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The Dragonsong War is over in Final Fantasy XIV. Seriously, that’s done; we players emerged victorious and we can all move on. So that means no more story to tell, right? Oh, certainly not; the new main scenario preview confirms that just because we’ve solved one problem doesn’t mean there aren’t several others waiting in the wings. And while no one is going to say that it’s Ala Mhigo and the Warriors of Darkness, we all know it is, right?Of course, the main scenario is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of problems to deal with; players are also going to be tasked with heading back into the Great Gubal Library to retrieve untold tomes of powerful knowledge as well as venturing into Xelphatol to prevent another summoning of Garuda by the Ixal. There are also some preview images for the patch below, showing off the MSQ, the new Tomestone gear, housing additions, and the upcoming double-cross hotbar. So finishing off the Dragonsong War was not, in fact, the solution to all problems forever.
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Gaming News
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There are countless hours of material in Final Fantasy 14, and you can spend too much time focusing on a single objective. You can choose to create a Zodiac Relic Weapon after finishing A Realm Reborn.

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