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Top 3 Best Elden Ring Builds in 2024 Patch 1.10

Elden Ring builds have always been an integral part of the game, as they allow players to keep moving onward even after finishing the game, and push the boundaries of what a player can make of their character inside the game. Here in this guide, we will be sharing with you the 3 best Elden Ring Builds in 2024 Path 1.10, the latest so far. 

A noteworthy thing to mention is that the builds we are going to mention here are also usable in Elden Ring DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree. So, if you are looking for the Best Builds for Elden Ring DLC, here you have them.

Claymore with Carian Grandeur - Magic Greatsword Build

Claymore with Carian Grandeur - Magic Greatsword Build - Best Build in Elden Ring 2024 1.10 Patch

Claymore is the top pick for every Elden Ring beginner, as this weapon provides exceptional attacking power at the cost of speed. The heavy attacks from Claymore are one of the best.

Furthermore, when the normal attacks aren’t that quick, its poking attacks are fast enough, alongside great range and piercing damage.

The Claymore Build we are going to go for here is the Intelligence Build, having a combination of magic and Claymore itself. The magic we are going to use is the Carian Grandeur infused into the Claymore itself. 

It is an S-tier Ash of War in Elden Ring that conjures a massive Carian Sword on top of the weapon, costing you around 26 FP. There are three charges afterward, and the final one takes a long time but does a burst of damage to the enemies, dealing massive stance damage in return.

The downside here is that you are going to use heavy armor when using the weapons in this build. Also, the animation takes a lot more time than usual here, so speed is a factor to take into account here. 

Most of the players will think that this build doesn’t have that much range, but that is not true. The attacks from Claymore, and also the Carian Grandeur will give much more range to throw enemies at a reasonable distance.

Your job with this build is to break the enemy's stance (poise), charging the Carian Grandeur to its maximum. You can also spam the charged heavy attack because Claymore has one of the best heavy attacks in the game.

One more objection players point out is that the magic doesn’t scale well with the Claymore. This is because of the C scaling with the Intelligence, but that is also false, as it's deceptive. 


    • To boost the Carian Grandeur, you will have to use the Spellblade set, as all the pieces are there to enhance your damage. 

    • The best staff to get started with is the Carian Regal Scepter, but as you progress, change it to the Lusat Glintstone Staff.

    • Put the Axe Talisman for the spam of charged attacks and poise break.

    • Have the Shard of Alexander and Godfrey’s Icon. When you charge the magic spell to its max, you will deal enormous damage. 

    • Magic Scorpion Charm will increase your durability. More hits in return mean more damage, so you have a chance of attacking more.

    • The Graven Mass Talisman will enhance your Spell Damage.


    1. Ranni’s Darkmoon will debuff the enemies to take more magic damage, also adding frost as the damage type.

    2. Zamor Icestorm is the best pair with Darkmoon, as it will proc the frost faster, debuffing the enemies, and making them take more damage.

    3. Glintstone Icecrag is the perfect substitute here, as you can put it instead of Zamor Icestorm, adding ranged magic to your build. 

    4. Night Comet is here as projectile magic, dealing damage over a distance

    5. Magma Shot or Rock Sling for enemies that are resistant to the magic buildup

    6. Terra Magica will create a pool of magic, dealing more damage when inside, pairing with Carian Grandeur pretty well.

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Straight Swords with Warhawk Talon - Dexterity Swords Build

Straight Swords with Warhawk Talon - Dexterity Swords Build

You don’t always have to go for simple attacks in the Elden Ring like light or heavy attacks. The game also rewards those who use combos, and there is nothing better than the Straight Swords here, especially in the Power Stancing Combos.

The maximum damage is dealt with in little time. Jumping attacks and turning them into light attacks are the idealist combos. So, we are going to give you a Build that revolves around Warhawk’s Talon and Longsword Straight Sword in our guide to 3 Best Elden Ring Builds in 2024 Patch 1.10.

