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Final Fantasy XIV White Mage Guide

It is not surprising that one of the more famous Healer Roles in Final Fantasy XIV is the White Mage because it is one of the most famous and iconic jobs in Final Fantasy’s lengthy history. The White Mage not only provides beginners with a great starting place, but it also continues to be relevant after each large upgrade.

The White Mage job is still one of the greatest and easiest vocations in its function, despite adding additional Healers over time. The White Mage is the ideal method to gather your bearings and understand the basics of the position if you want to convert over to being a healer.

How to play White Mage?

The primary JRPG healer position is White Mage (WHM). With a focus on using holy aetheric energy to heal wounds and smite enemies, White Mage has extremely high up-front effectiveness on its main harm and healing spells. It also produces a resource known as “Lilies” that can be used to access more potent tools.

The White Mage’s playstyle focuses on responding to damage and employing as many tools as possible to restore the party’s health with immediate healing power. The work is comfortable and plays out at a somewhat slower speed than entry-level work, making it very simple to take up and start doing.

It’s also important to note that White Mage struggles the most, in comparison to other healers, to keep its MP – a resource needed to cast spells – beyond a point where it can continuously chain casts together.  Good White Mages would be able to utilize their equipment effectively and outfit themselves for content to make this problem as unimportant as possible.

Final Fantasy XIV White Mage

How does White Mage get unlocked?

White Mage is playable to all players, no matter what expansions they have up to this point or how far along in the game they have gotten. The player character must have Conjurer unlocked from Old Gridania (x6.5, y11.0), be level 30 on it, and have finished all prerequisite class tasks up to that point to qualify. The player will then be able to communicate with E-Sumi-Yan from the Conjurer’s instantly.

To make your White Mage a strong healer, make sure you equip it with best armor and equipment. Sometimes it might require you to spend Gils. So if you are falling short of Gils, there is an easy way to acquire them.

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Vaporise your Lilies

White Mages receive lilies at the higher levels. They are granted a lily, essentially a free healing spell, after every 30 seconds of combat. A White Mage can hold three lilies at once, so be careful to use them so that there is space for more later.

They can use the blood lily, the White Mages’ most potent attack, after using three lilies. Therefore, it is important to employ that attack as soon as it becomes available.

Final Fantasy XIV White Mage Lilies

Swiftcast should be saved for your raise spell

Many magic practitioners have access to the swiftcast spell, which enables one spell to be cast immediately. Which spell should Swiftcast be applied to? The White Mage’s Raise is the most effective spell. The sooner people are up, the merrier because raising deceased players can be the difference between life and death for the entire party.

A White Mage is exposed for a while while the Raise spell is being cast because of how long it takes. For this reason, some players hold out on raising them till their Swiftcast is complete.

Before the tank pulling enemies, don’t heal

Enemies will attack the healer well before the tank if any restorative spells, especially Regen, are cast on the player or tank too early. As the healer can fall rapidly without the enemy concentrating on the tank, this can swiftly wipe out a group. Before performing any healing spells, let the tanks successfully aggro all adjacent opponents first.

Always use caution when using rescue

The divisive spell Rescue is available to healers like White Mages. Unfortunately, other players are essentially dragged to the White Mage’s location by this spell. This has the potential to save the lives of your fellow players at certain moments. But if it happens at the wrong time, it will cause much more harm than benefit.

Rescue is just not used by certain therapists. Nevertheless, this is advised if you can pinpoint precise instances in which you are confident you can genuinely protect a player from a particular dungeon mechanic. For instance, healers frequently utilize Rescue successfully against the Ancient Flare of the last boss in the Labyrinth of Ancients.

First, take care of yourself

The most crucial class in a party is the healer. Everyone would perish without them. As a result, a healer ought to be given top priority. The White Mage would die, and the tank would no longer be able to be healed if they heal the tank instead of themselves.

White Mages shouldn’t typically be receiving damage since the tank will enrage the foes. However, in the universe of Final Fantasy 14, adversaries can use AOE attacks that are challenging for healers to avoid. Therefore, heal yourself first, as doing so is the best course of action for the entire party.

