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Get WoW Gold Fast and Secure - Best Deals on World of Warcraft Gold

WoW Shadowlands Gold Farming

From The Wrath of The Lich King to The Burning Crusade, Blizzard Entertainment has always delivered top-notch expansions for World of Warcraft. Now, with the latest addition, Shadowlands, the WoW journey is expanded to new horizons. Playing Classic? Buy WotLK gold here.

New enemies appear, and a new alliance must be forged. Gamers will meet new inconveniences while playing in comparison to the other expansions. The Shadowlands brings a stronger horde and other thousands of improvements such as:

  1. Level cap to 60.

  2. Four new covenants: the Kyrian, Venthyr, Necrolord, and Night Fae.

  3. Six new zones: the Bastion, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Revendreth, Oribos, and The Maw.

  4. New mounts.

  5. New armor and weapons.

  6. Never seen before items in the market.

  7. Dungeons and Raids.

You will need WoW gold to overcome all these, so you’ve come to the right place to purchase WoW Gold for sale and reach your in-game goals.

What is WoW Gold - Shadowlands

For all the activities in WoW, you need copper, silver, and especially gold. Even though there is a new expansion, WoW maintains its basics. As such, you need to have tons of gold to get the best gear, food, upgrades, mounts, and more.

You also can use gold to get WoW tokens and pay for your subscription. Buy World of Warcraft, keep the hope that you can reach the highest point in the Shadowlands, and prove your domain over the dead creatures.

Even though there are great ways to farm gold, it doesn’t justify sinking so many hours grinding to get a small amount of gold. That’s why there are WoW Gold services that can deliver gold faster than you think in a “no worry-free trading environment.” Players can find a trustable site that has enough gold stock and get the cheapest World of Warcraft gold deal.

The thing about reaching out to a website that can sell WoW gold – and you actually receive it – is that there are a lot of non-trustable sources that could scam you.

The best choice is to go with a seller that uses proprietary security technology to protect customers. Other safety methods like instant chat and secure payments such as credit cards and Paypal also matter.

Buying Gold With Real-World Money

The WoW gold service uses real-world money.

To get World of Warcraft gold at the cheapest price, you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Go to mmopixel.

  2. Search WoW gold Shadowlands.

  3. Find the amount of gold you want to get and click on “add to cart.”

  4. Choose the server – like an EU server – you’re playing and the amount of Wow gold services you want. Click on “Buy now.”

  5. Choose the delivery method.

  6. Write your character’s name.

  7. Choose your payment method (Paypal or Credit Card).

  8. Confirm your purchase by clicking “Buy now.”

Either way, you'll have your delivery guarantee. You'll also have a refund policy that you can request once you cancel your order if we haven’t delivered it yet.

WoW Shadowlands Servers

There are tons of servers available for Shadowlands where you can place your order. Some of them are:


Emerald Dream

Shattered Hand

Moon Guard

Argent Dawn

Silver Hand

Twisting Nether

Bleeding Hollow

Kult der Verdammten

Shadow Council

Tarren Mill

Die Aldor

Alterac Mountains

Grim Batol

Dun Morogh

Dun Modr

Zirkel Des Cenarius

Aerie Peak

Kirin Tor

Wyrmrest Accord

Chants Eternels

Azjol Nerub

Arak Arahm

Earthen Ring

If you are playing on any of these servers, you can get your WoW gold service without any problem.

WoW Gold Delivery Time Guarantee

After you purchase your WoW gold package, it can take up to 24 hours to deliver the product. This will vary depending on the delivery method you chose.

There are two ways that MMOPixel uses to make gold deliveries:

Trade Method

This method is the safest of them all. The transaction is almost instantaneous and you don’t have to worry about it or wait for it online.

We use the in-game email method so you receive your Wow Gold like a gift into the accounts you have written in your order.

Auction House

The other option is to use the Auction House. You need to select this method in your order and write an item – an amount – you’re going to use in the Auction House for sale.

You need to use green-quality items as part of the transaction. We also will cover the 5% trading fee that the Auction House charges.

What Can You Use WoW Gold EU For?

Once you get your WoW Gold transaction, you can use it for almost anything inside the game. For example:


  • Weapons.

  • Armors.

  • Mounts

  • Resources.

  • Upgrades.

You can also use this gold to complement your other gold farming strategies. For example, you can get your WoW gold package, buy resources, items or gear at a low price in the Auction House and then resell them in-game at a higher price.

About World of Warcraft Shadowlands

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands is the eighth expansion and tells the story of the return of a Sylvanas Windrunner. Now that the veil between the living world and the lands of the dead has been broken, you will have to worry about this new dark world.

For this new gameplay, you will:

  • Meet the realm of the Dead. The knowledge of the dead is now at your grasp. You can explore the Shadowlands, gain intel about its wonders and horrors, and more.

  • Use the Covenant’s skills. Players will receive the call from one of the four covenants that rule the Shadowlands. This will be the starting point of the news story to your success. Level up and develop class-specific skills based on the Covenant you chose, and earn helpful bonuses and convenient traits.

