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Final Fantasy XIV Red Mage Guide

Due to its hybridization of a warrior and a sorcerer, this magician is possibly the most powerful job in the game. Because they select a rapier as a weapon, they are an amazing caster job. A Red Mage must occasionally use their melee skills because they are a DPS (damage per second) class and spend a lot of time attaching from a safe distance.

The two jobs added with the release of Stormblood were Red Mage and Samurai. The first concentrated on potent spells and close-range combat, while the second concentrated on power and speed. You should be aware that the initial Final Fantasy video games featured a job system that set the standards for later RPG job systems. The Red Mage is one of the most potent jobs in this regard. Continue reading our FFXIV Red Mage Guide if you want to learn everything there is to know about this position and get the information you require.

How do I get the Red Mage job?

You must first understand that the Main Story Quest does not include a task for you to unlock the Red Mage. In addition, you must also be level 50 in any Disciple of War or Magic and own the Stormblood expansion. If you fulfill these conditions - none of which are particularly challenging. You must now travel to Ul'dah, one of the game's three starting cities.

FFXIV Red Mage

Go south of the Aetheryte Crystal after you arrive. Visit the Steps of Thal, the major thoroughfare where you can discover many merchants and traders. You may find the quest giver who will give you the quests in this alley area, close to the Gate of Thal (the entrance to Central Thanalan).

The mission is titled "Taking the Red." The name of the quest-giver, Distraught Lass, is displayed above her name. You will be given a series of tasks to complete by this NPC. This young girl in distress is looking for a savior for her sister. Unidentified individuals have abducted her sister. The child claims that a traveler has fought against the bad guys and has therefore seen what they look like.

Finding this voyager in Central Thanalan is the first step. When you arrive at the scene, a red-garbed warrior kills the last of the kidnappers. Speak with the warrior after viewing the cutscene. Like X'rhun Tia, the wanderer introduces himself. Then the traveler will suggest you return to Ul'dah and tell the Distraught Lass the good news.

The sister you saved will inform you of the man's Crimson Duelist status once you arrive in the city. The Red Mage NPC will recommend you share a drink once she has confirmed the youngster is secure in her residence. Next, visit the Coffer Coffin pub south of the Black Brush Station to speak with the RDM. X'rhun Tia, impressed by your outward strength, offers to teach you the ways of Red Magic.


The casting and physical damage-inflicting capabilities of Red Mages are an intriguing combo. Red mages perform spells that fill their White and Black mana bars with energy. Red Mages' physical skills gain power when those mana bars fill up and start to cost White and Black mana as well. Red wizards can charge into close battle and unleash a barrage of potent physical attacks once they've built up enough power. Red Mages have another distinctive quality called Quick Cast, which enables them to cast all other spells rapidly. An efficient user of this trait becomes essential to being a Red Mage.

FFXIV Red Mage Guide

Job Actions

Our fundamental abilities, or job actions, are what we'll use to build the rotation or the collection of fighting techniques and potential variations. They fall into the following categories:

Short Cooldown spells:

  • Jolt: Damage that is unaffected along with a potency of 170.

  • Scatter: Has a 120 potency and deals 120 unaffected damage to the target and any adjacent opponents.

  • Verfire: Carries a potency of 330 and does fire damage.

  • Verstone: Has a potency of 330 and causes earth damage.

  • Impact: Target and any foes nearby are dealt 210 potent unaffected damage.

Long Cooldown spells:

  • Verthunder: does lightning damage and has a 360 potency.

Additional Impact: 6 more Black Mana, 50% likelihood of achieving Verfire Readiness as an additional effect for 30 seconds.

  • Veraero: has a 360-degree potency and causes wind damage. Adds 6 White Mana points, a 50% likelihood of achieving Verstone Readiness as an additional effect for 30 seconds.

Melee Skills:

  • The strike delivered by Riposte (Enchanted Riposte) has a potency of 130.

  • Zwerchhau (Enchanted Zwerchhau) does damage with an attack that has a 100 potency.

  • Redoubling (Enchanted Redoubling) unleashes a strike with a 100 potency.

  • All foes in a cone in front of you will be hit by an assault from Moulinet (Enchanted Moulinet) with a 60 strength.


  • Verflare: Deals fire damage to the target and any foes nearby with a 580 potency for the first enemy you face, and then there is a 60% reduction in potency for all subsequent enemies.

  • Verholy: Has a potency of 580 for the first enemy and 60% less for all subsequent foes. Deals unaffected damage to the target and all enemies close by.

FFXIV RDM Hints and Recommendations for New Players

The loop for this character is split into two sections. You produce your gauge resources during the casting step of the first phase. You should strive to obtain Black and White mana during this phase.

Balance Gauge

As a Red Mage, you must maintain equilibrium between your two resource bars, the Black and the White. Black bar (also known as black mana) is connected to spells like Fire or Thunder. Aero and white bar (white mana) are both connected to spells. The other resource becomes more difficult to produce if the scale tips one way or the other.

It is vitally important that you make a regular rotation of spells. You will find it simpler to cast many spells this way for various circumstances. Additionally, you can enchant your attack and repair it to cause significant damage after you reach a particular mana level.


The Dualcast feature, which enables us to skip any spell's cooldown time and is the driving force behind our most powerful combinations, is the second important aspect. The next spell will be cast instantaneously once one with a cooldown period has passed. As a result, you will spend half of your time performing two spells.

Dualcast's only restriction is that the second spell must be cast immediately after the first one because any more actions or auto-attacks will negate its effects. Nevertheless, we can move around while both spells are being performed.

Mana Combination Settings in Black and White

You can boost the effectiveness of your actions and apply combo bonuses by carrying them out in a specific order.


By using spells, you can raise your mana levels. Keep the two hues in balance.

  • Veraero and Verstone are two white mana spells.

  • Verfire and Verthunder are two black mana spells.

  • Jolt, Jolt II, Scatter, and Impact are mixed spells.

To use Dualcast and get the most out of it, we will always activate it after the short cooldown-long cooldown cycle.

  • Verfire and Verstone are the most effective short cooldown spells, followed by Impact, Jolt, Jolt II, and Scatter, in that order.

  • Spells with extended cooldowns are Verthunder and Veraero

FFXIV Red Mage Details

Commonly Asked Questions

Is Red Mage a good starting class?

In-game newcomers should find the Red Mage a rather simple class, especially if they have never played a caster class.

Is Red Mage Ranged or Melee?

Both! The Red Mage is capable of both close-quarters and far-off battles.

What Should I Do Until Level 50?

It could be a good idea to choose another Caster, such as the Black Mage, to familiarise yourself with the mechanics if your ultimate goal is to become a Red Mage and you're looking for a temporary job until you reach Lv. 50. Another smart move is to choose the White Mage, who has no party queues and will help you understand how healing spells operate.

You can purchase some Gil using real-life money to purchase food items and armor that helps you level up faster.

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What Stats for Red Mage Should I Level Up?

You should put your weapon damage first and foremost as a damage dealer. But also pay attention to your critical hit, vitality, and intelligence.


We occasionally get a lot of revelations from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and its expansions, Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers. So we are happy that the Square Enix staff decided to bring this mage back for our benefit.

As you may have observed, Red Mage is an amazing job meant just for players looking for a true challenge because nothing about this job is simple. To get the most out of this warrior, you need to maintain the balance, which calls for knowledge and proficiency. This article, one of ours about Final Fantasy 14, has so far. You can read the other pages we have for you on our website if you want to learn more about different positions and courses, if you want to know anything else about this wonderful game, or if you need assistance with other subjects. All you need to do is utilize the browser at the top of the page to find what you're looking for.

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