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Madden 23: Best Defensive Line X-Factors

If the defensive coordinators are unable to attack the quarterback or stop the run, they will have a tough day. Thankfully, Madden 23 gives players access to Superstar X-Factor skills that can improve the efficiency of the defensive tackles with ends on your squad. The defensive linemen’s Superstar X-Factors for Madden 23 are listed below. You may use the connected players from each X-Factor as targets in MUT and Franchise.

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Unstoppable Force

Pressure on the quarterback may be difficult to apply if the offensive line is strong. A receiver has a higher likelihood of finding free space the longer the quarterback is in the pocket. A strong pass rush is essential to a strong defence, and a weak one can often result in third-down conversions going your opponent's way. The Unstoppable Force X-Factor raises a defender's one-on-one pass rush victory rate. To achieve the greatest outcomes, place a player inside the zone on the offensive line's weak side. As a result, blocks will shed more quickly, opening up the pocket and putting pressure on the other team's quarterback. Two defensive line sacks set off Unstoppable Force, which is lost when ten offensive yards are gained.


The defence as a whole can benefit from the play of some defensive players. Consider Aaron Donald, Troy Polamalu, or Ray Lewis. Simply by virtue of their presence on the field as well as the extra attention they demand, players of their height frighten opposing offences. They will frequently be double-teamed as well, which weakens the offensive line as a whole in other areas. For all on-field blockers, The Blitz X-Factor fully eliminates resistance bars. A resistance bar, which functions as a kind of power metre during the game depending on individual blocking success, accumulates over time. The zone only will last for one down, but if used strategically, it may change the course of a game. Later in the game, defensive lines typically perform less well, therefore the Blitz X-Factor might be helpful. Obtaining two defensive line sacks sets it off.

Madden NFL 23 Dak Prescot


Just becoming a free runner with a chance to sack a quarterback while applying pressure is not always necessary. Many quarterbacks are under enough strain just from the idea of the pocket collapsing. A quarterback's sense of urgency will rise as you drive an offensive lineman into the backfield; this might result in inaccurate throws since the quarterback is afraid of getting sacked. While interacting with a blocker, the Fearmonger X-Factor enhances the likelihood of pressing hard towards the quarterback. Defensive ends are the best players to get it since quarterbacks will go to the outside of the pocket if they sense excessive pressure up the middle, making it a useful talent to assign to defensive tackles. Fearmonger becomes active after two defensive line sacks and becomes inactive when 20 offensive yards are allowed.

Momentum Shift

Once an offence gets into a groove and is operating at a high level, it might be challenging to stop them. Confidence and knowledge of what works cannot always be overcome by altering defensive strategies and coverages. In Madden, the offence will probably start putting guys in X-Factor zones to strengthen their advantage, which will make things worse. The opponent's on-field zone progress is erased by the Momentum Shift X-Factor. This also holds true for adversaries who are presently in the zone. For example, you could be forced to play with a quarterback who already has turned on Bazooka and is systematically murdering your secondary with long throws. By forcing them out of the zone, you may thwart your opponent's strategy and give your team some momentum. Two defensive line sacks are required to activate the power, and it expires after one down is completed.


Everyone in the NFL is a physical beast, especially around the line of scrimmage. Using brute force is not always effective. A superb pass rusher combines power with finesse and swim manoeuvres. You waste a pass rush point which thus regenerates over time each time you use one of these rush moves. Pass rush moves won't cost points while a defender with the Relentless X-Factor is in the zone. Use this to your advantage by user-controlling your player in the zone & rushing the offensive line till you lose your ability by enabling the adversary to gain 20 yards.

Madden NFL 23 Maxx Crosby


The shutdown is the Superstar X-Factor Ability that outperforms all others; "Shutdown" defenders have the ability to eliminate receivers from the game. Their coverage becomes tighter as they approach the zone, and disputed receptions result in more interceptions. We found that our CBs have been more difficult for receivers including Tyreek HillDeAndre Hopkins, etc. to defeat since we assigned Shutdown to them.


With the best X-Factors at your disposal, you may now give players an additional advantage there at the line of scrimmage. Although defensive ends are frequently more athletic than defensive tackles, they perform many of the same duties. Based on a player's position and talent level, Madden 23 will assign X-Factor skills.

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