Tricks and Treats from MMOs Big And Small


When it comes to in-game season events, there’s no doubt in my mind that MMOs leave the rest of the gaming world wishing they had more treats to offer. With less than a week to go until Halloween, MMOs from A to Z - well, W at least - have hung their spooky decorations, pulled out all of their tricks, and readied bags full of treats for their players.

Archeage and Archeage Unchained - Hallowtide

Now through October 29, adventurers level 10 and above can earn Hallowtide Festival Tokens by completing daily quests in Solis Headlands and Two Crowns. There’s even a truce in the two areas to maximize your token gathering.

Elder Scrolls Online The Witches Festival

Until the Witches Festival ends on November 3, defeated boss monsters will drop Plunder Skulls. These haunted containers hold all sorts of items to collect. As an added bonus, the first kill of each boss type each day rewards a special Dremora Plunder Skull, with a chance to contain Dremora Motif chapters, Festival Writs, treasure maps, and a new Grave Dancer Weapon Style.

Eve Echoes - Crimson Harvest

Starting on October 31, Crimson Harvest Anomalies will begin popping up in Eve Echoes. Completing both low and high level anomalies will reward players with Haunted Supply Boxes, spilling over with brand new modules and Halloween themed ship skins.

Final Fantsay XI - Halloween Ambuscade

For its Halloween event this year, FFXI will have players battling a Shadow Mithra, though the mechanics will be similar to previous Halloween Ambuscades.

Final Fantasy XIV - Make It Rain Campaign

All Saints’ Wake has been cancelled this year and is being replaced by the Make It Rain Campaign. For those still wanting to get into the Halloween spirit, you can still get an invitation to the Haunted Manor Masquerade from the Continental Circus representative at the Gold Saucer.

Guild Wars 2 Shadow of the Mad King

The locals have decorated Lion’s Arch in its annual Halloween theme, making it the Halloween headquarters of Tyria. Take part in all of the Mad King’s activities to get Trick or Treat bags that are filled with a variety of Halloween goods.

World of Warcraft - Hallow’s End

Hallow’s End is in full swing in both the retail version of World of Warcraft and WoW Classic. The annual event has changed and grown over the years so there are differences between the two events. There’s a lot to cover and the team at WoWHead has put together a guide for each version - retail and classic.

Halloween is fully under way in gamigo’s selection of games.Have a spooky good time!