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Get a quick rundown of the lore relationships in Overwatch

With 21 characters, 12 maps, and 0 actual in-game story, it can occasionally be difficult to place what’s happening in Overwatch within the context of the game’s lore. There’s a lot of backstory there, but it’s not displayed on the screen when you’re shooting away. You could read through all of the supplementary material to find out what the deal is… or you could take advantage of a quick overview of the most important relationships between characters and maps.
Sure, it’s hard to forget the fact that Genji and Hanzo are brothers, but you might not remember that Zenyatta served as Genji’s mentor, or that Lucio stole his technology from Symmetra’s employers. You don’t need to follow the story to understand that you should probably shoot the gorilla charging at you, of course, but if you’re wondering who the heck that guy charging at you is supposed to be, this is a good rundown.
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