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Madden NFL 23 Best Playbooks for Simulation

Some Madden players prefer to build their own squad and then simulate how it performs rather than really playing the sport of football. Therefore, some people only like playing Madden 23 during the offseason, which includes signings, the NFL Draft, trades, as well as other events. You may build your club from the rosters that are already on the field rather than starting with a fantasy draught. The clubs with the greatest playbooks for Madden 23 from the regular season through the offseason are shown below. Following a brief experiment, there will also be a little advice on picking a team for the simulation.

The major team playbooks for Madden 23 for simulation are shown below. This list is based on a few assumptions:

  • First, it is anticipated that you would simulate the first season from the beginning to the end. 

  • Second, it is presumed that you will shape the team's members in accordance with its philosophy.

The assumption is that you will continue to simulate seasons and "play" the off-season.

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore constituted one of the randomly selected teams in the experiment's midsection. In three out of the five simulated seasons, they reached the playoffs, but they each ended in the Wild Card round. Still, Jackson is the key actor in this situation. The season should only see the quarterback's rating rise due to his exceptional talent. Few quarterbacks, if any, are capable of both passing and rushing like him. Jackson is supported by the offense’s top tight end Mark Andrews as well as halfback J.K. Dobbins, as well as a number of read-option plays that make good use of Jackson's legs. Featuring corners Marlon Humphrey with Marcus Peters, linemen Michal Pierce with Calais Campbell , and a safe place with Marcus Williams, the defense is strong, as is customary for Baltimore.

Madden NFL 23 Baltimore Ravens

Buffalo Hills

Similar to Baltimore, Josh Allen's arms and legs are crucial to Buffalo's success. You can understand why Buffalo only suffered one losing season out of the 5 simulations when you add this to their defense, which only got stronger with the signing of Von Miller. Stefon Diggs, who really can easily outrun any defensive backs with a 92 Speed, is Allen's primary target. Additionally, he possesses receiver Gabe Davis, halfback Devin Singletary, and tight end Dawson Knox (all with 83 OVR). Tre'Davious White & Taron Johnson are the Bills' cornerbacks, along with Miller and Ed Oliver upfront. Tremaine Edmunds with Matt Milano are the team's linebackers.

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers continues to be one of the best quarterbacks to ever throw the pigskin, despite his off-field behavior. His potential is sufficient to survive the loss of 99 Club receiver Davante Adams. Not that the receiving corps is excellent—far from it. Sammy Watkins, Randall Cobb, as well as Allen Lazard are the top three receivers in Madden 23. Robert Tonyan  & Marcedes Lewis, two tight ends, surround the primary receivers. With players like Jaire Alexander, Adrian Amos, Rashan Gary, and Kenny Clark in the front seven, Rodgers is supported defensively. The Packers did, however, have one of the Super Bowl-winning campaigns and three seasons with 15 wins in the simulations, mostly because of Rodgers.

Kansas City Chiefs

The only team mentioned that did not participate in the study was Kansas City. After seeing the data, Kansas City was selected because they had two elite players on the exact same side of the ball in tight end Travis Kelce and quarterback Patrick Mahomes. In his third year, halfback Clyde Edwards-Helaire hopes to improve and could make progress while practicing. Although the receiving corps isn't as fearsome as it once was, their performance will improve because of Mahomes' throwing. They consist of Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Mecole Hardman, with JuJu Smith-Schuster. Chris Jones, a tackle, leads the defensive line together with Carlos Dunlap II and Frank Clark. L'Jarius Sneed and Justin Reid are the leaders in the secondary.

Madden NFL 23 Kansas City Chiefs

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia team is an intriguing one. For quarterback Jalen Hurts, many believe 2017 to be a make-or-break season—or, if you're feeling positive, a breakout season (74 OVR). If the simulations from Madden are any indication, the third-year athlete may have significant progress. Hurts will have more time since the Eagles at minimum have a strong tackle in Lane Johnson to guide the offensive line. Despite the assistance of running back Miles Sanders, receivers A.J. Brown & DeVonta Smith will be Hurts' primary targets. Dallas Goedert, a tight end, is also available for catches. James Bradberry IV and Darius Slay, Jr. (both 92 OVR) are the defensive and secondary leaders. Haason Reddick, Brandon Graham, Josh Sweat, as well as Anthony Harris complete the defense. Fletcher Cox and Javon Hargrave clog the middle.

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Consider the Following before Simulating!

Establish a Scheme for your team

Set your team's strategy from the franchise home screen as your initial action. You have the option to change your playbooks, offensive and defensive, or to keep them set to their defaults. You can see how your present staff aligns with your strategy on the left side of the screen, along with the scheme fit % in the upper right. Naturally, the fit is better the greater the percentage. When playing simulated games, your squad will perform at its peak if you choose the appropriate plan. This is an important step that is simple to miss.

Have goals in mind

While you are simulating, the season goals may not directly influence you, but they may increase the number of staff points you have available for off-season enhancements (more below). There are four objectives you may choose from:

  • Having 4 victories

  • Having 7 victories

  • Make it to the playoffs

  • Win the Super Bowl

Remember that only 5 Super Bowls were played, and only two of them were won by the five top teams according to the overall rating, so proceed with caution. The aggressive objectives have a bigger likelihood of you getting fired if you don't achieve them than the other two, therefore caution is advised.

Utilize Upgrade Points

You should begin with a few improvement points that you may spend on your staff, regardless of the team. A few coaches will have sufficient points for more upgrades than you, even if you only have enough for one. Every coach has a skill tree with a set of points required to unlock various perks and abilities. There are separate ones for the player personnel, defensive and offensive coordinators, and the head coach. Most of this will occur in the summer because you'll be simulating during the season, although doing everything you can here improve your percentages, even if it's only a little. Before the start of the season, you may also appoint and fire coaches from the franchise staff area. Just be mindful of your spending.

Madden NFL 23 Offensive Playbook

Make use of the Free Agent Market

Some teams only have a few minor upgrades to genuinely set them apart from the competition. An elite and explosive receiver can just help the offense if you use Kansas City or Green Bay as examples.

In light of this, you want to research the free agent market whenever you launch your franchise. Any receiving corps would benefit from having Odell Beckham Jr., especially one that is essentially commanded by Mahomes or Rodgers. There are many others as well, so upgrading with (often) affordable one-year contracts could be more advantageous than trading draught selections for players.

Find a Good Defense whenever in doubt

The finest teams combine a dynamic attack with a resolute defense. To make up for any offensive shortcomings, your club of choice should ideally have a strong defense. Because of their capacity to stop points from being scored, teams with strong defenses will do well in simulation. When it is usual for teams to score 40 or more points while simulating, it is also typical for teams to score seven or fewer points against strong defenses.


To sum up, simulating is never an acquired skill even though you may stack the deck in your favor. We've come to the end of our list of the best Madden NFL 23 playbooks for simulation, and you now have all the information you need to replicate your franchise's seasons and play the games that matter to you.

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