Never stop regenerating the tank

This suggestion is not always accepted when White Mages receive more abilities. Regen, on the other hand, is the White Mage’s closest friend, at least for a newbie at a lower level. For 18 seconds, it gently cures any player it has been cast on. In light of this, it is standard White Mage procedure to keep Regen on the party tank.

The tank will always benefit from Regen because it must absorb all the damage. Additionally, it gives the White Mage 18 seconds to concentrate on other tasks, including increasing damage or healing the DPS players. As a result, they might start to use Regen less once they reach higher levels.

Be aware of other Healers

Sometimes a party contains two healers. Without communicating, healers frequently raise the same dead player by accident, wasting a Swiftcast, and they may also unintentionally use the strongest heal on the same low-health player. Some gamers go around this problem by setting up macros for raising players.

Since several of their spells can overlap, White Mages have an advantage. Because it essentially equates to a wasted spell, elevating other players simultaneously can be annoying. Eventually, a White Mage must keep aware of what the other group members are doing, and communication is essential.

Get used to checking to see if players need Esuna

On what should be prioritized in regards to Esuna, White Mages can be quite divided. For instance, Esuna should throw Doom on the target as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is less essential to be heavy. Esuna has such a rapid cast time, though, that casting it on any debuff you see in the group is the best course of action, according to advice. You might expect praise from the players for your extra effort.


Put your Bubbles in the right places

There are common explanations for why other gamers are not positioned in a White Mage bubble. To allow melee players to reach their target while being buffed, a bubble should be established where the combat takes place.

Since tanks are expected to take most enemy damage, it is typically better to place bubbles on them. Also, remember to set up a bubble at the start of a prolonged battle. Placing them near the end is a waste as players will eliminate the enemies and move on.

After obtaining Cure II, do not even bother with Cure I

The majority of players concur because once Cure II is unlocked, Cure I is useless. If you cast Cure I sufficiently, you might receive a manaless free cast of Cure II. However, for such little heals, most gamers believe something other than that is worthwhile. Put Cure I on your hotbar if you prefer to play low-level dungeons. Nevertheless, if you are a high-level player, keep it on keys you do not frequently use.

Always cast, whether it be a Healing Spell or a Damage Spell

When they aren’t healing, White Mages should always deliver harm. Even though it has a reputation for healing, they don’t just focus on that. One way to defend is to make it easier for the group to defeat an adversary. Players typically strive to complete beautiful dungeons and epic boss battles as quickly as possible. A White Mage who doesn’t deal damage will cause that procedure to move far more slowly.

Don’t stand close to tanks

Since tanks are designed to pique enemy hostility, the adversaries will be pursuing them. A healer who approaches too closely will probably take damage from the tank. A tank is made to withstand blows, while a White Mage is not. When engaged in combat, White Mages should always take a calculated stance. White Mages should ensure they are far enough away to heal other players while taking care to prevent harm.

Thankfully, the range of White Mage spells is respectable. As a result, they shouldn’t ever stand close to tanks unless specific stacking mechanics are taking place.

Don’t worry about Spamming Holy in Mobs

It is a terrible spell, holy. All foes close by take damage from it and a four-second stun. That results in reduced damage to your party members while still dealing damage to foes. A mob is where this spell works best. As soon as the tank manages to control all of the aggro, make sure to stand inside the mob. When the tank has stopped pulling, and they are after it, stand among the crowd and yell “Holy” at them.


White Mages are the healer class that offers the best roles that one can get in the Final Fantasy XIV game. As a healer, your job is to provide heals to your team while they battle their opponents. In this article, we have mentioned all the tips that will help you use the White mages to the best of their abilities. The player character must have Conjurer unlocked from Old Gridania (x6.5, y11.0) and be level 30 on it to unlock the White Mages. Levelling up with White Mages requires constant mission completion. Ensure you follow the tips mentioned in this guide to understand the gameplay better.

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