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Final Fantasy XIV Scholar Guide

Final Fantasy XIV has some pretty entertaining healers that you may unlock. A new world with fairies and shields will be revealed by the scholar. Maybe not a new universe technically, but that is their entire premise. The scholar is a shield-based healer. Each Adloquium or Succor cast has a Galvanize effect that restores health and adds damage absorption. It takes some planning to play scholar because the Galvanize effect takes a second to activate, which means that, in most circumstances, if you cast while damage is being dealt, it won't be applied until after the damage. We could explain how to play scholar properly, but first, you have to unlock it.

In Final Fantasy XIV, you must level the Arcanist profession to level 30 before completing the task Forgotten but Not Gone, which can be found at Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (x:4.5, y:11.3). When everything is finished, you'll get the Scholar Soul Crystal. You must equip it!

Scholars use a range of shield spells and skills, as well as their pets, as healers. Scholars can place shields on one or more targets to defend themselves from impending attacks. They rely more on a preoperative playstyle and less on reactive repair. Scholars can also use area-of-effect attacks and damage-over-time spells to damage their opponents.

Final Fantasy XIV Scholar

Scholar Gauges

Scholar features two job gauges that power a number of its skills.

Up to three stacks of aetherflow can be stored in the aetherflow gauge. It is filled upon the execution of either Aetherflow Icon or Dissipation Icon. This gauge is connected to a few of the scholar's strongest healing moves and one DPS move. Smart utilization of Aetherflow stacks is a key component of scholar's gameplay; a solid healing plan will enable the scholar to expend most of its Aetherflow stacks on DPS. An effective healing plan will use Aetherflow heals, and free oGCD heals in place of GCD heals.

Up to 100 Fae Aether can be stored in the Faerie Gauge. Whether the scholar used an Aetherflow stack or Recitation Icon for an Aetherflow action, using any Aetherflow action in combat while the fairy is summoned will result in 10 Fae Aether being produced. Fey Union, a channeled fairy ability that heals the target every three seconds while using 10 Fae Aether each time, maybe cast with Fae Aether.

The Faerie Gauge will show how long Seraph will stay on the field while Seraph is summoned using the Summon Seraph Icon.

The Seraph

The scholar's final and most distinctive quality is the ability to summon Seraph, which may be mastered at level 80. This ability momentarily swaps out your Faerie for Seraph, who possesses a far more potent version of their Embrace ability.

Similar to Fey Blessing, Consolation is a skill that Seraph summoners can use while Seraph is active. On the other hand, it also provides targets with a shield that, with time, offers more protection from damage.

It is advisable to summon Seraph during the most challenging parts of an instance. This is because they can't be summoned again for 22 seconds, and it takes two minutes.

The Faerie

Scholars have their own summoned "pet," as one might anticipate from a class closely related to Summoners and Arcanists. The Faerie is a healer's best buddy because she constantly replenishes your allies and has some helpful powers you can employ when you need them.

Eos and Selene are the two faeries you can call upon. The only mechanical distinction between these two assists is their color; in the past, Eos would be superior at healing, but Selene might increase the party's damage output. These faeries will use Embrace to heal any allies who have suffered HP loss. They are excellent at relieving your allies' concerns while focusing on your DPS.

Final Fantasy XIV Scholar Guide

Combat Techniques

Understanding how a certain conflict goes is important for a good portion of academic success. Knowing when the heavy impacts are coming, it will allow you to use Deployment Tactics and Sacred Soil to prepare. How loaded you keep your Aetherflow Gauge may change if you know that a boss has a heavily potent tankbuster.

However, the most excellent approach to mastering this Job is by practice. Try out your skills, and don't be scared to mix things up. A scholar should know when to spam Physick and Adloquium and when to employ Recitation and Emergency Tactics. The scholar has access to a vast array of tools and possibilities.

Using the Right Gear

In Final Fantasy 14, leveling up your equipment is generally easy. Modern equipment is readily available from global retailers for most of the Reborn Realm.

  • At lower levels, leveling happens quickly, so attempt to update your gear every 5 levels. Prioritize buying new Robes and Books because these provide the biggest bonuses. If you're interested in making these, you can use Alchemist and Weaver crafting classes.

  • You should begin using the Tomestone Exchange vendors, who can be located all across the globe, once you reach the 50th level and then increment every 10th level after that. You can exchange Allagan Poetics Tomestones for extraordinarily potent gear from these traders that will last you a very long time. The initial locations of these merchants are Mor Dhona (equipment level 50), Idyllshire (equipment level 60), and Rhalgr's Reach (equipment level 70), however after completing specific quests, more beneficial Sundry Splendors vendors will appear in the main towns.

  • A complete gear set costs 4,335 'Allagan Tomestones of Poetics' but lasts for more than six levels before anything becomes outdated. For instance, the Augmented Ironworks healer set should last until you reach the 56th or 57th level before dungeon drop goods get any better, although it may still be adequate for you to reach level 60. Additionally, by utilizing extra Tomestones once you reach the 60th level, you can easily upgrade to the Augmented Shire Preceptor set.

  • You should use dungeons to enhance your weapons and armor between levels 71 and 79. Once you reach the 80th level, you can begin investigating more options, including your artifact gear, advanced recipes to craft new materials, and allied raids.

You can purchase Gil using real-life money, which can be used to purchase in-game stuff like armor and food, which helps level up faster. If you are falling short of Gils, you can easily purchase them from our website.

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Attacking Spells

The scholar's typical DPS rotation is extremely straightforward and consists of two spells. The primary damage spell you will repeatedly cast is Ruin/Broil, while your damage-over-time spell, Bio/Biolysis, will be cast about once every 30 seconds to ensure that it is always active.

  • Ruin II is an instant-cast spell that you can use to maintain damage while moving or slide-casting to escape area-of-effect spells. If you have extra Aetherflow Gauge charges, you can also utilize Energy Drain to slightly boost your DPS by including it into your regular Ruin/Broil rotation.

  • Chain Strategem, mastered at level 66, is the only other relevant skill in this situation. It is best saved for bosses and tough adversaries because it has a lengthy cooldown of two full minutes and boosts the frequency of critical hits an adversary takes.

  • To get the most out of your area-of-effect spell, Art of War, which is unusual in its area centered on the caster, you'll need to be close to the action during lengthy dungeon runs. This can be risky, so if you're not sure you'll make it out alive, you might want to stay back and merely distribute Bio/Biolysis.

Final Fantasy XIV Scholar Details


While having the appropriate equipment is more crucial during leveling than mending material, it can make a huge difference towards the end of the game. In addition, scholars often benefit from critical strikes; therefore, you should merge as many Critical Hit as you can onto your equipment.

You have options to choose from in your secondary stat after Critical Hit. Of course, a Direct Hit will be able to increase your DPS, but increasing your Determination is a well-balanced way to increase your DPS and your skills related to healing.

A decent option can be piety, but you should avoid merging any Piety material with your equipment because the quality is probably already high enough.


As the last point, it's helpful to know that scholars like Paladin are fantastic for playing solo. It is self-sufficient and capable of soloing a lot of material because of Faerie's passive healing.

A player as a Scholar can easily solo most of the Realm Reborn content, including dungeons, if they reach level 70 and are well-equipped with Augmented gear. After reaching level 80, a player can easily solo Realm Reborn and Heavensward. Due to its ability to unlock and complete trial and dungeon tasks without waiting in line for the job finder, the scholar is an excellent job for obtaining mounts, minions, and other fantastic stuff by farming these trials and dungeons.

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