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How to Get Free House in The Elder Scrolls Online

In The Elder Scrolls Online, you can get your first house in one of two methods. You can either select any completed or unfurnished home from the Crown Store or complete the "A Friend in Need" Homestead instructional quest to get a free inn room.

Basics of the house

  • There are 5 different house sizes, each inspired by one of the 10 races: apartment, small, medium, large, and manor.

  • There will reportedly be six residences available on Vvardenfell besides the Crown Store house options.

  • Players can complete a mission at launch to earn a free apartment.

  • With in-game gold, you can move to larger homes, and users are allowed to own one of each type of residence.

  • All characters have access to houses on the account.

  • A new Furniture Crafting system will be available to personalize homes and sell to other players.

  • Players can welcome guilds and other players into their houses.

  • Thousands of objects will be available for use as decorations.

  • The new Housing tab in the Collections pane keeps track of home ownership. You can access each residence by using this tab's detailed description and directions. You can preview any homes you haven't yet purchased with this, as you can learn more about this below. It also reveals any homes you have.

The Elder Scrolls Online House

Get a free House

You can have a free house by 2 methods:

Method 1:

  • Includes a member of the Daggerfall Covenant, Aldmeri Dominion, and Ebonheart Pact Alliances.

  • Open the Crown Store, then choose the quest or mission "A Room to Spare" under "Quest Starters."

  • Three distinct characters belonging to three distinct Alliances can be used to do this.

You need a member of each Alliance if you want three different houses. Then open the Crown Store and choose "Quest Starters" then "A Room to Spare" Housing Brochure. You can purchase a home in the area where you reside thanks to the quest "A Room to Spare." When you agree to it, you will know the process in the game to get the house.

The free residences are spread throughout several locations for various Alliances:

  • The Rosy Lion at Daggerfall Inn.

  • The Ebony Flask at Ebonheart Inn.

  • Mara's Kiss Public House at Vulkhel Guard Inn.

Method 2:

  • A character in the mentioned regions is needed to be eligible for the free house: Summerset, Elsweyr, Vvardenfell, or Western Skyrim.

  • Open the Crown Store, then choose the task "A Room to Spare" in the section "Quest Starters."

  • Do this four more times for the following regions on different characters.

To utilize this technique, you must possess the expansion packs for Summerset, Morrowind, Greymoor, and Elsweyr. Additionally, irrespective of the Alliance you are in, you must be ready with a character in specified locations.

Additionally, you will receive your free ESO residences in a variety of locations for various Expansions:

  • The Golden Gryphon in Alinor (Summerset Expansion)

  • The Lonely Troll in Solitude (Greymoor Expansion)

  • The Sugar Bowl in Rimmen (Elsweyr Expansion)

  • Abbey of St. Delyn in Vivec City (Morrowind Expansion)

After completing the above mentioned tasks, you will receive seven free rooms, each of which may accommodate 30 furnishings. Therefore, this tutorial will assist novice gamers in obtaining additional room without needing to spend their hard-earned wealth.

It should be noted that the character will receive the same house if you begin the quest in the same location as the free house. Use a different DC character to undertake the mission in a non-Expansion zone if, for instance, one of the DC characters already has The Rosy Lion. Remember that each character is only eligible for one free apartment.

The Elder Scrolls Online House Guide

Purchasing extra homes

You have the option to own more than one house! In truth, you can possess them all. At launch, a minimum of one property will be for sale in practically every non-DLC zone. Additional residences can be purchased in-game using gold or crowns in the Crown Store.

Homes for Sale in the Crown Store

You can buy a house in the Crown Store at whichever time you need, whether it is furnished or not. Excluding the initial three inn rooms, all residences made available with the introduction of Homestead will be sold in the Crown Store. You don't have to do the Homestead instructional quest or any accomplishments if you buy a house from the Crown Store.

All you have to do is launch the Crown Store and select the "Houses" category. From that, you can navigate through the small, medium, and notable Staple Homes, Classic Homes, and Homes (large). Before selecting, you can view and tour each home's unfurnished and furnished versions.

Homes Bought with Gold

You can use in-game gold to buy your ESO residences if you prefer. Most empty homes, excluding those that are Crown Store-only, can be purchased with gold. The first inn room for your character is complimentary, and they can choose whether to pay for the remaining alliance inn rooms or complete the task again using a different character.

