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Madden NFL 23 Franchise Mode Tips & Tricks

Franchise Mode, like every Madden game since 1999, offers a special way to enjoy some pigskin. You may play as the Head Coach, a Star Player, or the Team Owner, and you can micromanage choices to help your team win. With Franchise Mode in Madden 23, the concept was slightly altered, so we have some advice to help you become comfortable.

Here we cover some Tips and Tricks for the Franchise Mode of Madden NFL 23 which help you in this one-of-a-kind mode by EA.

Game Modes

  • The default Franchise mode is Head Coach. Make deals, draught and call plays, engage in negotiations and scouting endeavors, among other things.

  • Player- You can only command one Player across one Team at a time. The parallels are sufficient despite the few differences between this and Face of the Franchise.

  • Owner - You establish pricing, micromanage feedback, and supervise and coach your staff. The important distinction is that you would have to be an Owner if you ever want to move your employees somewhere else. Unless you're a player or head coach, you won't be allowed to move.

After logging in and choosing a side to represent, you may pick between Staff Builder and Team Builder, which grants boosts to your Team Selection or Staff Selection talent trees, respectively. You can select the one with which you are most at ease.

Madden NFL 23 Franchise Mode

Manage and Upgrade your Staff

The recruiting, firing, and professional development of the coaching staff is another way to enhance your team. Madden 23 allows you to do just that. In franchise mode, you have control over the following four coaching positions: Head CoachOffensive and Defensive Coordinators, as well as Player Personnel. You can also achieve the gameday objectives for each coach to receive bonuses and eventually upgrades. Player contracts & trades are handled by the personnel trees. The more levels your Player Personnel reaches, the more money you'll be able to save on trades, signings, and re-signings.


The Head Coach trees are for staff and player development. The coaches and players will gain greater advantages as you upgrade these trees. The offensive coordinator tree is concerned with maximizing the practice and training outputs of your offensive players and maximizing their potential. It will be possible to equip Superstar X-Factors on your attacking players after upgrading these trees, for example.

Similar to the offensive side, your defensive players are handled by the defensive coordinator trees. You may also give your defensive players access to Superstar X-Factors. There are two skill trees for each coach, for a total of four skill trees. These are player development, staff changes, on-field performance, or player recruitment and retention trees. Work as quickly as you can to max up these skill trees with your selected staff. More and more boons to your squad, the fewer difficulties you’ll have in conquering your adversaries.

Make use of Coach XP

In Madden 23, the franchise mode allows players to enhance their coaching staff by using experience points they have accrued. These vary in what they provide, but a few instances include raising the possibility that specific positions may resign with the team or join via free agency, raising development rates for particular positions, and even boosting ratings that might have an effect on gameday.

Too frequently, players fail to look into the significance of the points that are accumulating at the top of their screens. These factors can significantly contribute to the development of a team and the retention of talent that might otherwise leave.

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Madden 23 Franchise Mode Tips

Choose the right Team!

This aspect will come as no surprise to anyone who is a devoted supporter of a single team. It's crucial to choose a squad that will hold the player's interest because single-player modes in sporting events may get monotonous and complacent if the user isn't invested.

An excellent strategy is to research teams to determine which ones have the star and up-and-coming talent that best appeals to your own likes. It's also OK to sign a contender if the prospect of playing for the Super Bowl each year serves as a deterrent to quitting a run in franchise mode.

Set up Schemes

Schemes are essential to every team's success (or downfall). So whether you go with the existing NFL coach perhaps one you come up with, it is essential to construct around your chosen plan. In Madden 23, one can quickly create strategies and assess how well your team is suited for carrying them out.

By accessing your coach options on the home page, you may modify or amend your schemes. You may then choose one for both offense and defense, along with the playbooks you want. It's ideal to select a playbook that complements the offensive system; after all, a run-heavy playbook wouldn't work well with a typical West Coast offense.

Because most teams should already have a solid scheme fit, you should only modify them under special circumstances. Yes, even most of the rebuilding squads will have terrific scheme fits as long as their athletes match whatever the coach wants.


Professional football doesn't really naturally lend itself to maintaining a winning record year after year as many major league baseball teams do by signing the top free agents each summer. Football success has been shown to start with good drafting, therefore you should instead be a savvy negotiator of contracts and have an eye for young potential. This is valid for Madden 23.

Utilize your scouts to gather comprehensive data on the forthcoming draught class, whether it is downloaded or created automatically. If you know you'll be selecting players around the middle and end of the draft and you truly want one who is expected to go early, work your way up. Use a combination of the greatest player you can find and team needs strategies, and don't forget to consider scheme fit!

Madden 23 Franchise Mode Guide

Learn Scouting

A minor update to the scouting system in Madden 23 expands on the framework they've established in previous iterations. It can be a bit complex and feel like the user isn't doing anything at times, but that could be a false herring. Draft boards may be made or broken by determining which collegiate players to focus on and where to place regional scouts' attention. If the fans have a strong enough interest in college football, using genuine draught classes makes the process a little bit simpler for them because they are more likely to know which players to pursue.

Plan for the Games

In Madden 23, you may game plan against your rival just like in real life. From the main page, you can access your weekly plan, which provides you with a thorough analysis of your forthcoming opponent's strengths, vulnerabilities, and star players. Be careful to check each week to see how well the virtual version of the team is performing, what the favor is, and your best areas of attack. Just because a team behaves a certain way in real life doesn't always imply they'll behave the same way in Madden 23.

Configure Gameplay Settings

The gameplay adjustments that are included in the franchise mode options are something that many Madden gamers overlook. These enable players to modify some game mechanics, including as quarterback accuracy and AI pass-rush.

Playing a game to determine what's functioning and what seems a little over or underperforming in the experience is a solid strategy. Then, once you're back at the franchise mode hub, just find the menu for the gameplay settings and make the necessary slider changes. By doing this, customers will eventually be able to enjoy the most specialized and refined experience possible from their time spent in franchise mode.

Adjust Difficulty

The fact is that gamers should play at whatever delivers the experience they're wanting to have, despite the opinion of a significant portion of the Madden community that All-Madden would be the only difficulty level worth playing at.

Some individuals like a genuine competitive atmosphere, while others just enjoy playing up the points on the computers by scoring several touchdowns. It's crucial to match a good difficulty with the appropriate game duration in terms of minutes, and those who want to get genuine metrics will probably spend the most time determining which combination suits their unique play style and tempo.


Nevertheless, the most dedicated Madden 23 gamers will probably dive headfirst into the constantly evolving franchise mode. It's critical to understand what has to be done to make the most of the mode because it appears to add and change things every year. Like other things, understanding how to use it may provide hours of delight. With this, we come to an end of our Madden NFL 23 Franchise Mode Tips & Tricks, we hope you have learned something about the Franchise Mode which will definitely help you succeed!

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