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Weapons for Best Elden Ring Bleed Builds

Elden Ring has a ton of builds for players to utilize, but that doesn’t mean all of them are top-notch. Bleed Build is one of the most unique and some of the best to ever exist. Here, we are going to guide you through the Weapons for Best Elden Ring Bleed Builds to help you out.

Most of the Best Blood Builds in Elden Ring are based around the Bleed Damage, further utilizing a specific weapon that has Bleed Effect on top. Some of the weapons can be enhanced with Ashes of War and Talismans, while others have base exceptional stats. Nevertheless, the builds that have to Bleed around it are going to be exceptionally strong. So, let’s talk about these in detail.

What’s the Take?

Just as we mentioned before, all the Elden Ring Blood Builds fall on the shoulder of weapons. The aesthetics of choice include;

  • Maliketh’s Greaves

  • Black Hood

  • Maliketh’s Gauntlets

  • Night’s Cavalry Armor

Furthermore, the Weapons we are going to mention here are;

  • Rivers of Blood

  • Hand of Malenia

  • Reduvia Dagger

  • Ghiza’s Wheel

  • Uchigatana

Well, you might argue that aesthetics aren’t up to the standards, but let us elaborate further. Considering the ability to make you look like a lone warrior and go well with the Bleed Build, there is nothing better than the mentioned armor in the game.

Furthermore, it has amazing mobility, making you move around without having to roll or worry about getting hit in return. Most gamers really love the Maliketh Set in Elden Ring due to the amazing design of the base with black themes.

Then, there is a gold trim on top that brings elegance to the whole armor set here. You can also say the same things about the Night’s Cavalry Set. Lastly, the chest piece is there to bring that cape character build here in the play.


Uchigatana Elden Ring

The Uchigatana is one of the best early, as well as late-game Bleed Weapons in the game that you can utilize to make a spectacular Elden Ring Bleed Build. It is the successor to the Uchigatana from Dark Souls 3 as well. 

The Bleed Build here isn’t that strong, but it still packs a punch here. In case you don’t find it interesting, then you can put two Uchigatana here for double damage, amazing weapons style, and bleed build-up. 

Two Uchigatana is great, but you can put another Katana here like Moonveil here for Magical Build, making this weapon a versatile pick for the game. 

Special Skill in this case is known as Unsheathe, but specifically for the Elden Ring Blood Build, you don’t want to hang around with it longer. In exchange, you will be using Seppuku which will allow you to buff the bleed build-up on enemies.

When you are putting Suppuku on top of your dual-wield Katanas, then there is nothing crispier and better here for a Bleed lover. 


In case you are in the Samurai Class, then you can start with this weapon early on.

On the other hand, you can also get it through travel towards Limgrave in the area of Deathtouch Catacombs.

Ghiza’s Wheel

Ghiza’s Wheel Elden Ring

Next up we have a meme weapon known as Ghiza’s Wheel. For the most part, the Elden Ring community sees this weapon as a meme, but somehow it turned out to be a colossal monster of a weapon.

Being a big and heavy weapon, you have a ton of poise here that can throw enemies off the roof or break the legs of bosses. Just like every other weapon in our List of Elden Ring Bleed Builds, you will have to get it early on in the game.

Then, you will have to get started with the weapon skill. After doing that, your next step is to get the bleed. The weapon itself is a meme that we already mentioned before.

So, after you use the weapon, the wheel starts spinning, thrashing enemies in its range. It’s called Ghiza’s “Wheel” for a reason. One specific thing to note here is that you need to get the weapon in one hand to let the wheel spin. There’s no talk about dual handling this weapon here for your Best Elden Rng Blood Build.

Lastly, another thing you need to learn about this incredible weapon is that it’s based on proper positioning. You will also have to learn about the enemy and the boss attacks, then attack them when you have enough time to spin the wheel with your attacks.

Only in this way, you will be able to turn this meme material weapon into a crazy strong bleed build weapon. 