You must first finish "A Friend in Need," which is a Homestead training quest before you can buy an ESO house for gold. The ability to buy the majority of properties for gold is usually initially unlocked by completing the associated milestone. For Imperial-style residences, all you need to do is finish the instructional quest and acquire the Imperial Edition.

To examine the gold requirements for each home, simply browse the Housing part of your Collections menu. Additionally, you can go to the front door of any available residences you locate in the real world (represented on the map by a house icon) to view and/or buy them.

You can also use gold coins to buy houses and other things too to fasten the process.

If you need them, you can buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold at our website MMOPixel, at an unbeatable price.

Types of Houses & buying requirements

The many house types being offered are briefly described below, along with information on how to qualify for each type.

Inn Room

Most likely, your adventure as a Tamriel homeowner will start with a basic inn room. Each Alliance has three available inn rooms (Staple Homes). These can be acquired by completing the "A Friend in Need" quest or by paying 3,000 gold to upgrade to the next inn room in line after receiving the first room complimentary on one character. Unfortunately, crowns cannot be used to purchase inn rooms.

 On an account without ESO Plus, you can put 15 furnishings, 1 assistant mount, and 1 trophy bust in an inn room if you are a current ESO Plus member, those caps double. Additionally, a maximum of two guests may stay in one inn room at once.

The Elder Scrolls Online Inn Room


When you're prepared to move past your modest hotel room, a lovely and economical apartment is a terrific next step. Each Alliance has one of the three available apartments, which cost between 11,000 and 13,000 gold (unfurnished.) However, before buying the apartment houses for gold, you must finish the "A Friend in Need" quest.

On an account without ESO Plus, you can put 50 pieces of furniture, 1 Trophy Bust, Mount, or Pet, and 1 Assistant in an apartment. If you are a current ESO Plus member, those caps double. Additionally, an apartment can house up to 6 guests at once.

Small, Medium, and Large Homes

A small, medium, or big home costs between 40,000 and 73,000 gold, 190,000 to 335,000 gold, and 760,001 to 1,294,000 gold (unfurnished), respectively. To receive any kind of home, you must complete the "A Friend in Need" quest and one related achievement.

The most you can have in a small, medium, or large residence in terms of furniture, assistants, trophy busts, mounts, or pets is:

Small Homes:

  • 100 furnishings

  • 5 Trophy Busts

  • 2 Assistants, Pets, or Mounts

  • 6 total visitors at a time

Medium Homes:

  • 200 furnishings

  • 10 Trophy Busts

  • 3 Assistants, Pets, or Mounts

  • 12 total visitors at a time

Large Homes:

  • 300 furnishings

  • 20 Trophy Busts

  • 4 Assistants, Pets, or Mounts

  • 12 total visitors at a time


Manors are the height of luxury in Tamriel, being expansive and lavish. Each Alliance has its manor, or "Notable Home." Between 3,775,000 and 3,785,000 gold are available (unfurnished.) Purchasing each manor results in a special achievement and title, while purchasing all three results in another.

On an account without ESO Plus, you can put 350 pieces of furniture, mounts, and 5 assistants in an apartment. If you are a current ESO Plus member, those caps double. Additionally, a manor can accommodate a maximum of 24 guests at once.

Special Crown Store Homes

Periodically, we'll introduce one-of-a-kind residences only accessible through the ESO Crown Store, like the Grand Topal Hideaway and the Earthtear Cavern. The max goods and visitor limits for these Crown Store-only households are the same as those for manors. So keep a look out for these at the Crown Store!

The Elder Scrolls Online Special Crown Store Homes

Other things to remember in a house

There are restrictions on the number of possessions, collectibles, and guests, with higher caps for more significant properties. If you have a valid ESO Plus subscription, you can place twice as many items in your house. However, you won't be allowed to keep more items in your home when your ESO Plus subscription expires until you reach the standard item cap. To do this, you'll be able to take things out.

Dueling is prohibited in hotel rooms and apartments but permitted in private residences.

Assistants, pets, and rides can be kept within homes as decorations but cannot be summoned there.

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