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How to get Money in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a massive game and there are tons of ways to do a single thing. That goes the same way when it comes to earning in-game currency. Still, because of different currencies and a magical world full of different items, players can get quite frustrated or even confused when it comes to earning those. Don’t worry, here we have an amazing Guide on How to get Money in Hogwarts Legacy.

Mostly, in Hogwarts Legacy, you can explore the massive Magical World, while looking for the corners of dungeons to get the Gold Coins that are scattered around. Yes, it is possible to get the in-game currency of Hogwarts Legacy this way, but it is not the best one you did want to get indulged in.

Just like any other game of the same genre, here you need to Get Money or earn it in order to buy many useful things like potions, spells, wands, clothes, and even some upgrades. You can get recipes for the items that are in the Room of Requirements, Plant Seeds, and so on. This quite makes Money, the in-game currency referred to as Galleons quite important to have. Therefore, we will be mentioning all the ways below How to Get Money in Hogwarts Legacy as well as diving a bit into the Best Ways to Use Money in Hogwarts Legacy as well.

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Best ways to Get Money in Hogwarts Legacy

Just like we mentioned, there are tons of ways to Earn Money in Hogwarts Legacy, but out of all of those, we will be mentioning here the Best Ways to Get Money. So, let’s get started.

Selling Gear

The first one on our list is none other than Selling Gear to get Gold in Hogwarts Legacy. When you are playing the game, you will come across various items and gear that you might not want to equip or utilize. 

You can use the Floo Flames to travel around without having to take long-distance travel and simply take the fast travel route to Shops. Or, a much better option is to simply travel to the Hogsmeade for a much better offer. 

Then you can sell the Outdated Gear that is not up to any good for you in Hogwarts Legacy. The issue with this method is that it highly depends on your Inventory Size. Therefore, keeping it empty always will help you get the most Scrap when you are doing some task or missing in the game. 

Even if the Inventory Gets filled, you can always drop the things you feel are quite not good when it comes to selling. In this way, you can have a ton of money in Hogwarts Legacy while you are doing your regular stuff. 

In the Normal Store, the prices of Gear Sold are as follows;

  • Legendary Gear is sold for 200 Galleons

  • Extraordinary Gear is Sold for 150 Galleons

  • Super Gear is Sold for 90 Galleons

  • Well Appointed Gear is Sold for 60 Galleons

  • Standard Gear is Sold for 30 Galleons

Bags and Treasure Chests

There are Bags and Treasure Chests at specific locations in Hogwarts Legacy that have Galleons Inside for you to utilize. Where are they? You can find them in the Towns and Castles of Hogwarts Legacy, as they are mostly around that area. 

There are also special events in the game that you can find in Quest Progression. Once you progress, you will find a Special Event that gives you a brand new way to Sell in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Eyeball Chests

The second method we will be mentioning for How to get Money in Hogwarts Legacy is Eyeball Chests. What are those? Well, Eyeball chests are a special type of chest in Hogwarts Legacy that can give you various expensive and executive rewards.

But, opening them is quite a daunting task because when you come near them, they can see you and they prevent you from opening them. You will have to be sneaky, but simply walking or stealth crouching doesn’t work on them. 

Each one will reward you with 500 Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy which is quite an exceptional reward in the whole game. As for how to open Eyeball chests? You can use the Disillusionment Spell in Hogwarts Legacy to become one with the environment or simply Invisible. Then you can proceed slowly to the Eyeball Chests. 

Hogwarts Legacy Beasts

The Best Way to Get Money in Hogwarts Legacy is none other than Selling Magical Beasts. Yes, you heard that right! Hogwarts Legacy has that amazing gameplay loop where you have to interact with the Magical Beasts.

But some of the players don’t know that you can Breed these Magical Beasts, look after them and afterward, sell them for an amazing price. You can also capture the Magical Beasts and sell them. 

