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New Order Lucky Draw in COD Mobile

The New Order Lucky Draw in COD Mobile offers a Killgore - Dissidence Male Character, Legendary HVK-30 - New Reign weapon, and Fallen Royal skins. It also features Flash Drone - Fallen Royal skin, so this draw is great for those who want a new design for Flash Drone Tactical. Although, HVK-30 is not common in the game, still, the New Reign skin on it is looking great. In this article, I will share my review on New Order Lucky Draw in COD Mobile.

All Items in New Order Lucky Draw in COD Mobile

All Items in New Order Lucky Draw in COD Mobile:

1. Killgore - Dissidence Male Character:

The Killgore - Dissidence is a male legendary character that offers a black dress with a beautiful golden material on it. The face contains a black mask, containing a golden patterns which looks appealing to the skin.

Killgore - Dissidence Male Character in COD Mobile

The Killgore - Dissidence contains a Glass on one eye that gives a Quirky Uniqueness and Vision Correction feel. The character's left side contains a gun, the right side contains a cane, and the left arm contains a white pattern which makes the character more interesting and beautiful.

However, the looks of the Killgore - Dissidence are not extraordinary and are not fulfilling the worth for the CPs you'll spend.

2. HVK-30 - New Reign:

The HVK-30 - New Reign offers a golden design with a Black and Red material. It contains a slight animation of golden spots which looks pretty beautiful. The magazine has a good pattern of golden stripes. The left side of the gun contains colorful medals which further enhances the design language.

HVK-30 - New Reign Legendary Weapon skin in COD Mobile

It has a 0.08% probability of getting HVK-30 - New Reign on the first try. So, you may need to spend a lot of CPs to get these rewards.

HVK-30 is not the most usable weapon in cod mobile, that's why this draw is not for everyone. If you use HVK-30 in the game and satisfied with the design of other items, then you can look at this draw.

3. MX9 - Fallen Royal:

The MX9 is an SMG weapon that works great in close-range enemies or maps like Shipment, Nuketown, and Summit. MX9 - Fallen Royal Skin offers an attractive design with a black body and golden patterns. The barrel side contains a Red material which creates a good combination with an overall design.

MX9 - Fallen Royal SMG weapon skin in COD Mobile

The right side of the gun contains a golden bullet with Red primer, that adds an army feeling. However, it doesn't offer any animation on the skin, but I like its design due to the bullet allocated on the right side.

4. MW11 - Fallen Royal:

The MW11 - Fallen Royal offers a similar design as we see in MX9 - Fallen Royal. It's designed with a Black body, containing golden patterns on it. The Grip is colored Red with a pattern on its borders, which looks pretty great.

Players use the MW11 pistol less number of times, so this skin is not for everyone.

5. Shoot 'Em Sticker:

Shoot 'Em is an animated sticker where the assault weapon hip fires. After three hip fires, the smoke spread from the gun (in a round shape).

6. Revolver Reload Emote:

In this emote, the characters take a Revolver (J358 Pistol) and start reloading it. He adds 5 Bullets one by one in the cylinder, and when the gun is reloaded, he shoots a one-shot. I like the Revolver Reload Emote as it contains the suspense, and doesn't give a bored feeling.

7. Flash Drone - Fallen Royal:

Flash Drone - Fallen Royal camo in COD Mobile

After a long time, we see Flash Drone skin in the Lucky Draw. It is a Tactical equipment that blocks enemy vision by releasing a flash drone. The design of Flash Drone - Fallen Royal is similar to MW11 and MX9 skin in this draw. It offers a Red material on all four wings, that also contains golden patterns.

8. Parachute 2 - Fallen Royal:

Parachute camo plays an important role in Battle Royal matches as it can change your gaming mood. The Fallen Royal offers a black body, containing golden and white patterns. The red color on this Parachute also enhances the overall design.

9. Dissidence Calling Card:

Dissidence Calling Card in COD Mobile

The Dissidence Calling Card features a Killgore character who has taken an HVK-30 weapon. The character is in Crouch's position on the map. It contains fires and blast animation which makes this Calling Card attractive.

10. Antelope A20 - Fallen Royal:

If you're looking for the great and colorful Antelope A20 vehicle for Battle Royal, then this camo may excite you. It features a Red bonnet, Red headlight, Golden Seats, and Golden patterns on the type rims, which makes the combination so beautiful. The body contains a black color with texture and Golden strips and material on it.

Should I Invest CPs in New Order Lucky Draw:

The New Order Lucky Draw is not offering the best items. The Top items such as HVK-30, MX9, MW11, and Flash Drone are not common in the game. Most people avoid using these items in their loadout.

If you use items such as HVK-30, MX9, MW11, and Flash Drone, you should Invest your CPs in this Lucky Draw. Otherwise, No!

The Fallen Royal series offers a good design with a Black body and golden patterns. But, it may be a boring design for some people due to a lack of animations.

The Revolver Reload Emote is unique and interesting, especially the reloading scene.

Probability of Getting Rewards from New Order Lucky Draw in COD Mobile:

Here is the probabilty or chances of getting specific reward on the first spin from the New Order Lucky Draw:

Rewards Probability
1. HVK-30 - New Reign 0.08%
2. Killgore - Dissidence Male Character 1.25%
3. MX9 - Fallen Royal 4.00%
4. MW11 - Fallen Royal 4.67%
5. Shoot 'Em Sticker 5.50%
6. Revolver Reload Emote 6.50%
7. Flash Drone - Fallen Royal 10.00%
8. Parachute 2 - Fallen Royal 11.00%
9. Dissidence Calling Card 28.00%
10. Antelope A20 - Fallen Royal 29.00%

New Order Lucky Draw Cost:

Here’s the CP Cost of New Order Lucky Draw:

  1. 1st Draw: 10 CP.

  2. 2nd Draw: 30 CP.

  3. 3rd Draw: 50 CP.

  4. 4th Draw: 120 CP.

  5. 5th Draw: 200 CP.

  6. 6th Draw: 320 CP.

  7. 7th Draw: 520 CP.

  8. 8th Draw: 960 CP.

  9. 9th Draw: 1300 CP. 

  10. 10th Draw: 2300 CP.

Total Cost of New Order Lucky Draw: 5,810 CP.

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