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How to get Infinite Money in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy might be a magical world, but still, it isn’t free from the economic system or most simply referred to as the in-game currency system. The game quite punishes you when out there looking for some Gold or Galleons because you have to do some really hard stuff while the gain is exceptionally less. 

It is more like a loop in which you are stuck striving for more money. You can’t escape it because you will have to earn money to get better gear, more wands, powerful costumes, potions, consumables, gear, and much about everything else. 

So, we went ahead and compiled this Guide on How to get Infinite Money in Hogwarts Legacy. Yes, you heard that right, there are some hidden tricks in the game through which you can essentially get a ton of Gold and they won’t take hours out of your free time as well. Therefore, without wasting any more time, let’s jump straight to the guide.

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Traditional Method of Earning Gold in Hogwarts Legacy

For the most part, the game itself wants you to be stuck in the repetitive system, where you travel the world in search of the gear and sell the unwanted one afterward. You will find bags, treasures, and other similar things to Galleons in the game, which is also a part of the loop. 

To help you get out of this loop, we compiled a list of the best methods to earn gold breaking the traditional norms. Even in our Guide, where we discussed the Passive way to get Infinite Money in the game, we put extra steps on the Magical Beast Breeding Method. Stay tuned to the Guide in order to learn about the ways How to earn Passive Gold in Hogwarts Legacy as well.

Dark Forest Strategy

You will have to go back to the Dark Forest using Fast Travel, which is through the Floo Flame. But, before you do that, you will have to farm all the Wild Puffskeins that are available from the Den of Puffskeings close. You can use the Map Menu to advance the game clock to respawn the creatures.

When you are playing the main missions of the game, you will be unlocking the wild creatures, which the game calls rescuing the Bests. So, for that, you will be needing the Room of Requirements in Hogwarts Legacy before you can even go out and make some friends in the wild. 

You can even sell the Puffskeins - Magical Beasts for around 120 Galleons in the world of Hogwarts, but we recommend you get hold of them in the Vivarium and sell those that aren’t fitting in your space. 

Passive Earning 

So, there is another Passive Infinite Money Earning technique in Hogwarts Legacy as well. But, for this, you will have to complete the House Elf Deek’s Mission Side, as well as the Main mission to the end. It goes the same way for the Foals of the Dead mission. Here you will learn how to breed the Magical Beasts in your own Vivarium. 

It is a financial opportunity where you will be able to generate income streams that you don’t have to run for. But rather, the income stream is set in a way that you can get the money out of it whenever you need the Galleons for some specific things.

Later on, when the various Beasts are Breed in Vivarium, you can sell the offspring they have to the Brood and Peck shop. It might sound kind of heartless for a magician, but if you are struggling to passively earn gold in the game, then you have to do such things. 

The cute little babies of Magical Beasts can be sold for a massive profit and it is completely up to you when you want to cash them out. You can have a ton of babies in the Vivarium, while you enjoy your journey in the Wizarding World.

Steps to earn Infinite Passive Gold in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Take the Quest “Foal of the Dead” after talking to a person named Deek

  • Afterward, go to the Northern Map section, where you have to travel toward Thestral Den

  • Find a female and also a male Thestral and then capture them. If you are new to it, use the Nab-Sack that you unlocked through the Room of Requirements quest. Don’t do it in the hard mode, rather use the Story mode for these things. 

  • Go to the Tomes and Scrolls store, which is found in the area of Hogsmeade

  • Utilize 1k Galleons or Gold in the Thomas Brown shop and purchase Breeding Pen Spellcraft from him. 

  • Take the journey back to the area where you found Deek and again talk to him. 

  • Now, you have your third Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy

  • Breed two Thestrals that you capture using your Nab-Sack and set up a Breeding Pen at the same place. 

  • After Thestral Foal is Breed, again talk to the person named Deek

  • Congratulations, you completed the Quest

  • Now, rusk to get some more Breeding Pens and put them in your own Vivarium which is different from the one you used for Thestrals. 