In order to get the weapon itself, there is only one way here. You will have to get towards the Volcano Mano, then find a boss named Phantom Inquisitor Ghiza. He will drop this weapon as a reward.

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Reduvia Elden Ring

Bleed/Blood Builds and Daggers go quite well together, especially after the latest Elden Ring update. There are a ton of choices here in the game that you can pick, but we are going with a specific Legendary Dagger known as Reduvia. 

What’s Reduvia? It is a very beautiful Bleed Covered Dagger in the game that comes with an insanely amazing playstyle, different from greatswords, as well as your straight swords. It’s nothing like anything else in the game.

There is a Weapon Skill known as Reduvia Blood Blade. Typically, there isn’t a discussion where close range and daggers are together except only Reduvia.

The Blood Blade Weapon skill combines both Range and Dagger in a single sentence, which shoots out a Blood Projectile at a shorter distance, damaging the enemies and building Bleed as well.

On the other way around, it has the best Bleed proc that takes essence from your attack speed, which is exceptionally fast. Well, we are talking about a dagger here, after all, meaning the speed is fast here. 

As of now, one of the Best Bleed Builds Elden Ring has to offer all revolves around Reduvia here and the reason is clear as well.


You can get Reduvia from the Bloody Finger Nerijus!

Hand of Malenia

Hand of Malenia

Yes, there is no doubt we also have the Hand of Malenia here on our list. Based on the hardest optional boss in the whole Elden Ring, Malenia is all about its unique qualities, as well as its long-lasting weapon skill.

The Nameless King from DS3 was previously the candidate for being the hardest boss in the Souls community, but after the release of Elden Ring, it all changed and now it’s Melania. 

The Hand of Malenia, just as the name suggests, is a weapon used by Malenia. The most fierce attack that she uses is known as Waterfall Dance. Just as the name suggests, in this dance, Malenia flies and just thrusts forward with a devastating burst of attacks. Whoever gets the full power of that dance dies, doesn’t matter how strong.

Another thing that Malenia has another thing with the Waterfall Dance is that she gets healed when Target gets some damage done. After you have the weapon, both of these skills are basically in your own hands.

In order to take the most out of your weapon, you further have to put some Talismans including those that take the damage, healing, and bleed effect to the next level. 


Nothing of Rocket Science here. You can get the Hand of Malenia from Malenia herself, who drops Remembrance of the Rot Goddess after getting defeated. Trade with Enia found at the Roundtable Hold. With these exchanges and a boss getting defeated, you now have one of the best Weapons for Elden Ring Bleed Build.

Rivers of Blood

Rivers of Blood Elden Ring

It’s Basically in the name itself and you know there is nothing wrong here. The Rivers of Blood is no doubt the best-existing Blood Effect Weapon in the game. It was always the best from the start and then it even has its name up here after the 1.09 update of Elden Ring. 

So Rivers of Blood is in the category of Katana in the Elden Ring that has the significance of being named after the blood of enemies you have slain and made a river with that. It is an exceptional choice for those who want an amazing-looking build based around the Bleed Effect.

Yes, it packs both style and aesthetics here, which is quite rare in Elden Ring, if you want us to be honest here. It has an amazing skill as well, known as the Corpse Piler. When you utilize it, the character will launch multiple attacks in vertical slash format that forms Bleed Effect on enemies quite quickly.

The Weapon’s Blood Loss Effect itself is also quite good considering you need only a few quick slashes to build the bar. 


The Rivers of Blood Katana can be found in the Church of Ripose or near that. After getting rid of the Bloody Finger Okina, you will get a hold of this amazing Bleed Weapon.


That’s every weapon that you will be needing to make Best Elden Ring Bleed Builds. In our recommendation, you can just go with the Rivers of Blood and make it your go-to weapon from the early game to the end game pretty easily.

Don’t forget to put the Maliketh’s Set and Night Cavalry’s Set in the mix as well. You can further put in the Ash of War and weapon upgrades for an amazing journey. Still, if you want to go around with multiple weapons, you can also pick multiple and use them for specific bosses in the game.

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