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Final Fantasy XIV Warrior Guide

One of the most overpowering vocations in Final Fantasy XIV is the Warrior, who has a great powerful axe and exceptional self-healing skills. The Warrior can handle nearly anything thrown at them, making each other one of, if not the finest, Tanks in the game. This includes soloing portions of raids and shielding teammates from fatal attacks. Additionally, the Warrior can build up and deplete their Beast Gauge to unleash tremendous blows that severely hurt their foes. The Warrior is a fantastic option for anyone wishing to transition into a new profession or job because of its versatile outfit and distinctive talents.

Basics of Tanking Roles

When a character is created, they can choose the Marauder starting class, which leads to the Warrior job. If you decide to take up the axe later, Wyrnzoen in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks will give you the task "My First Axe" (x11.2, y6.1). One of the four tank occupations in FFXIV is the Warrior. The primary duty of a tank is to provoke hostility, often known as "aggro," so that all adversaries continue to aim their fire at you to defend the other team members.

Your responsibility is to guide your party members through dungeons, luring foes, and starting battles. The content of Final Fantasy XIV must be reasonably well-known to tank, but this is more crucial for trials and raids than dungeons. You'll be more adept at the game's mechanics by the time you can tank high-level material. You should be well-prepared because other party members will frequently look to you for assistance.

However, feel free to seek assistance yourself! At Level 1, you are not expected to be an expert in tanking or even the game itself. However, the people at your party should be willing to offer you advice because they might be more experienced than you. Try out our tank page to learn the fundamentals if you are brand-new to tanking!

FFXIV Warrior Guide

What Sets Warriors Apart From Tanks?

Warriors are distinguished by their abundance of self-healing abilities, even if they share a kit with other tanks. These actions enable high-level Warriors to solo hard material completely. Unfortunately, this implies that many of your "damage mitigation" skills focus on regaining lost health. This will undoubtedly lighten the pressure on your healer, but it also means that you must manage your HP more carefully than other tanks.

Warriors in the Tank

Your tank stance as a Warrior is known as Defiance (LVL 10). By activating your tank stance, you put yourself at the front of the enemy list and draw their attention. You should always use this skill as soon as you enter a dungeon! Anywhere and everywhere you keep your buffs on your HUD, a tiny Defiance icon will appear. Warrior has a tank stance UI element, just like all other tanks.

Damage Reduction

Warrior has a unique set of defensive techniques along with normal role mitigation skills. As we have explained, many of Warrior's "mitigation" skills are self-heals. They increase or replenish your HP rather than lessening incoming damage. This calls for caution in their application, especially during boss battles and test situations. We'll start by discussing the healing powers.

The thrill of Battle (LVL 30), which boosts your maximum HP by 20% and recovers the increased amount, is the first mitigating ability you receive.  Additionally, whenever healing acts are done on you, it speeds up your HP recovery. Notably, your healing activities are not covered by this. The simple healing spell Equilibrium (LVL 58) recovers a significant portion of your HP.

Shake It Off is a party-wide mitigate with some weird added effects (LVL 68). First of all, it replenishes the HP of your party. Additionally, it removes several other current effects, absorbs damage equivalent to 15% of your maximum HP, and increases the damage taken by 2% for each eliminated effect!

FFXIV Warrior Gameplay

Thrill of Combat


With each weaponskill you score, Nascent Flash (LVL 76) heals your health and the health of a chosen party member. It also equips you and the affected party member with a shield that minimizes damage.

Although Bloodwhetting (LVL 82) can't apply it to other players, it operates similarly to Nascent Flash (and shares a recast timer). Each successful weaponskill hit lessens the damage you get and regenerates your HP.

If that weren't enough, Warrior also includes several more conventional mitigates. Every time you take damage, Vengeance (LVL 38) launches an attack and decreases your damage taken by 30%. Typical mitigation, Raw Intuition (LVL 56), lessens damage taken by 10%.

You'll be well-prepared to handle just about anything if you have all these mitigation techniques at your disposal.

General Warrior Game Advice

Here are some things to remember as you set out on your route to becoming a warrior!

Avoid being selfish. You have helpful party tools! You assist a friend, make sure to place Nascent Flash on them.

