal and chatting with Lulutsu at the Gladiator's Guild.

To join the class, accept and finish the "Way of the Gladiator" quest!

You can ultimately be a Paladin once your Gladiator reaches Level 30. Return to Ul'dah - Steps of Thal and talk with Lulutsu at the Gladiator's Guild again to do this. To obtain the Soul of the Paladin, which enables you to become a Paladin formally, choose and finish the "Paladin's Pledge" mission! To get the most out of this task from here, you must reach Level 90..

FFXIV Paladin


  • Divine Veil and Passage of Arms have strong raid mitigation effects.

  • Unique, potent tools for Clemency and Cover-based raid development.

  • The ranged Magic Phase enables the Paladin to maintain uptime throughout protracted proximity disengagements.


  • Less personal mitigating equipment compared to other tanks.

  • Preparing for combat downtime and melee disengagement is rewarded by a rigid rotation pattern.

  • Clemency causes a substantial damage loss little but has little sustain available at lower levels.


As was already established, the Paladin's particular sword and shield combination gives them access to unique qualities and abilities that make them a superb blend of defensive and offensive play. The Paladin also has the benefit of never worrying about positioning attacks because they are Tanks and will nearly always be in front of the enemy. The fundamental cycles of the Paladin are covered below, without any Off-GCD Actions. That'll happen a little later.

Basic Rotation on a Single Target

  • Fast Blade > Riot Blade > Goring Blade

  • Fast Blade > Riot Blade > Royal Authority

The Royal Authority-based Single-Target Rotation that ends with three piles of Sword Oath also causes a significant amount of damage to your enemy. However, the Goring Blade rotation heals your MP while inflicting gradual damage to your target.

Basic AoE Rotation

  • Total Eclipse > Prominence

While delivering damage to numerous adversaries, restore your MP.

Restoration AoE Rotation

  • Confiteor > Blade of Faith > Blade of Truth > Blade of Valor

Replenishes HP and MP while inflicting heavy damage on numerous opponents.

Tank Stance

Tank stance is the first thing to do. Like other Tanks in FFXIV, Paladins have an ability that makes them the target everyone in the room fears. Iron Will is the title of the Paladin tank stance's ability, and although the stance's basic idea may be out of date, its necessity still holds.

You can toggle Iron Will on and off in circumstances where you wish to fade back and allow the Off Tank to handle the aggro for a while. Iron Will "substantially enhances enmity production." However, when you enter a duty, it defaults to off. As soon as you join a job where you are the Main Tank, activate Iron Will!

Final Fantasy XIV Paladin

Using Gils, you can buy and upgrade all armor and weapons and increase your health and attack stats. A decent amount of Gils can give you a headstart in the game and smooth your gaming experience. If you need some Gils, you can easily get them for real money.

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Off-GCD Actions

Now that the Paladin's fundamental rotation has been covered, it's time to concentrate on the essential Off-GCD Actions that give the role its personality and distinguishability. The Paladin's top Off-GCDs for attack and defense are below!

Offensive Off-GCD Actions

Fight or Flight
  • Has a cooldown time of 60 seconds.

  • Increases harm inflicted for 25 seconds, enabling you to use eleven GCD strikes after the buff has worn off.

  • Has a cooldown time of 60 seconds.

  • Strike with a 400 potency.

  • Gives five charges of Requiescat and boosts Holy Spirit and Holy Circle's power with no spell cast time. Blade of Faith would be provided when Requiescat's influence wears off.

  • Has a cooldown time of 30 seconds.

  • Strike the enemy with a 150 attack potency.

Circle of Scorn
  • Has a cooldown time of 30 seconds.

  • It is an AoE attack that has 100 attack potency.

  • Opponents are dealt 30 potency damage in 15 seconds.

  • Has a cooldown time of 30 seconds.

  • An AoE strike that has 420 attack potency for the initial target and 50 attack potency for each additional target.

  • MP is recovered by Expiacion.

Defensive Off-GCD Actions

  • It has a recast time of 60 seconds.

  • For 10 seconds, you'll receive 10% less damage.

  • It has a recast time of 90 seconds.

  • For 20 seconds, you'll receive 20% less damage.

  • It has a recast time of 120 seconds.

  • For 15 seconds, you'll receive 30% less damage.

Holy Sheltron
  • It has a recast time of 5 seconds.

  • For 8 seconds, all approaching strikes are repulsed.

  • Gives the benefit of Knight's Resolve, which for 4 seconds lowers incoming harm by 15%. Additionally, it bestows Knight's Benediction, which gradually improves your health. Knight's Benediction has a cure potency of 250 and a 12-second duration.

  • It has a recast time of 10 seconds.

  • Lowers inbound damage by 10% for the specified member of the party for 8 seconds.

  • The damage mitigation of Intervention is boosted by an additional 10% if Rampart or Sentinel are presently operational.

Divine Veil
  • It has a recast time of 90 seconds.

  • After you or the other party member uses magic to heal someone, you apply protection to everyone else in the group. A 15 yalm circle is covered by the Divine Veil, which will last for 30 seconds.

  • Prevents 10% of total damage from reaching your max HP for 30 seconds. Additionally, 400 of your enemy's HP is restored by Divine Veil.

Passage of Arms
  • It has a recast time of 120 seconds.

  • Your block rate goes up to 100%, allowing teammates to stand behind you in a cone-shaped AoE. Players in the AoE will block 85 percent of the incoming damage. This activity takes 18 seconds to complete.

Hallowed Ground
  • It has a recast time of 420 seconds.

  • For 10 seconds, become immune to most attacks.

Battles and Combos

There are a few straightforward yet satisfying combos for your DPS abilities. For example, you can finish the sequence with either Goring Blade or Royal Authority after your primary Fast Blade weapon skill combines into Riot Blade. While the latter finisher deals damage over time, the former does more significant immediate damage. Additionally, both replenish MP keeping your hotbar active.

You must ensure you don't take on more responsibility than you can handle since you'll be starting the fight. You may have heard of "wall-to-wall" tanking, which is sprinting through every portion of duty until you reach a barrier and pulling everything in your path. We advise not executing the wall-to-wall while you're getting acquainted with the Paladin. Instead, start with a single foe or team at a time. Before deciding to take on more difficult pulls, gradually feel your durability and become accustomed to your skill rotation. You can then try the wall-to-wall once you're ready and your team includes a savvy Healer.

FFXIV Paladin Guide

So always keep these tips in mind:

  • Activate your tank posture.

  • Initiate combat.

  • Avoid getting in over your head.

  • Maintain aggro for as long as it takes the DPS to knock down your enemies.

Points to Remember

A few essential ideas run throughout all tasks in the game and are fundamental to it.

  • One of the most crucial aspects of performing any job is maintaining the GCD on cooldown. Nearly usually, pressing something incorrectly is preferable to pressing nothing at all.

  • As a job mainly focusing on melee, it's crucial to understand how to maintain melee usage on the boss. Understanding when mechanics snapshot and where you should look for additional GCDs before and after detaching for mechanics are part of this.

  • Maintain the cooldown on oGCDs. As soon as damaging oGCDs are available, you should employ them as soon as possible, provided that doing so wouldn't cause animation lock to postpone your next GCD.

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