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LongQuan Sword Lucky Draw in COD Mobile

After a long wait by COD Mobile Fans, the Legendary Darkheart Sword is finally available to purchase from a LongQuan Sword Lucky Draw. The Golden color is the main theme of the items present in this Draw. This color represents that the items are good for female characters, and it’s real that the Darkheart Sword looks amazing in the female character’s hand. The LongQuan Sword Lucky Draw also offers a CBR4 - Flawless SMG gun skin, BY-15 - AMS Pro-Grade, and some other exciting rewards.

All items of LongQuan Sword Lucky Draw in COD Mobile

All items in LongQuan Sword Lucky Draw:

Here’s my review of all the items in this LongQuan Sword Lucky Draw:

1. Darkheart Sword:

The Legendary Darkheart Sword in LongQuan Sword Lucky Draw offers a great Golden animation with a Red Hanging cloth in the middle. The killing experience of this sword is also great, but it’s suited for using in small maps such as Shipment, Summit, Kill House, and others where you need to play with close-range players.

Darkheart Sword Legendary Melee in COD Mobile

The death effect creates a Golden Route with some spots with great animation, which looks pretty amazing. However, the Legendary Darkheart Sword looks great with Female skins in COD Mobile. Its Probability is 0.08%, so you need to spend a lot of CPs to achieve this Sword.

2. CBR4 - Flawless:

CBR4 is an SMG weapon in COD Mobile that is well known for its Mobility and Killing experience. If you want an exciting skin for this SMG, then the CBR4 - Flawless can be a good choice for you. It offers a Golden material in some areas that shines when the light coincides with it.

CBR4 - Flawless SMG in COD Mobile

CBR4 - Flawless also offers a Golden animation which looks good. The red material is also present in some areas including the Trigger, which is a good color combination with Golden. The rest of the design is colored Black with some amount of texture. Its probability is 1.25%, which means that you need to spend a lot of CPs to win this reward.

3. BY15 - AMS Pro-Grade:

If you’re an expert in using the Shotgun, especially, BY15, then this skin can be an amazing choice for you. Similar to CBR4 - Flawless, it offers a Golden material in some areas with a beautiful Golden animation which makes it attractive and eye-catching in the game. It offers a Red Trigger which suits with its Golden color and is good for using with female skin in COD Mobile.

BY15 - AMS Pro-Grade Shotgun in COD Mobile

4. Darkheart Calling Card:

The Darkheart Calling Card offers an animal (looks like a Dragon) that roars to spread sound waves and white smoke. The face is Golden with Red eyes and a Black nose, which adds a haunted feeling to it. The Background is blue with a whitish tone of animation. The overall design of the Darkheart Calling Card is worth it for this Lucky Draw.

Darkheart Calling Card in COD Mobile

5. Sword Dance:

In this Emote, the character takes a Sword and starts fighting around the surroundings. Sword Dance emote also gives a feel of “Kendo” or “Swordman” in the game. This Emote is great for female characters in the COD Mobile game.

6. Backpack - Dynastic Gold:

The Backpack - Dynastic Gold offers a jet-like shape with a Golden animation that looks great. It also has a Black design in some areas with a small amount of Red material. The Backpack is thin as compared with others, so it suits perfectly with female skins in COD Mobile.

7. Wingsuit - Dynastic Gold:

The Wingsuit always add a good experience in COD Mobile Battle Royal matches, and using its good skin can enhance your gaming experience. It offers a Golden animation with some black color that has a whitish texture. The Wingsuit - Dynastic Gold is good for gamers who like the Golden color.

8. Tank - Dynastic Gold:

The Tank - Dynastic Gold also features an attractive look with Golden Animation and a whitish tone of texture in black color. It has Golden tyre rims and track which looks pretty amazing with the overall design. However, it doesn’t look great if you see it from far range, but once you come nearer with this Tank skin, it looks good.

Tank - Dynastic Gold in COD Mobile

9. Darkheart Charm:

This Charm offers a Darkheart Sword design that contains a Golden and Black material with Red hanging cloth. It has no animation, but the overall design is good. The Darkheart Sword is attached with a Dragon face which makes it a little bit unique from others.

10. Dynastic Gold Sticker:

If you use Stickers or Spray in the game, then Dynastic Gold can be a nice addition to your Sticker’s library. It offers an animal face (looks like a dragon) with a Gold color. The Eyes contain a bright golden color, which makes the overall Sticker unique from others. However, it doesn’t offer any animation, which may not be a good choice for everyone.

Should I Invest CPs in LongQuan Sword Lucky Draw:

The Darkheart Sword is the main reward of LongQuan Sword Lucky Draw, which offers a great killing experience and death effect. If you like to use Melee in the game, then you should Invest your CP in this Draw to experience the new Darkheart Sword. However, the Probability of getting Darkheart Sword is 0.08%, so you must spend many CPs to gain this reward.

The CBR4 - Flawless and BY15 - AMS Pro-Grade is also great for female gamers who like the Golden color. The Sword Dance is also a great emote that offers a feeling of Kendo in the game. For Battle Royal Players, the Wingsuit - Dynastic Gold, Tank - Dynastic Gold, and Backpack - Dynastic Gold are also great for Golden color lovers.

Remember that all the LongQuan Sword Lucky Draw items are suited for female skins in COD Mobile, especially the Darkheart Sword.

Probability of Getting Rewards from LongQuan Sword Lucky Draw in COD Mobile:

The default probability or chances of getting a specific reward on first spin from the LongQuan Sword Lucky Draw are:

Rewards Probability
Darkheart Sword 0.08%
CBR4 - Flawless 1.25%
BY15 - AMS Pro-Grade 4.00%
Darkheart Calling Card 4.67%
Sword Dance Emote 5.50%
Backpack - Dynastic Gold 6.50%
Wingsuit - Dynastic Gold 10.00%
Tank - Dynastic Gold 11.00%
Darkheart Charm 28.00%
Dynastic Gold Sticker 29.00%

LongQuan Sword Lucky Draw Cost:

Here’s the Glass Slipper Lucky Draw CP Cost:

  1. 1st Draw: 10 CP.

  2. 2nd Draw: 30 CP.

  3. 3rd Draw: 50 CP.

  4. 4th Draw: 120 CP.

  5. 5th Draw: 200 CP.

  6. 6th Draw: 320 CP.

  7. 7th Draw: 520 CP.

  8. 8th Draw: 960 CP.

  9. 9th Draw: 1300 CP. 

  10. 10th Draw: 2300 CP.

Total Cost of LongQuan Sword Lucky Draw: 5,810 CP.

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