If you don’t like the Longsword Straight Swords, you can definitely go with the regular Longswords, because at higher levels, the Longswords are much better with the Dexterity Build. But, there is a reason we are going with the Longsword Straight Swords.

It has more range and has a higher critical score of 110. When you get a backstab onto the enemies, you can just take out the Longsword Straight Sword and it will deal more damage. 

On the other hand, you need the Warhawk Talon, which takes control of the range, and also damage. The heavy attack is the real winner here, as it deals with a unique double-swiping attack, covering range, and dealing massive damage to enemies.

Light attacks have more damage and DPS, and the heavy attack is going to stagger enemies that are immune to your light attack stagger. So, we are covering both the stance and the regular damage here.

That’s why there is no use of the weapon skills here. You are just going to use the Cragblade here with the weapon, enhancing your physical attack and stance damage. 

You can also put the Cragblade in the offhand with the Longsword Straight Sword. You can go with the Braggart’s Roar, which is a weapon buff and doesn’t compare with the Cragblade.

The defense is there, but the reason for putting it into our build would be the faster stamina recovery. Power stance combinational attacks will drain your stamina, and using it will recover that for you.

If you feel that there are no projectiles and shortening the distance on enemies isn’t possible, you can just put the Stormblade on the Warhawk Talon. 


    • Millicent Prosthesis and Rotten Winged Sword Insignia (or regular Sword Insignia) for damage boost.

    • Thorny Cracked Tears.

    • Axe Talisman for charge attack damage boost.

    • Spiked Cracked Tears.

    • Claw Talisman and Raptor’s Feather Chest Piece to boost jumping attack power.

    • Golden Vow with a dagger in the pocket.

    • Seal with Flame Grant me Strength isn’t necessary, but if you need more damage it is a great expansion.

Siluria’s Tree - Strength and Faith Build

Siluria’s Tree - Strength and Faith Build - Best Build in Elden Ring 2024 1.10

It is a Holy Greatspear in the game having exceptionally well light attack combos, and all of them are poking attacks which the PvP players hate most in a game. That is why we are going with this build in our 3 Best Elden Ring Builds in 2024 Patch 1.10.

The Siluria’s Tree also deals a ton of stance damage to enemies with a good range. So, it is an exceptional weapon to have. When you want to deal with horizontal attacks, you use the heavy attacks of this weapon.

When you fully charge the weapon it has a massive projectile that pierces the enemies and has a good range to it. You can either use the weapon with the Strength or with the Faith build. 

You don’t have to care much about spells, but rather the play style and the stats you want to choose. When you pick the Strength Build for Siluria’s Tree Build, it tackles that maximum damage output, which is the best thing to have in Elden Ring.

You can also take the maximum damage out of the Weapon Skill here. But, when you want to take the Faith route with Siluria’s Tree Build, you need to focus more on the spells you are choosing.

So, the spell you can choose when taking the Faith route is Clawmark Seal. If you are having trouble making a decision, you can just go with the 60 Faith and 30 Strength, which is the best split for this build.

Two-handing this weapon will enhance Strength, and you can use the Spells to take that spell damage into account as well. 


    • Shard of Alexander and Godfrey Icon to boost skill damage

    • Carian Filigreed Crest to decrease FP cost

    • Flock’s Canvas Talisman to enhance incantation damage

    • God Slayer Seal for Faith

    • Spells/Incantations

    • Clawmark Seal

    • O Flame for flame weak enemies

    • Ancient Dragon Lightning Strike for lightning-weak enemies

    • Scarlet Aeonia for the single boss fight and Scarlet Rot

Strength Scaling

If you are looking to take the Strength route, you don’t have to focus much on spells, but rather on the Holy Tear. Then, you can also put the Golden Vow and Flame Grant me Strength for spells that you can use. 


Elden Ring still holds the same momentum when creating builds. You can take the route you want, either going with a specific weapon or adding extras to take a different route. Here we have 3 Best Elden Ring Builds in 2024 Patch 1.10 to help you take your character to the next level. If you are looking for some of the best builds for Elden Ring DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree, these few builds will surely take your attention.

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