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Madden NFL 23 Best WR Build for Face of the Franchise

The fact that the current NFL is indeed a passing league cannot be emphasized enough. Nowadays, wide receivers and quarterbacks are the main targets for any offense. To stay up, most sides have at least 2 different reliable receiving options. Madden 23 offers a wide range of choices for customizing the player to match your individual playing style.

Build Overview

  • Size and Weight: 5'10" and 180 lbs.

  • Body Type: Agile

  • Pocket Presence, Route Running, and throw on the run should be prioritized skills.

  • X-factor: Mossed

  • Red Zone Threat, Deep Out Elite, and Speed are all superstar abilities.

Strengths & Weaknesses of a Wide Receiver

The simplest approach to widening out a defense is to have an excellent deep-threat receiver on the offense. Man-to-man defenses of all kinds will lose their effectiveness, opening up the rushing game and underneath throws. Deep-threat receivers may easily grab difficult throws. The main drawback is that strength typically suffers because speed generally comes from a shorter person. This build is not great for passes in the midst of the game.


The quickest and best wide receivers have agile physes. They can dash past everyone because of their lighter weight and smaller size, but don't count on them to break many tackles because they tend to trip up quickly. A great way to combat it is with elusiveness along with the capacity to make amazing athletic catches. Wideouts alongside Agile Physiques might be easy targets, but these are quite challenging to contain.

Build Skills for a Wide Receiver

Skill groupings that reflect a minimum of one distinct ability are used in the Face of the Franchise mode. Each individual talent contained in this group is improved when the skill group is upgraded. Depending on the physical attributes of the current player, the starting skill rating will alter.

Players may be improved to level 99, but individual skill ratings can only go as high as the player's present physique. Goal fulfillment, in-game challenges, & side activities all award skill points. Depending on your playstyle as well as player type, upgrade your player. By highlighting extra skill points, players may get a sneak peek at how ratings will alter overall.

Maximum skill points for Catch are 15.

  • Maximum skill rating is 95

Maximum skill points for Catch in Traffic are 15.

  • Maximum skill rating is 91

Maximum skill points for Spectacular Catch are 15.

  • Maximum skill rating is 95

Maximum skill points for Route Running are 9.

  • Maximum skill rating is 95

Maximum skill points for Elusive Running are 9.

  • Maximum skill rating is 90

Maximum skill points for Power Running are 9.

  • Maximum skill rating is 72

Abilities of a Wide Receiver

NFL 23 abilities of wide receiver

As the game levels up, abilities become available to use. Only the Yard supports theYard ability. All of the unlockable abilities are listed here.

  • X-Factors: YAC 'Em Up, RAC 'Em Up, and Mossed (unlocked at level 2).

  • At level 5, you can acquire Abilities 1: Deep In Elite, Mid In Elite, as well as Deep Out Elite

  • Grab-N-Go, Red Zone Threat and Slot-O-Matic are Abilities 2 that can be unlocked at level 10. 

  • Jump, Strength, and Speed are Abilities 3 that can be obtained at level 15.

  • The Yard (Level 20 to unlock): Tackle, Pass Precision, and Throw Strength (increases the ratings up to 84)

  • Catch in Traffic, Spectacular Catch, and Catching (+4 points) in the 99 Club (unlocks at the 30th level)

To quickly unlock all of the game's collectibles, buy additional Madden 23 Coins to use as in-game currency.

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‘Mossed’ under X-Factor

Mossed almost ensures success during aggressive receptions of above 55 yards. The finest deep threat in NFL history, Randy Moss, is honored by having this skill bear his name. It is an obvious addition to the build.

Deep out Elite under Ability 1

A player's ability to catch long passes that are well outside the numbers is improved by Deep Out Elite. Instead of being thrown in the center of the field, deep passes are typically delivered along the sidelines. A deep-threat receiver's main source of success comes from catching fly-and-go routes.

Red Zone Threat under Ability 2

Red Zone Threat enhances catching in the red-zone versus single coverage. Despite the shorter field, defenders will probably use man coverage to thwart underneath throws and runs. The deep-threat receiver will have a significant speed advantage in one coverage as a result.

