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How to Make Money Faster in Hogwarts Legacy: A Comprehensive Guide

You can’t become either a Witch or a Wizard without spending some money, especially when it comes to becoming a powerful magician in Hogwarts Legacy. Using the primary in-game currency referred to as Galleons, you can get your hands on the essential stuff like Potions, better Wands, and even some good outfits to show Wizarding World you are not a typical Magician. But the issue with Galleons is that they are quite hard to earn and even when you are trying to earn them, you pretty much end up with a few. Don’t worry, here we have a guide on How to Make Money Faster in Hogwarts Legacy to help you make Gold Quicker. 

Every RPG game on the planet has its own ways to earn money but more or less, they are typically around the same stuff. You are selling, looting, and doing other stuff to get the in-game currency, which is also the same for Hogwarts Legacy. But, we are here to shortlist the Fastest Gold Making Methods in Hogwarts Legacy because not every method is equal to earning Gold. So, let’s jump straight to the real deal.

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Best Methods to Make Money Faster in Hogwarts Legacy

Don’t Kill Enemies for Galleons!

Just like we mentioned before, every time you clean your hands off some enemies, you get Galleons - the currency of Hogwarts Legacy. But, that doesn’t mean it is a quick method, rather it is the slowest one by far. With kills, you are going to get a small amount of Galleon, so it is not recommended when you are looking for Faster Methods. 

Selling Gear for Quick Gold

Yes, many players will tell you that Selling your Gear will get you Galleons the quickest way and that is correct in every possible way. You don’t have to change your path in order to get the Gold this way. You just enjoy your trip and along the path, you will get Gear.

Then you can short out the Gear and take out the ones that you don’t want. Later, you can find a good spot to sell them. Keep in mind that one way or another you will have to drop your Equipment because your Backpack can’t handle all the unnecessary equipment. So, you will have to do it, why not earn gold while doing it?

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will find various Shop Keepers along your path or even in the Hogwarts Legacy Map. Keep in mind that every Shopkeeper will give you a different amount for the items you are selling to them. 

Our suggestion would be to get the Hogsmeade Quest and unlock the Hogsmeade Shop. In this way, you can sell your unnecessary Gear for 10 percent more Gold, which is an exceptional addition to the amount. Now, let’s get moving to the next step in How to Make Money Faster in Hogwarts Legacy Guide.

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Disillusionment Chests

Yes, the good old Eyeball Chests, which are also called Disillusionment Chests in Hogwarts Legacy. These are the crown of the game because they can get you 500 Galleons in a single shot. But, the trick here is opening them, which requires a specific way. 

Scattered around the Magical World, you can find these Eyeball Chests. They start making a strange sound when you are close to them, but if you get in their sight, they will shut their lock and you can’t open them.

In order to save yourself from that, you will have to use the Disillusionment Charm/Spell on yourself and make sure you are moving slowly. As soon as you are on them without the Chests noticing, you can inspect them to open them. The reward always remains the same which is 500 Galleons, making them one of the fastest ways to earn Gold in Hogwarts Legacy.

Room of Requirements - Magical Beasts

Last but not least, the final quickest way to earn Gold in Hogwarts Legacy is through Room of Requirements. If you are a beginner who just got started with Hogwarts Legacy, you might not have gotten to this point. 

But, later on, you will come across the Room of Requirement Assignments that help you catch the Magical Beasts in the Wizarding World. Keep in mind that these are some things that we highly recommend you do if you are looking to get rich faster in Hogwarts Legacy 

Through the Room of Requirements, you will gain access to the special room where you will be given the task to catch Magical Beasts. For the most part, these Magical Beasts are spread around the Hogwarts World, but you can use the Nob-Sack to capture them and sell them for an incredibly good amount.

You will have to do it one way or another, so why not earn from them? After you take the task and go in search of the Beast, you will have to use the Disillusionment Spell to make yourself blend into the environment. 

This way, the Magical Beast won’t figure out you are around and at the exact moment you can use your Nob-Sack to capture them. After you get them, just sell them at the Brod and Peck, which is found in the incredibly popular area of Hogsmeade. 

There is another way around this as well, which is Breeding these Magical Creatures and you can make a separate income stream for yourself. It is more like a side business if you ask us because you can carry on with your journey and look after the Beasts as well. Once they are ready, you can sell them at Hogsmeade for a good amount. 

You can keep your Beautiful Magical Beasts in the Vivarium which has all the essentials in place for you to make Beasts happy as they play with Toys and get their tummy filled with the Beast Feeder. It is an interesting place to be in. So, whenever you get your hands on the Room of Requirements, don’t forget to make some cash as well.

Final Verdict

Well, these are the Best Ways on How to Make Money Faster in Hogwarts Legacy. You might have figured out for yourself which is the best method as of now, but in our recommendation, you should focus more on the Room of Requirements because Selling Gear is something that you can do Passively in the game.

Room of Requirements is also a fascinating place to be in because of the customizations you can do there and keep your Pets safe in Vivarium. You can even upgrade your gear here if you want to. The versatility doesn’t stop here because you can customize the Vivarium as well, making it more appealing for the Cute Magical Beasts you are Breeding to make money by selling them later on. 

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