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Madden 23 Best Playbooks for Running Quarterbacks

Madden 23 is the title of the most recent game in the well-known Madden NFL video game series. Numerous customization options are available in the game, including a manual that may be modified to fit your play preferences. you make, and you lose the game. Football fans have long regarded it as a favourite, and the most recent upgrade just makes it better. The game has gotten a number of intriguing updates this year, including a new strategy and handbook. If you are a running quarterback, you will be pleased to know that Madden 23 offers some of the best playbooks for running quarterbacks. In this article, we will go over some of the best playbooks for running quarterbacks in Madden 23.

West Coast Offensive playbook

The West Coast Offensive playbook will be examined first. This playbook, which includes a number of running plays built for quarterbacks with mobility, is one of the most well-known in the game. Including single-back, I-formation, and shotgun formations, it has a broad range of plays that may be utilised. For rushing quarterbacks who enjoy utilising their agility and capacity for yardage scrambling, the West Coast Offensive playbook is ideal. The Stretch Run, Zone Read Option, and Power Read Option are a few of the top rushing plays in this playbook.

Spread Offensive playbook

Another great playbook for running quarterbacks is the Spread Offensive playbook. A midfielder with a powerful arm and a lot of mobility works in ideally with the Spread Attack approach. This playbook emphasizes using the midfielder's feet and wide portions of the field to gain yards. There are many different games included, such as shotgun spread option, handgun spread area reading, and shotgun spread power reading. These contests are designed to put defences to the test and provide a chance to significantly improve one's position on the field.

Madden 23 Spread Offensive playbook

The Run and Shoot playbook

If you are a running quarterback, there are several playbooks to choose from in Madden 23. One option is the Run and Shoot playbook. which has plenty of games that allow you to use your feet to win. There is also a variety of games that stretch defenses and make running easier. The optional Shotgun is one of the greatest running games in this book. Run, Shoot and Sling Shotgun Run, Shoot Power Read, Read Run Shoot Zone.

If you prefer a classic approach to ball racing, the I-Formation playbook might be the thing for you. It has a lot of games that use I-form like I-Formation Power Run, I-Formation Counter, and I-Formation Read Draw. This playbook is ideal for midfielders who enjoy penetrating defences with their size and strength. Running Qb who want to use their strength and stature to break through defenses will love the I-Formation guidebook. 

Pistol Formation playbook

The playbook for the pistol formation is another excellent choice for an effective running quarterback. Gun training games like Gun Zone Play, Gun Power Play, and Gun Options are included in this playbook. Combining the pistol and the conventional I-formation, the pistol formation gives the midfielder more choices while advancing the ball.

Wildcat Formation playbook

Last but not least, Running Quarterbacks who prefer to run the ball in an uncommon manner should use the Wildcat Formation playbook. The Wildcat Option, Wildcat Power Read and Wildcat Zone Read are just a few of the plays in this playbook that make advantage of our wildcat formation. The quarterback can take snapshot directly from centre in the wildcat configuration by allowing him the option to either run or pass the ball.

Pistol Spread

The Pistol Spread is the first playbook that is worthwhile of examination. Running quarterbacks will benefit from this playbook since it enables you to stretch the field out and give you lots of room to manoeuvre. As the play calls are made with the intention of getting the ball out of the quarterback's hands quickly, it also empowers you to make quick judgements. This playbook is ideal for running quarterbacks who wish to capitalise on their capacity for rapid judgement and disorient the defence.

Shotgun Spread

The next playbook that is worth considering is the Shotgun Spread. The Shotgun Spread is the next playbook to think about. Running quarterbacks who want to open up the field and use their agility will love this playbook. The plays in this playbook are intended to take use of the quarterback's running skills while still giving him a good number of alternatives in the throwing game. Running quarterbacks who wants to access their speed and agility should use this playbook.

