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Madden NFL 23 Money Plays Guide

Players may take advantage of several money plays in Madden 23. Players have identified many weaknesses in both the defense and the offense since the game's debut.

Offensive Madden Plays

Offensive Madden Plays Madden NFL 23

Z Spot-Gun Bunch Offset

Playbooks that come along with this play are:

  • Carolina Panthers

  • Cincinnati Bengals

  • Indianapolis Colts

  • Los Angeles Rams

  • Minnesota Vikings

  • Philadelphia Eagles

A defense is compromised when a slant, a corner, or a flat are used together, allowing the offense to either make gradual field gains or attempt long shots.

Every sort of defense will have trouble stopping your offense with this play since it has a straightforward idea and reads for every type of coverage. Throw the slant if your adversary is in man coverage; the corner if he is in cover 2; and the flat if he is in cover 3 or above. This alignment is excellent against the pass rush and gives the quarterback a little extra time to make the right read.

PA Shot Wheel – Gun Trips TE

Playbooks that come along with this play are:

  • Buffalo Bills

  • Las Vegas Raiders

  • New England Patriots

Since Madden-17, this move has been a staple of Madden competitions. It is currently making a reappearance. You can change the routes to render this an unbeatable play in Madden 23 by making a few changes.

Start by inserting your quickest receiver into the slot, then move him across the field to broaden the field and launch him on a run. Change your far left receiver to an in-route or a drag to design your check-down. Last but not least, in case you need to roll out, have your TE on a delay fade.

The crosser will be wide open as a result of the quickest wide receiver dragging all of the zones mostly on right in this set-up, which causes them to move upfield. This book outperforms Man, Covers 2, 3, and 4. You may always check down or let the delay fade away if the user tries to protect the crossing route, then hit your TE for a huge gain.

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PA Read-Gun Ace Slot

Playbooks that come along with this play are:

  • Balanced

Similar to the last play, the goal of this one is to move the zones up the field so that the TE crosser has an open field. The deep post transforms into a deep corner when the outside receiver motions and the DBs will dive to defend it. This will create a large opening for hitting the crosser. In the scenario that the crosser is defended, it is usually better to schedule check-ups.

Madden NFL 23 PA Read-Gun Ace Slot

Best Offensive Playbooks

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs appear to now own the meta-defensive playbook in Madden 23. In the early stages of the game, the Chiefs' outstanding 33 defense from the Nickel package has been unbeatable. Even 61 inside the 43-package, which even the Chiefs also have, has some strong plays. Players may also take advantage of the Dime Normal, Big Nickel, as well as other packages. Due to how quickly defenders can approach the quarterback, Dime Normal's DB Blitz 1 has been causing havoc thus far.


Non-team playbooks are often the meta whenever it concerns defensive playbooks in Madden. That hasn't changed in Madden 23 this year, as a playbook like 46 is hotly contested as the best playbook on offer. Although the playbook has evolved a little from recent seasons, meta formations like the 33 Nickel, Big Nickel, or 33 Cub Nickel are still there. Once more, 32 Dollar and Dime Normal are both included in this playbook. Along with the rest of the 46- playbook, Dollar has a tonne of formations that are excellent versus the run and the pass.

Multiple D

We're returning to a different non-team defensive playbook, Multiple D. Many Madden gamers, especially those who participate in MUT, love Multiple D. (though non-team playbooks are not available in MUT at the time of writing). Most of the expected formations are present in this defensive playbook. The Dollar, Dime Normal, and Nickel forms are once more in the foreground. Although this year's 34 defenses haven't been the finest, players may still deploy a wide variety of 34 formations thanks to Multiple D.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the team that comes in after the meta playbooks. Given that you haven't seen Nickel formations before, the Buccaneers have a distinctive defensive playbook. The Bucs still receive 33 Cub, but they also have access to the excellent blitzing defenses 245 Odd and 24 Double A-Gap. The 34 Bear and 44 Split are also accessible in Tampa Bay for players who wish to branch out from the Nickel. The Jacksonville Jaguars might potentially be included on this list because they use the same playbook, it should be noted.

