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Madden NFL 23 Best QB Build for Face of the Franchise

One of the most alluring features of sports video games is the ability to virtually live out your ambitions of becoming a professional player. The ideal Madden 23 quarterback Face of the Franchise build may be seen here. The optimal builds for something like a pocket passer as well as a rushing quarterback will also be covered.

Build Overview

The following are the essential qualities needed to create the finest quarterback in Madden 23:

  • QB as position

  • 6' 2" tall

  • 215 lbs of weight

  • Balanced Physique

  • Pocket Presence, Throw accuracy, and throw on the run should be prioritized skills.

  • X-Factor: Run & Gun 

  • 71 Total Skill Points up to the max 

  • Gift-Wrapped, Red Zone Deadeye, and Increase Throw Power are superstar skills

Strengths and Weaknesses

The top quarterbacks in the current age prioritize passing while still being mobile enough to avoid sacks and prolong plays. For the ball to move down the field and hit its intended destination, your player must possess the highest accuracy as well as strength ratings possible. The one obvious flaw at quarterback is Hit Power, but as quarterbacks frequently avoid making contact with defenders, this flaw is inconsequential. As the quarterback is the one who makes all of the in-game choices, playing this position also provides you greater influence over the offensive.

Madden NFL 23 Guide


Balanced quarterbacks are capable of doing a variety of tasks. They are stronger at making plays than managing the game, but they don't pass for 300 yards for every 100 rushing yards. They can put tremendous zip on the ball, move very quickly, and occasionally break one or two tackles. The Truck and Spin Bronze benefits of the Balanced physique are available. These two advantages make use of the physique's harmony of speed and power.

Build Skills

Skill groupings that reflect one or more distinct abilities are used in the Face of the Franchise mode. Combined short, mid, and deep throw accuracies make up throw accuracy. Each individual talent contained in the group is improved when the skill group is upgraded. Depending on the physical attributes of the current player, the starting skill rating will alter.

Players may be improved to level 99, but individual skill ratings can only go as high as the player's present physique. Goal fulfillment, in-game challenges, and side activities all award skill points. By highlighting more skill points, you may preview changes to overall ratings, which will allow you to upgrade your player according to your playstyle as well as player type. The option to refresh all talents and abilities is also available.

Superstar Abilities and X-Factors

As the game levels up, abilities become available to use. Only the Yard mode supports the Yard ability. The skills that a quarterback may unlock are listed below.

  • X-Factors are unlocked at 2nd Level: Truzz, Bazooka, Run & Gun

  • Abilities 1 is unlocked at 5th Level: Inside Deadeye, Red Zone Deadeye, Sideline Deadeye

  • Abilities 2 are unlocked at 10th Level: Gift-Wrapped, Gunslinger, Pass Lead Elite

  • Abilities 3 are unlocked at the 15th Level: Speed, Strength, Throw Power

  • The Yard is unlocked at the 20th Level: Catching, Coverage, Press (increases your ratings up to 84)

  • 99 Club are unlocked at 30th Level: Medium Throw Accuracy, Short Throw Accuracy, Deep Throw Accuracy (+4 points)

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Best abilities to be equipped

Run & Gun

Perfect passing is possible while using Run & Gun. Due to the fact that traditional quarterbacks are average in all areas, this X-Factor is excellent for helping them improve their ability to make plays.

Redzone Deadeye

Redzone When passing in the red zone, Deadeye provides your quarterback with flawless ball accuracy. Since this build type isn't going to attempt many shots downfield nor race any player to the pylon, taking advantage of Redzone chances will be crucial.

Gift Wrapped

Gift-Wrapped is excellent for a traditional build since it increases the player's likelihood of successfully completing passes to unguarded targets. You must seize opportunities when the defender commits an error.

Throw Power

Your player's Throw Power rating goes up by five points when they use Throw Power. The maximum grade for a balanced body will rise to 98 as a result.


The Balanced Physique benefits the most from the Catching rating rise. When set up as a defensive back or receiver, the build's speed and power complement each other.

Medium Throw Accuracy

The accuracy of the medium throw is raised by four points. The typical construct is designed to exploit man coverage and look for gaps in zone coverage. Since intermediate passing is really the backbone of the build, this is the type's finest talent.

Madden NFL 23  Builds

Pocket Passer Abilites


Bazooka extends the maximum throw by more than 15 yards. Pocket quarterbacks use their arms instead of just their legs to execute plays. This will compensate for the immobility.

Inside Deadeye

Throws within the numbers have flawless pass accuracy thanks to Inside Deadeye. Whenever their outside reads just aren't available, pocket quarterbacks like to dump the ball off to tight ends as well as running backs after scanning the whole field.


On bullet passes, the gunslinger quickens throwing animations and boosts velocity. Keeping the ball out quickly may be the only option to save a sack when you are in difficulties and are unable to flee on foot.


Your quarterback's strength goes up by 5 points, which helps him overcome tackles within the backfield and marginally improves his passing accuracy.


Pocket Passer benefits greatly from the Press rating bump. When positioned as a defensive back or even linebacker in The Yard, the Bruiser Physique offers a strength advantage.

Deep Throw Accuracy

The accuracy of deep throws rose by four points. A genuine pocket passer throws deep rather than just expecting plays to fail in order to advance the ball downfield.

Running Abilities


Through a tackle, Truzz stops fumbles. When they get struck on the runs, running quarterbacks are infamous for fumbling. For this construction, this is an obvious choice.

Sideline Deadeye

Throws well outside numbers have perfect pass accuracy thanks to Sideline deadeye. The majority of the time, running quarterbacks would scramble laterally, making inside passes cross-body and far less accurate. In search of an open receiver, they frequently scan the field and the sidelines.

Pass Lead Elite

Whenever a leading bullet passes, the Pass Lead Elite upgrade boosts throw power. Less accurate passes and throws behind of receiver might result from stumbling in the backfield. You'll have the additional bit of zip you require to get the ball into a receiver's hands with the help of this skill.

Speed Rating

Five points were added to the speed ranking. Outside of passing, a running quarterback's finest attribute is speed.


A running quarterback's athletic build is complemented by the increase in Coverage ratings. This build is excellent for coverage in The Yard due to its speed and elusiveness advantages. Finding a player to catch pace is essential in the fast-paced game style of The Yard.

Short Throw Accuracy

The accuracy of the short throw is improved by four points. A fumbling quarterback searches downfield as plays go apart, but underneath throws come through when everything else fails. To expand drives, this is a fantastic addition to the build.

Madden NFL 23 Gameplay

Try Tuning the settings

Most modern quarterbacks fit within the category of conventional quarterbacks. Pocket passers were once thought to be the norm, but mobility has begun to drive them out of the league. Although running quarterbacks are becoming more and more common, it is still true that their careers are shorter and that, if they don't have a strong arm, they typically won't advance a team very far. The positions are the simplest to learn if you have a standard build. As the season progresses, experiment with different combinations of your quarterback's traits to fit your play style.


With this, we reach the end of our guide on Madden NFL 23 Best QB Build for Face of the Franchise. After going through this above-given guide, you can prove to be more efficient when it comes to quarterbacks.

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