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Final Fantasy XIV Retainer Guide

The world of Final Fantasy XIV is full of adventures and fun stuff. There are several ways in which you can kill your time in FFXIV. In a game like FFXIV, money (in-game currency) plays an important role, so to collect and store extra Gil, Retainers are a must. Retainers are helpful companions that will help you make more money, find and collect items, and get minions to help you. Retainers can help you in various ways, but beginners mostly don't take advantage of this feature. 

Using the game's Retainer Services, you can also earn proportionately Gil, Minions, and other uncommon items. Retainers are optional in Final Fantasy 14, yet they play a significant role overall. Some people may find hiring and managing Retainers tedious or unnecessary, yet this is a great way to acquire Grand Company Seals and extra cash. Unfortunately, many players, especially those who are newer, fail to utilize the Retainer system, which forces them to sell their items for practically nothing and prevents them from profiting from the items that Retainers can return.

So, to help beginners and experienced players get started with the Retainers, we have created this Final Fantasy XIV Retainers Guide. So, let's get started then.

About Retainers in Final Fantasy XIV

Retainers are specially designed Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) in the Final Fantasy XIV game. They are beneficial as Retainers allow players to accumulate and store their possessions, including Gils, with them. You can store items with the retainers and assign them to sell these items in the market for a better profit you can obtain on your own. However, a player can only store a maximum of 175 items with the Retainers. Here are some applications for retainers:

  • Storing excess goods and Gil.

  • Being sent on missions to locate things

  • To earn more Gil, sell stuff on the market board.

Final Fantasy XIV Retainer

Obtaining Retainers in Final Fantasy XIV

To use a Retainer, a player must be part of the Seventh Dawn Scions. You can employ the retainer during the main scenario in A Realm Reborn. Once you are part of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, then you have to interact with the Retainer Vocates. They are available in the Market Ward of any major city; one can employ retainers. It is possible to hire a total of two retainers for work. By adding a price to their subscription, players can acquire more retainers. So, in short, the requirements to obtain Retainers are:

  • The Scion of the Seventh Dawn, Level 17 or more

  • Should have a subscription. Free Trial Account won't have the ability to acquire Retainers.

Retainers can be of any race or gender; it's up to the players. They can choose whichever combination suits them. You also have the choice to customize your retainers and give them a name to call them. For a player to hire the retainers from Auri, his/her account must be registered with Heavensward. If you are looking to hire the Viera and Hrothgar retainers, your account must be registered with Shadowbringers. Fantasia allows the player to modify the name and appearance of their retainer without firing them (obtained arbitrarily via Quick Exploration projects).

Retainers bells are used to call the Retainers. Players are supposed to use it to call the retainers wherever they are, be it in each major city's Market Ward, residential areas, inn rooms, and other important cities like Revenant's Toll. Moreover, Free company workshops have a pre-installed Retainer Bell. However, a player can also install a retainer bell in his house.

Hiring Retainers in Final Fantasy XIV

You can hire a Retainer once you meet all the requirements mentioned earlier. After meeting the requirements, you will have to interact with the Retainer Vocate, available in one of the major cities. You can find them in areas nearby Market Place. Here are some Retainer Vocate locations to help you find them easily.

  • Chachabi - Ul'dah, Steps of Thal (X:13.3, Y:9.7)Frydwyb - Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:8.3, Y:11.5)

  • Prunilla - The Pillars (X:8.1, Y:10.9)

  • Tanine - Old Sharlayan (X:12.6, Y:10.8)

  • Kazashi - Kugane (X:11.6, Y:12.1)

  • Misfrith - The Crystarium (X:10.4, Y:13.1)

  • Parnell - Old Gridania (X:14.6, Y:9.3)

You will design your retainer and give it a personality after interacting with a retainer vocate. By default, as part of your ongoing Final Fantasy 14 subscription, you can engage up to two Retainers. However, you can obtain ten retainers; we'll discuss these in the following section.

Final Fantasy XIV Retainer Guide

Obtaining more Retainers in Final Fantasy XIV

You can have several retainers working for you at the same time. In fact, you can employ 10 of them at the expanse of some extra money. So ten Retainers are possible, but you will need to increase the number of subscriptions you already have to do so. While adding one or two isn't horrible, having several Retainers may get expensive rather quickly. But worry not about covering up the expense; you can always use the FFXIV Gil. We recommend you to get FFXIV Gil from our website.

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To add the extra Retainers, you will have to reach the Mog Station, and from there, look for "Additional Paid Options" and select one of "Retainer Service" or "Companion App." 

Retainers Ventures in Final Fantasy XIV

Your Retainers can obtain resources for you through Ventures. Any class you have played as yourself is eligible to receive your retainer and equipment. You will require a form of payment known as ventures, which you can get from the Grand Company you are a member of. Once your retainer has been sent on an adventure, they can return with items related to that class type. For instance, War Magic Disciples bring monster loot while Fishers bring fish.

Venture Tokens are important art of the game. Retainers are provided with unique Venture tokens by the players whenever they are sent on a mission. You can obtain these tokens with Allied Seals or Grand Company Seals or finish levequests, tribal quests, or other ways to get them. 

Final Fantasy XIV Retainer Details

Ventures will be started for a specific length of actual time, and when they are finished, they will present their work and gain experience. Remember that they can still be asked to handle stuff or sell products on the market while engaged in ventures. Players cannot, however, change their gear until the mission is over. Your retainer will level up as they go on missions. Better stuff and higher-level quests are made available as you level up. While gathering is very helpful, one of the most common motives for players to employ ventures is to try and obtain the special minions they generate. Here is the Retainer Ventures List:





Disciple of War/Magic

Retainer will attempt to obtain specific type of item dropped by creatures.



Retainer will attempt to obtain specific type of item from mining and quarry nodes.



Retainer will attempt to obtain specific type of item from logging and harvesting nodes.



Retainer will attempt to obtain specific type of seafood suitable for crafting.

Field Exploration

Disciple of War/Magic

Retainer will explore on their own and return both Allagan coins and random spoils.

Highland Exploration


Retainer will explore on their own and return both Allagan coins and random material.

Woodland Exploration


Retainer will explore on their own and return both Allagan coins and random material.

Waterside Exploration


Retainer will explore on their own and return both Allagan coins and random fish.

Quick Exploration

Level 10+

Retainer will do a short expedition to retrieve a completely random item.

How to make money using Retainers in Final Fantasy XIV?

With the help of retainer, you can store the extra material and Gils with them. The Market Board is now open for additional material sales. You should either add items to your Retainers inventory and choose to sell them from there or choose what to add to your Retainers selling list from your inventory to accomplish this. 

A notification will appear on your screen if an item sells while you are online. Remember that a fee will be associated with each item you successfully sell. When speaking with your retainer, choose the option to withdraw your Gil at any time. 

This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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