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears, a franchise with a strong defensive past, have a strong defensive playbook for Madden 23. The 46 Bear defensive configuration, one of the finest for blitzing the quarterback & stopping the run, is an underappreciated defensive option the Bears have had in their playbook. Even 61 in 43, Big Nickel, as well as an intriguing Dollar package in 32 Mug are among the foundation Nickel defenses worth running in Chicago. The Big Nickel configuration could be the most effective one in this playbook since it has plays that can shut down the majority of offensive formations.

Defensive Madden Plays

Defensive Madden Plays Madden NFL 23

Cover 4 Show 2 – Nickel 3-3 Club

Playbooks that come along with this play are:

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • 46
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Chicago Bears

  • Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Denver Broncos

  • Green Bay Packers

  • Detroit Lions

  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • Las Vegas Raiders
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • Multiple D
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Tennessee Titans
  • New York Giants
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Washington Commanders

Keep this highly effective play from a highly versatile formation in your defensive toolbox. This play is excellent because it provides run defense and one of the greatest types of coverage at the same time. The front seven will begin securing the run as soon as they flash a Cover 2.

Approximately 20 yards from the line of scrimmage, the Quarter Flat zones should provide protection, making it difficult for out-routes as well as corners to form. Similarly, deep blues may be brought closer to the box to aid in the development of short-yardage plays without running the danger of overextending themselves.

Cover 4 Drop – Nickel 3-3 Odd

Playbooks that come along with this play are:

  • Baltimore Ravens

  • Carolina Panthers

  • Las Vegas Raiders

  • Miami Dolphins

  • New England Patriots

  • New York Giants

An imbalance between both the pass rush and also the O-Line is produced by a superb formation called Nickel 3-3 Odd. This move has the potential to become a key component of your defensive strategy with a few straightforward changes.

The OLB playing with Curl Flat has to be blitzed initially. This causes uncertainty along the offensive line since the blocker will initially try to contain before applying pressure, freeing up the linebacker to sack the quarterback.

A Curl Flat is required as the second item in order to seal the edge in the event of an external zone run or to halt the growth of alternative routes.

Str Eagle Slant 3 – Dime 2-3-6 Sam

Playbooks that come along with this play are:

  • 3-4

  • Las Vegas Raiders

  • Miami Dolphins

Str Eagle Slant 3 attempts to mislead the offensive line in such an effort to create pressure, using a similar strategy as the Nickel 3-3-5 Odd.

Because corners are speedier than linebackers, doing this allows the blitz to come in quicker from a heavy DB set. This play provides a good number of guys on the box and virtually immediate pressure.

Best Defensive Playbooks


This playbook contains the Gun Y Off Trips Pats, sometimes known as u-trips. Then a top-three gun trips the tight end with an excellent quick-base run. It also contains all the corner routes and crossers needed to execute a strong attack. For flexible pass-heavy athletes, this playbook is where you create your formations.


The finest offensive strategy in the game could be their gun bunch offset. Great plays like the speed dig, pa read, with mesh post are included in Colt’s playbook. However, it's the finest to play. Check out this book if you're searching for a historically reliable Madden formation to run and like passing.


You run-heavy folks weren't forgotten about either. If you want to manage the clock and slow down the game, the 49ers have unquestionably the finest offensive playbook. Stretch and dive runs are highly successful in these groupings. These runs evolve quickly, which makes them superior to other runs. Madden's other runs have delayed handoffs, giving the defense more time to shed.


The Rams' offensive playbook might be the most comprehensive in the league. They have 15 formations on their single back, including a few strong ones including Y trips, duece close, as well as wing flex close. It still features one of the best gun groups in the game, though. I promised you a present that would change your life in the beginning. Keep reading because this is where the real fun for you begins.


These are the top Madden plays to remember so that you can refine your strategies and excel in every Madden 23 game mode!

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