Don't fill your Beast Gauge to the top. Utilize your options! The Gauge will swiftly refill; therefore, there is no need to hoard it or strive to fill it as full as possible since once it reaches its maximum capacity, it is finished. If you decide to save it, wait until your party members' party-wide buffs go into effect to increase the damage.

Don't throw your heals away. After all, you continue to have a healer in your group. Generally speaking, save a healing skill if you think you'll need it more in the future.

Spending healing mitigates with lengthy cooldowns on dungeon pulls when a boss fight is imminent is a waste of your healing mitigates. Instead, keep your robust heals for decisive blows.

Stack your defences. Do this wisely (i.e., don't waste mitigates), but be aware that your survival considerably increases as you combine mitigation acts.

Combining job mitigates (like Bloodwhetting), and role mitigates a strong best practice (like Rampart). Two similar-functioning ski.

FFXIV Warrior Guide

Rotation AOE

Your AOE rotation is the same as it always is, with a few small adjustments. When fighting two or more foes, you should always use AOE attacks. Your AoE combination for warriors is overpowered (level 10) into mythril tempest (lvl 40). The latter gives you the surging tempest affect, which increases the damage you deal and may be prolonged by using the storm's eye and inner release.

Your steel cyclone and decimate beast gauge abilities will be at level 45. (lvl 60). Decimate transforms into a chaotic cyclone at level 72 when subjected to the embryonic chaos effect, which also shortens the period for infuriate's recast.

Dungeon Draws

In dungeons, tanks take the lead, guiding the squad and pulling foes along with them. Your responsibility is to ensure everyone is still angry with you and refrain from attacking your buddies. With the Tomahawk, which you can also use to snag stragglers when managing a pack, it's customary to draw foes from a distance. So start launching those AOE attacks as soon as they have collected around you.

When you have aggro, enemies will follow you. You can drag them along and spam Tomahawk to keep them interested if you are on them. You can utilize Onslaught to swoop in and start the action when you're far away.

As you might have already guessed, being a warrior will be challenging, especially with other competitors. To level up faster, you will need resources that you can quickly obtain from FFXIV Gil in the early stages. But first, getting those many Gils is another challenge you will face. So, to help you, we have something.

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Dungeon boss battles, raids, and trials

Your single-target rotation should be your main concern with this kind of content. You must pay more attention to these encounters and use your talents appropriately because they contain more dynamics than dungeon pulls. Whenever the boss has a cast bar, it's a smart idea to mitigate. They will either hit you hard or deal damage to the entire group throughout the room if they do this. 

Although you can research the specifics of a fight beforehand, as you play the game more, you'll get used to the fights' natural flow. You can really benefit your party members by using Reprisal or Shake It Off prior to those room-wide AOEs. Even though you are the toughest of tanks, we advise you to avoid AOEs that have been clearly marked and to take part in the required mechanics. 

Due to their focus on remaining immobile and keeping the boss's attention, tanks typically have less to do during these encounters. However, there are rare instances where you will need to put more effort into standard content. When these times arrive, you'll know.

FFXIV Warrior Boss Battles

Stats and Material Combination

If you wish to use the Warrior class in high-level content, you should start fusing materia to your gear once you reach the max level. Finding Materia Melder NPCs in big towns or asking other players capable of melding for melds are two ways to boost specific stats through melding materia. 

To learn how to blend your material, you can finish the "Waking the Spirit" quest in Central Thanalan if your crafting class is at Level 19.

  • Warriors' order of precedence in melds is as follows:

  • Hit Critical (Savage Aim materia)

  • Determination (Savage Might materia) (Savage Might materia)

  • Tenacity (Battledance materia) (Battledance materia)

  • (Heaven's Eye materials) Direct Hit Rate

  • Because the Warriors don't require it, Skill Speed is noticeably absent from this list.


That will be all from us in this Final Fantasy XIV Warrior Guide. The journey looks simple when you read about it, but when you play the game, you learn about the challenges you will be facing. This guide will help you to begin your journey to become the greatest Warrior in Final Fantasy XIV. We've discussed Tanking roles and how tanks differ from the Warrior class. Other things must be considered while engaging in battle and other assignments. We hope this article helped you. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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