  • Get invited to the Tower of the Damned, the place where the souls of the worst fallen enemies reside. Enjoy a replayable experience completing quests and defeating enemies in roguelike games. These ever-changing halls guard a dark secret that you must discover. This is a great place to start earning gold, power leveling your character, and getting other important treasures.

  • Level 60 cap achievements. Leveling up can be time-consuming. But Shadowlands brings a new leveling system that ensures you will enjoy this journey more than in other games. Each step until level 60 matters, so make use of your crafting professions and complete as many quests as possible.

  • Death Knights return. Now that Sylvanas is trying to attack the Icecrown, the new Lich King, Bolvar Fordragon, raises the Death Knights of Acherus. You can create new DKs using all races and customize them using in-game services like the Barbershop.

Getting used to the new lands is a tedious process where much energy will be spent. Each WoW token will be necessary to pay for your journey. But making gold and the other WoW tokens is not an easy task.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands provides a new and intensive gaming experience that you can be part of. Join the Horde or the Alliance, explore the depths of the Shadowlands, and be part of a news story in the WoW universe.

World of Warcraft Gold Acquisition Methods

There are different ways to farm gold – or make gold – in World of Warcraft. The Shadowlands provide good spots to give a competitive edge against other players when you learn the gold farming strategies.

Here we are going to explore some of the efficient ways to make gold to have full control of your journey in the land of the dead.

Find Online Sellers

The fastest way to find gold in the Shadowlands is by buying WoW gold. You can find a trustable site with reviews, security, and a serious service on the internet.

MMOPixel is the best place to make your gold purchases over time and at the cheapest price. We will explore this method in the following section.

The Auction House

The Auction House is a great place to make some profits in the game. This is not a place where you buy WoW gold or something similar. Instead, You will be buying and selling items. You can find interesting and demanding items with fair prices, buy them low and then resell them at a higher price and fast delivery.

For example, you could use herbs, metal, or demanded weapons such as the Twilight’s Hammer or the Burning Blade.

Sellers decide the price, but this takes commitment, so you should have enough free time to find opportunities through market research.

This is the most secure place to make gold because the Auction House has gone through a lot of changes to prevent scams. With all trades protected, sellers and buyers have their valuable resources guaranteed.

Tanks Are The New Gold

There is a big need for tanks in this new expansion. The Shadowlands isn’t a peaceful place, so if you consider yourself a great tank, it could be your way to make gold.

You can participate in dungeons or instances with random people to get rewards like the WoW currency, gear, and other items. For example, during your face-to-face battles against the Burning Legion, you get a battle pet collection, and you can sell it or keep it.

Now, depending on the server, players may pay tanks for queuing in a group and complete raids and group quests.

However, you need to be truly good if you want to earn gold; it’s not a matter of luck. You’ll be facing hard opponents like the Defias Brotherhood. Master your skills, and you’ll have tons of customers waiting for you. 

Become a Professional Crafter

No matter how weird you think it may be, developing your crafting skills may pay you a lot more than pickpocketing enemies. Consider spending time in your account perfecting your crafting and trade skills.

If you know blacksmithing and alchemy, you could create potions and gear for the people of the servers and take advantage of that situation. You could also talk to people and offer your skills so they can create something they want. If a player wants to upgrade a rare item, you’re there for that.

Gathering skills is also a good method to fill your pockets, but this can cost a lot more time to develop. When you save enough resources, you can sell them in the Auction House. 

Skills like Mining are in constant demand since Ore is an important resource. Just be careful not to drop the price down because that won't help you. 


Hunting is a profitable activity that not many players practice in World of Warcraft. From the millions of daily players, only a small percentage of them actually find this as a great option to make some coin.

Other players earn World of Warcraft gold by selling the item dropped by the rare creatures they hunt. Start trading them in the Auction House or maybe exchange them with real players. Choose what you prefer. 

Of all the ways to earn gold, this is the most fun since you actually face creatures. Before fighting them, make sure to gather more info about them to know their weaknesses. Some are still powerful enough to give you headaches, especially in the Shadowlands.

Play The Main Story

The easiest way to get a good gold payment is by completing the main quests of the story. If you play and follow the smooth storyline that WoW offers, you won’t get tired of getting gold. The amounts you receive keep increasing as you progress.

Following the story also involves learning craft skills or delivering a good performance according to your role. Don’t wait for an opportunity to go out adventuring to find the answer you’re looking for.

The lands of eternity and death are waiting for you.

WoW Shadowlands Gold - Summary

Once you have WoW gold in your pocket, the lands of Shadowlands are wide open for you to concentrate on what really matters. This is leveling up, fighting bosses, and gearing up.

Players earn World of Warcraft gold in a regular way and following farming methods that all users are used to. But you can now level up and use all that time you would normally spend collecting gold for better opportunities in the Shadowlands.

If you’re going to use a WoW gold seller, the best you can do is find a website with many reviews. As long as customers are happy with the results, you can ensure your transaction will arrive.

When you use MMOPixel WoW gold services, you can be sure you are getting the safest and cheapest prices for the last World of Warcraft expansion.

If you have any doubts, hit the contact button to solve any questions.

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