  • Every 30 minutes you will get an offspring from the Magical Beasts, which is quite fascinating

Last but not least, you have to move those offspring to the inventory (Beast) and then sell them for some profit. Where to sell those? Well, you can go to Ellie Peck Brood and Peck Store, which is also found in the area of Hogsmeade to sell these Magical Creature Offspring. 

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Money Glitch in Hogwarts Legacy

The name itself might scare you to death because it is illegal, but we are going to mention some hacks or cheats to help you get Infinite Money in Hogwarts Legacy. It is the other way around and a simple trick that allows you to earn a lot more money than you can otherwise. 

At a certain stage, you can utilize a trick or magic to get the money, making it a game mechanic that allows you to get more money than usual. To get this done, you will be needing some things beforehand. 

What you will be needing?

  • Complete some initial quests to get Charms and Spells

  • Stop doing quests when you get the Disillusionment Charm or Spell. You can blend yourself with the environment using this spell. 

  • In case you are not sure where to get it, you can get the disillusionment spell from the Quest referred to as the “Secrets of the Restricted Section”. You will also learn the Petrificus Totalus Spell there as well. 

How to get Infinite Money?

Now that you have all the things you will possibly need, just look for the Eye Chests Disillusionment Chests, or even called Eyeball Chests in the game. Most of the time you will get those in the area of Hogsmeade. 

The incredible thing about these Chests is that each of them will reward you with 500 Galleons and you can open them one by one to get the coins.

When you are near the chests you will hear a sound that indicates that the chest is close by. If they see you coming, you won’t be able to get the Galleons out. Use the Disillusionment Charm on yourself and you can then sneak around the Chest and open it. 

Use Revelio, if you are not sure where to find the Chest and you know it is nearby. Now the glitch is that you have to spot all the chests and open them one by one to make the infinite money glitch work. 

Throughout the game, you will come across around 12 Eyeball Chests and each one gives you 500 Galleons. Altogether you will earn around 6k Galleons making you a rich fella in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Selling Mooncalf

In case the other methods don’t surprise you or you did the 6k Eyeball Chest Infinite Money Method, then here is another method of earning money through the Mooncalf. Yes, it is involved in the category of Selling Magical Beasts, but it is much more effective. 

In order to get the ability to sell beasts, you will have to complete the quest “The Elf, The Nab Sack, and the Loom” all of these will enable you to earn through the magical beasts in the game and also unlock gear upgrades. 

Mooncalf Den

On the Northwest side, you will find an area where all the Mooncalves are available. It is just past the grounds for Quidditch and is referred to as the Mooncalf Den. You can also fast travel there using the Floo Flame. 

Mooncalf Capture

After getting to the Mooncalf Den, you have to capture them using your Nab-Sack to get through the quest. But, there is a catch here. Go to your map and change the time to Night from the Day. Here in this area you can find 8 of this Magical Creature and catch them or rescue them. 

Selling Them

Now, it is time to sell these Mooncalves to earn a ton of Money in the game. Go to the trusty old Brood and Peck in Hogwarts Legacy which is present in the area of Hogsmeade. You can earn 120 Galleons for a single Magical Beast. Yes, that’s how to get Infinite Gold in Hogwarts Legacy

Final Verdict

Hogwarts Legacy developers didn’t make it quite easy for players to farm gold in the game. But, they did put up some pathways, glitches, and mechanics to help you earn them in a loop. Here’s How to Get Infinite Money in Hogwarts Legacy to help you utilize these techniques and get rich faster.

As a simple note, it is important to understand that Infinite Money doesn’t mean copying files from the internet to the game in order to add money, nor using cheats. Rather, it means utilizing the already available methods to gain gold in the best possible way.

The Guide also helps you utilize the Best Methods to Earn Gold in Hogwarts Legacy like Breeding, Eyeball Chests, Valerian, and so on. The amount might not be infinite, but in contrast to the other methods out there, these are actually quite high amounts in a manner of minutes. 

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