As to how you can sell these Beasts? Well, you have to take a tour to the trusty Brood and Peck, where each Beast can be sold for an amazing amount of 120 Galleons. 

If you are new to Hogwarts Legacy and you are looking for an early way How to Get Money in Hogwarts Legacy, then you can try selling Puffskein Magical Beast. This one is much easier to catch and then sell for a good amount. You can find this Magical Beast on the Hogsmeade Southern Part.

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How to use Money in Hogwarts Legacy?

Now that you know How to Earn Money in Hogwarts Legacy, let’s talk a bit about the ways How to Use Money in Hogwarts Legacy as well.

Your main goal in Hogwarts Legacy should be Spending Money on Seeds and Ingredients, Purchasing better Gear, and Buying Large Pots along with the Spellcrafts Potting Table. Out of them all, Seeds and Ingredients are by far the best way to Utilize your Money in Hogwarts Legacy and Purchasing Gear is by far the worst way.

Still, these three are the main things you should be using your Galleons on. Let’s Talk about each of them in detail below;

Seeds and Ingredients

When you have enough Gold or Money in Hogwarts Legacy, you can go for purchasing Seeds and Recipes. Through those, you can grow various Plans and Potions that you are going to be using in the game. 

You can purchase Seeds in Hogwarts Legacy from the Magic Neep and afterward, you can get the Recipes from the J Pippin Store. How much do you need for the whole Business? Well, you will need around 7.5k Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy to start this Business. 

In case the above methods for earning money in Hogwarts Legacy aren’t enough, you can explore the massive Magical World in search of Treasures. In this way, you can get enough money for the Seeds and Ingredients Business.

Getting Large Pot

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will find various sizes for Potting Tables. These Tables are used to Grow Plants and the bigger the size, the bigger will be the Growth and you will also earn more from these Plants. 

The 3 Sizes of Potting Tables are Small, Medium, and Large. Alongside the Growth, another factor is that on Medium and Small, you can’t Grow all the Plants, but rather some of them. One way or another, you will be needing the Large Plant Pots in the game because you can grow all sorts of plants in the. 

You can get the Large Potting Table with Large Pots for around a total of 1k Galleon in the game. Which is quite a lot, but the benefits are also quite exceptional. 

Purchasing Gear in Hogwarts Legacy

Through Cultivation in Hogwarts Legacy, you can make or even pick various Magic Potions and Materials. Yes, they aren’t an easy task to get, but you can utilize some of your free time to collect them. 

In case you can’t make up time for that boring stuff, you can go directly to J. Pippin’s Store in Hogwarts Legacy and purchase these things from him. But just as we mentioned before in our Guide on How to Get Money in Hogwarts Legacy, this isn’t recommended.

Don’t waste your precious time Buying Gear when you will find the better Gear from the journey you take in the game. Either you go right or go left, the game is designed in a way that you will get better equipment as you take missions or explore the Magical World.

Still, one recommendation would be to Buy the Gear after you have Leveled up. You will be finding most of the Gear in the Treasure Chests of Hogwarts Legacy, but it depends on the Level you are on.

In case you are in the Lower Level segment, you will be earning Lower Level Gear. Therefore, it is important to become someone with a higher level and then proceed to get Gear from in-game quests or chests. In the early game, you can Buy Gear without having any difficulty. 

Final Verdict

So, these are all the Best Ways to Get Money Money in Hogwarts Legacy. This is a massive game giving you various opportunities, but we shortlisted them based on what they offer and your hard work. In the end, we also tried to mention some best ways to Use Money in Hogwarts Legacy because some people just use the money on senseless things without taking into account How difficult it is to earn Galleon in the game. 

For Early Game players, we recommend you stick with the Magical Beasts to earn while having a passive income through Selling Gear that you don’t want to use. Eyeball treasures are also good, but it is somewhat for Amateurs and onwards, who know about the game mechanics. Just don’t waste your hard-earned Galleons!

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