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Have You Get Enough FF14 Gil to Ready for Endwalker?

The Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker benchmark has just been released, allowing prospective world saviors to figure out if their computer can run the forthcoming expansion. This is the best time to restock your FFXIV Gil.

The benchmark plays seven minutes of in-engine cutscenes aimed at testing your specs, and judging by the trailer, these will include sweeping panoramas, gigantic battles, and a whole lot of pretty lights. After those seven minutes, the benchmark will display a score indicating how your system is likely to be able to cope with Endwalker — whether you’ll need lower settings, or if you can whack it up to full and enjoy. If you’re interested in testing the official benchmark, you can head to the official Final Fantasy XIV website where you can download the file as well as read about how the benchmark data works.

The page also clarifies that “If your PC does not fulfill the system requirements to run the benchmark, the program will close,” and will ask you to review the aforementioned Official Benchmark Overview to determine whether your PC fulfills the system requirements. Final Fantasy XIV recently beat its concurrent player record on Steam after World Of Warcraft streamer, Asmongold, played the game for the first time. The game hit a player count of 47,542, a huge increase on its previous record of 41,200 which was set back in June 2020.

New Key Features:
• Level cap raised from 80 to 90
• New jobs
• Expansive new areas, including Garlemald, Thavnair, and the city of Radz-at-Han
• New tribes and new threats
• New dungeons and raids
• A new small-scale PvP mode
• An additional Trust ally: Estinien Wyrmblood
• A new residential district: Ishgard
• Updates to the Gold Saucer
• Relaxing fun in Island Sanctuary

The benchmark’s release was announced yesterday as part of a 14-hour Livestream by the devs, which was mostly a celebration of the game but did give away a few other tidbits. For instance, it sounds like some housing plots will be issued out via a lottery system, meaning you won’t need to sit by your computer for a day spam-clicking a sign to try to buy a plot just as it comes up for sale.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is due to launch on November 23rd, with early access expected to begin on November 19th. As a benchmark for Endwalker, everything in these cutscenes focuses on this point. You'll see new enemy models, new environments, hear new music by the amazing Masayoshi Soken, and possibly discover some new skills -- but remember, these are all cut scenes made for effect, so don't go thinking about making a new combo Terminator. While none of the things shown in the benchmarks would have been possible in the actual game, there are some slight hints of the story and some things that might have been quite close to the game's events.

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