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Lethal Azure Lucky Draw in COD Mobile

The Lethal Azure Lucky Draw offers a Spear - Striking Azure legendary melee with a beautifully designed Long Yun male character. The main theme color is blue, black, and white, which makes it a perfect choice for male gamers. I love the color combination of all items in this Lucky Draw of COD Mobile.

Lethal Azure Lucky Draw in COD Mobile

All Items in Lethal Azure Lucky Draw:

Here's my review of all the items in Lethal Azure Lucky Draw of Call of Duty Mobile.

1. Spear - Striking Azure:

The Spear - Striking Azure offers a black handle with a beautiful blue animation that glows on the top and back sides of this Melee. The death effect is also blue, and it changes the tone of blue animation according to your kill streak.

Spear - Striking Azure Legendary Melee in COD Mobile

The combination of blue animation and black handle makes it a beautiful choice for male gamers. If you love to use Melee, especially Spear, then you should love Spear - Striking Azure's legendary version.

2. Long Yun Male Character:

The Long Yun is a Young character whose looks and design attract most gamers, including me. It offers a black dress with a white material, that enhances its looks. With the addition of Blue Cape, the looks further increase.

Long Yun Male Character in COD Mobile

The face is something special and unique from others, as it contains a black material on the left side of the face. The left eye is red and the blue hairs, that's why I am saying Long Yun Male Skin is beautifully designed by COD Mobile developers.

3. Kilo 141 - Azure Might:

If you use a Kilo 141 assault weapon in COD mobile, the Azure Might version can be a great addition to its Skin's library. The Kilo 141 - Azure Might offers a huge amount of White material and a small amount of Blue material, which looks good in the game. It also has Blue Animation in the middle of the gun.

Kilo 141 - Azure Might Assault weapon in COD Mobile

I like the Kilo 141 - Azure Might skin, because I love its color combination and color balance. With the Long Yun character, Kilo 141 - Azure Might looks pretty beautiful, so I recommend it also.

4. Nunchucks - Azure Might:

The Nunchucks - Azure Might is another Melee weapon that offers a White color and a beautiful blue texture on it. It contains a small amount of Blue animation which gives it a premium look. However, this is not the most usable Melee in COD Mobile, so Nunchucks - Azure Might may not excite you in this Lucky Draw.

5. Spear Kata Emote:

Kata is a Japanese word which refers to Martial Arts and Special Movements. The Spear Kata Emote is based on it, where the character takes a Spear Melee and performs special movements around it. While performing movements with Spear in this Emote, the blue animation spreads from it which gives it a premium look. Spear Kata Emote suits with male characters in COD Mobile.

6. Lethal Azure Avatar:

The Long Yun character is so beautiful, and that’s why having its face avatar can further improve your experience. The Lethal Azure Avatar contains a Long Yun skin which first looks at your side and then left side. The background has a Tree that gives a Nightmare feeling. However, the complete face of the character is not showing (especially the left side), which is why we rate it 7 out of 10.

7. Backpack - Azure Might:

Backpack - Azure Might is based on a similar design to the Azure Might series in this Lucky Draw. It offers a White color with a beautiful blue animation on the left and right sides of the backpack. This will add a cool effect in Battle Royal TPP matches.

8. Cluster Grenade - Azure Might:

Cluster Grenade is a lethal equipment in COD Mobile, and this Azure Might version offers a whitish tone with a black lining texture. It also has Blue animation which looks so nice.

Cluster Grenade - Azure Might Lethal in COD Mobile

9. Lethal Azure Calling Card:

The Lethal Azure Calling Card contains a Long Yun character which holds a Spear Melee. It is positioned in a killing style that enhances the looks of this calling card. It has a green background which is a good combination with a character. It also contains a cloth that is cut from the middle, feeling that the character cuts the clothes with a Spear Melee. I rate it 10 out of 10 because of its unique and outstanding design.

Lethal Azure Calling Card in COD Mobile

10. ORV - Azure Might:

The ORV - Azure Might also offers a large amount of whitish tone color on the body. The Blue animation glows on headlights, upper back side, tyre rims, and some areas on the left and right side. The looks of ORV - Azure Might give a cool feeling, which means that it can give a good experience in Battle Royal matches in the Summer season.

ORV - Azure Might in COD Mobile

Should I Invest CPs in Lethal Azure Lucky Draw:

If you’re a Melee lover in COD Mobile, then Lethal Azure is only one of the best lucky draw that offers a beautiful design of Spear, right now.

The Black, White, and Blue color combination on the Long Yun character makes it a perfect choice for male gamers.

Along with that, Azure Might series in this Lucky Draw offers a great combination of Blue animation with Black and White color.

The Spear Kata Emote is also special because the character performs special movements with Spear melee, like Martial Arts.

All in one, if you love the White, Black, and Blue color combinations of the items in Letha Azure Lucky Draw, then I would recommend investing CPs in it.

Probability of Getting Rewards from Lethal Azure Lucky Draw in COD Mobile:

Here are the probabilities or chances of getting specific rewards on first spin from the Lethal Azure Lucky Draw:

Rewards Probability
Spear - Striking Azure 0.08%
Long Yun male character 1.25%
Kilo 141 - Azure Might 4.00%
Nunchucks - Azure Might 4.67%
Spear Kata Emote 5.50%
Lethal Azure Avatar 6.50%
Backpack - Azure Might 10.00%
Cluster Grenade - Azure Might 11.00%
Lethal Azure Calling Card 28.00%
ORV - Azure Might 29.00%

Lethal Azure Lucky Draw Cost:

Here’s the Lethal Azure Lucky Draw CP Cost:

  1. 1st Draw: 10 CP.

  2. 2nd Draw: 30 CP.

  3. 3rd Draw: 50 CP.

  4. 4th Draw: 120 CP.

  5. 5th Draw: 200 CP.

  6. 6th Draw: 320 CP.

  7. 7th Draw: 520 CP.

  8. 8th Draw: 960 CP.

  9. 9th Draw: 1300 CP. 

  10. 10th Draw: 2300 CP.

Total Cost of Lethal Azure Lucky Draw: 5,810 CP.

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