Jump under Ability 3

Jump adds five points to your player's rating. In jump ball scenarios, this one will grant your WR extra acrobatic lift.

Pass Accuracy under Yard

When using an Agile Physique, the Pass Accuracy rating rise is perfect. When set up as either a defensive or a quarterback, the build's quickness, and athleticism complement one another.

Spectacular Catch Under 99 Club

A player can try to highlight catches and boosts their likelihood of success by using the Spectacular Catch. For deep-threat receivers on 50/50 balls, this is ideal.

Possession Abilities for a WR

Rac 'Em Up under X-Factor

The likelihood of receiving the ball in motion while facing single coverage improves with the RAC 'Em Up ability. Possession receivers make compensate for their lack of breakthrough speed with excellent hands and route-running skills.

Elite In-Depth Under Ability 1

A player's ability to catch deep passes within the numbers is improved by Deep In Elite. Routes in the center of the field are frequently run by possession receivers. The greatest plays to utilize this talent are post and in routes.

Slot-O-Matic under Ability 2

Better cutting and catches on brief slot paths are made possible by Slot-O-Matic. While possession players spend a significant portion of their time in the slot, deep-threat receivers are typically lined up outside. The innate skill-set of this type is improved by this ability. When used in conjunction alongside Deep In Elite, players have improved skills in each field zone.

Quickness under Ability 3

Your player's Speed rating goes up by 5 points when they speed. This will provide even greater defense separation following the initial motion and more yards only after the catch.

Yard under Throw Power

The strength of a Balanced Physique is simply mediocre. Strength is increased by this power to 84. When lining up as the quarterback when playing yard mode, this will assist.

Catch In Traffic under 99 Club

Receivers of possession are renowned for having excellent hands and being unafraid of crowds. With this talent, you may raise the skill rating of your wide receiver to a max of 97. This kind of receiver and this situation are a perfect match.

Tight End Wide Reciever Abilities

NFL 23 Tight End Wide Reciever Abilities

Yac 'Em Up under X-Factor

The likelihood of breaking the initial post-catch tackle is increased by this Yac 'Em Up skill. Tight ends have a lot of sizes but aren't often the quickest athletes present on the field. This skill makes use of the Bruiser Physique's size.

Mid In Elite under Ability 1

Tight ends don't frequently serve as the primary receivers & don't always run similar kinds of routes as the wide receivers. Catching any medium passes within the numbers is improved by Mid In Elite. This area of the field is where a tight end runs the majority of his routes.

Grab-N-Go under Ability 2

Tight ends frequently run return and curl routes before stopping to collect a pass. By enabling speedier turning and changing of direction following a RAC capture, Grab-N-Go is advantageous in these circumstances.

Strength rating under Ability 3

This results in a five-point improvement in your player's Strength rating. Big lads, tight ends frequently have to battle enormous opponents at the scrimmage line. They may roll off defenders as well as enter their route more easily if their strength is increased.

Tackle under Yard

For the Bruiser Physique, increasing Tackle as well as Hit Power up to 84 seems to be the ideal complement to the Yard. They have a tendency to overwhelm opponents due to their size.

Catching under 99 Club

Despite being used to a greater extent as receivers, tight ends have other responsibilities as well. A 4 pt rating increase in that area is provided by this skill

The most dynamic wide receivers throughout football are deep-threat players. They make amazing catches and have the power to completely change the course of an opposing defense's strategy. Receivers of the ball in possession also contribute because of their dependability and skill. Because of the dual threat as either a blocker or receiver, tight ends may function nearly as a hidden weapon. Use the criteria listed above to create a wide receiver who complements your style of play and optimizes their physical attributes.

Resetting Abilities and Skill Points

Within the upgrade player screen, skill points, along with abilities, as well as abilities may be freely reset. Check the lower left corner of your screen to determine which button you need to touch to initiate the skill reset because the button varies depending on the platform.


With this we come to conclude our Madden NFL 23 Best WR Build for Face of the Franchise, now you can head out into the game and start building up your Wide Receiver!

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