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The upcoming FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood

Final Fantasy XIV has been around for a few years now, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to join in.In fact,
now is the perfect time with the game’s welcoming attitude towards beginnersand the new Stormblood
expansion arriving on Tuesday,June 20. we expect a large number of users to log in and play. Due to this,
login restrictions may be put in place on highly populated Worlds which may resultin players having difficulty
logging in.In light of this, We begin to take preventive measures in order to ensure players have an enjoyable
experience playing FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood.That will also begin taking steps to encourage an even
distribution of active players across all Worlds.

Suspension of World Transfers to High Population Worlds.

Transfers to the following Worlds have been suspended until their active player populations have stabilized.
·         Gaia

o    Bahamut

·         Mana

o    Chocobo
o    Mandragora
o    Shinryu

·         Aether

o    Balmung
o    Gilgamesh

Suspension of Character Creation on High Population Worlds
·         Gaia

o    Bahamu

·         Mana

o    Chocobo
o    Mandragora
o    Shinryu
o  Aether
o  Balmung
o  Gilgamesh

Increase to Gil Limit for World Transfers

To better accommodate players moving from high population Worlds to low population Worlds, the amount of gil that can be transferred with characters and retainers has been increased as follows (Please note this also applies when transferring to high population

Before   After
1,000,000 gil   10,000,000 gil
Before   After
100,000 gil each   5,000,000 gil each

If players are able to transfer characters without problems after these changes, we will consider removing the gil limit on character transfers.

Addition of EU Data Center Worlds and Improvements to Population Distribution

All Worlds on the EU data center are presently experiencing high levels of player congestion. To resolve this issue, new Worlds will be added at the release of 4.0.
Moreover, players who want to transfer to or create new characters on designated Worlds across all data centers will receive special bonuses as described below.
* Pleased be advised the bonuses planned for implementation are subject to change.


o    Transfers to designated Worlds will be free of charge.

o    EXP bonuses will be applied to designated Worlds (up to level 60).

o    Gil and free play time will be awarded to newly created characters that reach a certain level on designated Worlds.

o     EXP bonuses will be applied to newly established Worlds (up to level 60).

o    Gil and free play time will be awarded to newly created characters that reach a certain level on newly established Worlds.

Final Fantasy XIV ensures that it’s easy to catch up to high-level players, so you can dive into end-game content as soon as possible. The development team releases regular “catch up patches” when new content is relea
sed. This makes it easier for new players to breeze through older raid content so that they can enjoy the latest battles and story developments. You won’t have to worry about spending months grinding before other players move on.
Finally, wish you have a good time
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