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Final Fantasy XIV Squadron Guide

Final Fantasy XIV or Final Fantasy XIV Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). In the infamous series of Final Fantasy games, this is overall the 14th edition and just the 2nd MMORPG game after the Final Fantasy XI. After receiving heavy criticism upon the initial release, the FFXIV game was relaunched as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The original game story was updated with new content and a different style. Although it's been a while since FFXIV was released, some players still have difficulty understanding all the game's features, especially if they are a beginner. 

One such feature you should be aware of is recruiting and commanding Squadron players. However, it's more about adventure than anything else. In this article, we will be talking about the Adventurer Squadron. In our Final Fantasy XIV Squadron Guide, we will tell what exactly the Squadrons are and how you can unlock them. Unlocking Squadrons is one thing, and commanding them in battle is another. So, if you are a beginner, scroll down and read the complete article to learn more about the Squadron, which might prove to be your greatest allies in Final Fantasy XIV.

What are the Squadrons?

Players are allowed to command soldiers in their individual Grand Companies through Adventurer Squadrons. Players can send a squadron of soldiers on specialized missions after gathering a sufficient number of NPC recruits, collecting hefty prizes upon their return. They are considered one of the most resourceful options available in the game. They are extremely useful when you are a beginner or want to go solo. Due to its location behind Grand Companies, many new players are unaware of this game aspect. If you pay attention to squadrons, they can be a valuable source of useful consumables. If the Duty Finder intimidates or frustrates you, you can even employ squadrons to upgrade your combat tasks.

Final Fantasy XIV Squadron

Unlocking the Squadrons

You'll have to rank as Second Lieutenant or a higher position in the Grand Company to unlock the Squadrons. The top rank in your Grand Company's highest "tier" is a rather high rank. New players likely won't be able to access the game until they have collected the requisite Company Seals and finished the relevant objectives.

It's important to note that to complete this quest, you must first have the Challenge Log enabled. You can accomplish this by finishing the Level 15 quest "Rising to the Challenge." You must use the Challenge Log as soon as they get access to it.

After unlocking the squadrons, you will witness some new parts available to you in the headquarters of your Grand Company. The option marked "Entrance to the Barracks" will now be available on one of the entrances. Accessing it sends you to the Grand Company Barracks, where you can oversee the personnel, recruits, instruction, and missions of your Squadron. You can simply enhance your outfits or the outfit of your team members with the help of the Glamour Dresser and Armoire in this area. Squadron members are subject to the standard glamour requirements. Therefore the clothes they wear must be of the right Level and class. To employ glamours, your recruit must be at least level 51. Also, keep in mind that the Squadron members can only advance to level 60 and are restricted to the base classes. 

Steps – in Short

  • Find and decide which Grand Company you'll take. Reach level 15 in Main Story quests to choose your Grand Company. You can change it every 2 weeks or continue it as long as you want.

  • Achieve the rank of second lieutenant or higher in your Grand Company. To do this complete the Company's Hunting Log and other quests. After you get the title, you will, depending on your Grand Company, get different quests, each with a certain level requirement. Let's discuss them in detail.

  • If your Grand Company is 'Order of the Twin Adder,' You will get Twin Adder Squadron and Commander Missions. The quest is available at New Girdania with the Serpent Personnel Officer. The Level that you have to be at is Level 47 of the Disciples War or Magic.

  • Although, if you decide to have 'Maelstorm' as your grand Company, you will get Malstorm Squadron and Commander Missions. The quest is available with the Storm Personnel Officer at Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks. The Level that you have to be at is Level 47 of the Disciples War or Magic.

  • You can also choose 'Immortal Flames' as your Grand Company. In this case, you will have Immortal Flame Squadron and Commander Missions as the quests. The quest is available at Ul'dah – Steps of Nald with the Flame Personnel Officer. The Level that you have to be at is Level 47 of the Disciples War or Magic.

  • Once you have completed the quest associated with your Grand Company, you will progress to the Company Barracks.

Adding members to the Squad

To form a Squadron, you need to have at least three to four members in your Squadron. To unlock the squadron members, you must complete the Challenge Log quests. After you complete a mission in the challenge log, you unlock squadron members. This unlocking is just random, and gradually be able to get your hands on the Squadron Enlistment Manual. You will get it when you reach the Level of First Lieutenant. Obtaining the Squadron Enlistment Manual will increase your chances of recruiting squadron members.

Final Fantasy XIV - Adding Members to the Squad

You will get all enlistment paperwork at your desk in the squadron barracks. Select Question when looking at a prospective recruit's enlistment papers to call them to the barracks and read their profile. You can then ask them to join your Squadron if you find them satisfactory. There is space for eight recruits in the barracks. To enlist recruits after reaching this cap, you must first discharge one of the Squadron's current members. A potential recruit's enlistment may also be delayed or terminated after you have reviewed their paperwork. Please be aware that if you delay enrollment, you will not be able to review the following application until you decide whether to accept or reject the current applicant.

Training and Missions to Level up the Squadron Unit

Leveling up the Squadron is important; you should know how to do it. You have three ways to do it, but to use all three ways, you should be at least at Level 2. Until you are not, there are two ways through which you can Level up the Squadron. One of the ways is through Training Missions. You can find these at the Regime Board.

You have assembled a group of soldiers, but what now? Now you have to train them, and the first step would be to train in the introductory City Patrol Mission. After you have completed this introductory training mission, you can find a new one on the Regime board. Each training session lasts one hour. All barrack recruiters will earn experience points once a training program is finished, and the Squadron's general attributes will improve. Up to three training sessions can be completed by recruits each day. At 1:00 PM (PDT), training sessions are restarted daily.

Another way to help Level up your Squadron is through the Squadron Missions available at the Sergeant. The Squad is comprised of just four people for this task. It'll only last for 18 hours. This squadron mission will lock once you finish it, and it won't reopen until the next week's reset. The required attributes option is included in this mission. You must choose squad members to fill the gaps left by their present attributes. This choice's primary goal is to match it with the necessary attributes. You will receive a green signal if they are a match. If not, a red alert will appear. The squad members assigned to the squadron mission cannot be used for the command mission or the command training; it is vital to note.

Finally, the third option will be available to level 2 rank players. In this, you will encounter AI-controlled dungeons that you and your Squadron will have to take over.

Final Fantasy XIV Squadron Missions

Squadrons on Missions

Speak with the squadron sergeant to send your Squadron on a mission once they are well-prepared. Be aware that sending out your Squadron will cost you company seals, with fees rising as mission difficulty does. Since we are on the topic of leveling up and sending the troop on various missions, it is important to note that it requires initial funding. Beginner's might find it difficult, and therefore we are here with a solution. To get your hands on these resources, you can use the FFXIV Gil that you can get from our website. 

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Talking about the missions here, every mission has a level requirement that your squadron members must meet. The good news is that there is no fixed composition in which you need to send your Squadron. So hold off until your Squadron arrives. Missions must be finished in 18 hours (Earth time). By launching the Timers interface, which is under Duty in the main menu, you may see how much time is left on a task. Only one Priority task can be performed each week successfully. Timers will be reset at 1:00 AM (PDT) every week.

When your squadrons return, assess their mission and look at their performance to make sure what you need to work on. 

This will be all from us for now. Stay Tuned with us for more updates.

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