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How to Destroy Sentry Gun in COD Mobile

Sentry Gun is an Unmanned Shooting Scorestreak that lies in the II category in COD Mobile. If your enemy has placed it in any particular location, then you may not be able to go here, as it kills you by its fire. There are some ways to Destroy a Sentry Gun in COD Mobile, which are FMJ, EMP Grenade, Knife, and Shooting it with a Gun.

How to Destroy Sentry Gun in COD Mobile:

The following Ways are best to destroy the enemy's sentry gun in COD Mobile:

1. EMP Grenade:

EMP Grenade is the most effective way to destroy the Sentry Gun. It is used to damage the mechanized enemy units in 1 Blast after throwing this Grenade on it. It is great equipment which you can equip in Tactical equipment of your loadout. You can use it to destroy any ground-based enemy scorestreak in 1 throw.

Throwing EMP Grenade on the Sentry Gun of an enemy in COD Mobile

You need to throw EMP Grenade on the Sentry gun or other units and wait for an explosion. It destroys it as well as the enemy shows colored boxes on their screen buttons at a particular radius for some seconds.

2. FMJ Launcher: 

FMJ is a rocket launcher that lies in the Secondary weapon category. It has high 300 damage, which kills the Sentry Gun in 2 Shot. FMJ offers 2 Rockets to shoot in every lifespan, so you can destroy it easily. It can destroy the VTOL also.

Aiming FMJ Launcher on the Sentry gun placed by an enemy in COD Mobile

You must aim the FMJ at the enemy's sentry gun and fire with a shoot button. If the Sentry gun is already damaged, then it will be destroyed with 1 shot of FMJ. Otherwise, 2 Rocket Shots are enough to destroy the sentry gun in cod mobile.

3. EMP Systems Scorestreak:

EMP Systems is the scorestreak lies at II category in loadouts. It is used for damaging all the activated scorestreaks of the enemy such as VTOL, Stealth Chopper, Sentry Gun, Shock RC, etc. However, it doesn't affect the enemy scorestreaks that are already thrown such as Neapalm Molotovs, VTOL incoming rockets, etc.

EMP Systems is enabled in Shipment Map in COD Mobile

EMP Systems is a great scorestreak for Hardpoints and Domination matches, as you can destroy the units that your opponent activates. It is enabled to use at 1150 score without Persistent perk.

EMP Systems Scorestreak is avtivated and enemy's sentry gun immediately destroys in COD Mobile

4. Predator Missile:

Predator Missile is a Scorestreak that is activated on 700 Score. It is used to throw a High Damage Rocket from the Air to kill the enemies in a particular radius. It can destroy a Sentry Gun also with 1 Shot. You can also destroy the VTOL, Stealth Chopper, etc from your Predator Missile with 1 shot.

5. Shoot with Gun: 

Shooting the sentry gun with a gun can also destroy it, but, it takes more time than using FMJ, EMP Systems, and EMP Grenade. However, the Guns with Higher Damage can destroy the sentry gun with less fire than Lower Damage guns.

Aiming the AK117 Assault weapon on the enemy's sentry gun in COD Mobile

Assault weapons have higher damage than Submachine Guns (SMGs), so assault can destroy the sentry gun in less number of fires as compared with SMG.

In fact, Snipers and Shotgun have higher damage than all weapons. The Pistols have the lowest damage.

6. Knife / Melee: 

You can also use your melee or knife to destroy the Sentry Gun. The best way is to damage it from the back side with a Knife. So, you won't be killed with the sentry gun, because it doesn’t rotate 360 degrees.

You can use Axe, Katana, Prizefighters, Sickle, Kali Sticks, and Sai for the best experience.

7. Wait for itself Destroy:

The Enemy can place the Sentry Gun for 40 seconds, and after that, it automatically destroys. So you can go to another location and kill the enemies and when the Sentry Gun itself destroys, you can go there. 

You can even your Cold-blooded perk in your Loadout which saves you from the enemy’s AI-controlled Scorestreaks.

Best Operator Skill for destroying Sentry Gun:

Here are the best Operator Skills which can give you good experience while destroying the Sentry Gun:

  1. Sparrow.
  2. War Machine.
  3. Gravity Spikes.
  4. Shadow Blade.
  5. Munitions Box.

Use Cold Blooded Perk to Stop the Sentry Gun and Stealth Chopper Effect on You:

The "Cold Blooded" perk is used to disable the effect of AI-controlled Scorestreaks such as Stealth Chopper, Sentry Gun, Shock RC, and Hunter Killer Drone, rather than Manual-controlled Scorestreaks such as VTOL, Napalm, etc. 

Cold Blooded lies in the Green perk category so you can use it in your Loadout. This perk is beneficial in Domination and Hardpoint matches.

Is Sniper Gun Effective for Destroying Sentry Gun:

Some snipers such as DL Q33 and Locus aren't able to give constant damage to the sentry gun. When you fire 1 shot, the Sniper needs to reload the next bullet, which takes a short time. So, these types of Snipers in COD Mobile are not effective and best way to destroy sentry guns.

You can use Arctic 50 sniper because it can able to shoot relatively constant fire.

Can I destroy the enemy's Sentry Gun with my VTOL:

Yes, you can destroy the sentry gun of the enemy with your VTOL. But, the Rockets throwing from your VTOL should reach the sentry gun, because it can't be damaged if the enemy places it on a covered location like the 1st floor of the 3-floor building, rather than the open area.

Can I destroy my Own Sentry Gun:

No, you can not destroy your own Sentry Gun, even your team member. You can only move your Sentry Gun to change its Position.


Destroying the enemy's Sentry Gun will save your team from death by its firing. You can use the Cold Blooded perk which safe you from the Stealth Chopper, Sentry Gun, and other AI-controlled Scorestreaks.

The Sentry Gun itself destroys after 40 seconds, so you can wait for it or go to another location to kill the enemies.

The best method to destroy a Sentry Gun is to Use an EMP Grenade because its 1 Throw is enough. Along with that, Blast of the EMP Grenade creates a colored box on the enemy's layout at a particular radius, which makes them difficult to play.

In terms of Scorestreak, you can use Predator Missile or EMP Systems to destroy most enemy’s AI and Manual-controlled Scorestreaks. You can even destroy Sentry Gun with your VTOL, but its rocket should reach here.

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