Pistol Bunch

The Pistol Bunch playbook will be used next. For Running Qb who want to exploit their speed and agility in the passing game, this playbook is perfect. The plays in this playbook are created to provide the quarterback with a variety of passing options while also by using their running skills. This playbook is ideal for Running Quarterbacks who want to increase their speed and agility.

Madden 23 Pistol Spread

The Shotgun Trips

The Shotgun Trips playbook was the last one that we are going to be evaluate. This playbook is perfect for fast quarterbacks looking to expand the field and capitalize on their agility. The plays in this playbook are designed to give quarterbacks a variety of pitching opportunities while leveraging their running skills. This playbook is ideal for running quarterbacks looking to maximize speed and agility. 

A Read option is a style of play that gives the quarterback the option of passing the ball to the running back or holding it and running it himself. This style of play is great for running quarterbacks as it allows them to take advantage of their mobility and speed. On Madden 23, the best playbook for running a quarterback trying to Read Option is the Option Run playbook. This playbook contains several plays with read options such as zone reads, power reads and triple options.

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Some other custom best playbooks for running QB

Arizona Cardinals (NFC West) - With Kyler Murray at the helm, Arizona's playbook has a plethora of boot his plays and option plays that maximize on the team's speed and agility. Most of the optional games are available in pistol and shotgun forms, including read options (Pistol, Full Panther) and Power Read (Shotgun, Spread Y Flex). These moves enable Him to make the most of his 92-mph speed and add additional threat to his game activity.

Baltimore Ravens (AFC North) - Lamar Jackson's dynamic playstyle is highlighted in this playbook. The pistol and shotgun pack has Jackson's many read option plays, and the other set has a play action boot that can run and dodge defenders. Notable moves like Read Option Wk (Pistol, Bunch), F Read Option (Pistol, Weak I Wing), and Read Option (Pistol, Weak I Slot Open) take money away from defenders.

Buffalo Bills (AFC East) – Josh Allen is a championship-minded quarterback who can hit every shot and use his feet for time and yardage. The PA Sprint HB Flat (I Form, Tight) is a play-action boot that rolls Allen to the right, and the Read Options (Shotgun, Bunch) are typical read options. The Y read option (shotgun, Y off trip WK) should give you room to run by pulling some of your defence off centre with three wideouts. 

San Francisco 49ers (NFC West) - The San Francisco Playbook features several plays that may be used to move Trey Lance now that he is the new starter. Both read option games (pistol, strong slot, and shotgun, tray open) are Elijah Mitchell's or Lance's, and they are both common boot games that provide inexperienced QBs an easy short pass. The 49ers have a strong offence so I'm able to run with assurance.

Philadelphia Eagles (NFC East) – Philadelphia has a long history of kick-legged quarterbacks, trailing Jaylen Hurts. The quarterback has a speed of 87 and running like Read options (shotgun, double offset), QB draw (shotgun, empty bases), PA boot slide (single back, bunch), some to show his skill. There is a play of Whether he hands the ball to Miles Sanders or keeps possession himself, injuries will pose a threat to defence.

Whatever kind of quarterback you are, Madden 23 will undoubtedly have a playbook that matches you're playing style. There has never been a better moment to be a running quarterback thanks to the new playbooks. There is likely to be a playbook that matches your approach, whether you're searching for one that will exploit your agility or stretch the field out. You cannot go wrong with any of the playbooks listed above if you're seeking for the finest playbooks for Running Quarterbacks in Madden 23.

It is critical to comprehend each play in detail in addition to selecting the appropriate playbook. This involves being aware of the various blocking responsibilities for each play as well as the quarterback's potential alternatives. You may maximise your sprinting skills and lead your team to victory by taking the time to thoroughly understand each play.


Madden 23 has several playbooks ideal for running quarterbacks, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. When choosing a playbook, consider your playstyle and your team's strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you're a fast and agile quarterback, the West Coast Offensive or Spread Offensive playbooks might be best for you. If you want to use your size and strength to break through defenses, the I Formation Playbook might be a better fit for you.

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