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Welcome To The Colosseum! : Revelation Online

Calling all Heroes!
Your favorite dualists are all invited to attend, to dominate, and to win in the Colosseum! An epic smackdown of the finest fighters in Nuanor. The Colosseum is a no-rules, points driven competition where winners get prizes, and those with the most wins get the most prizes! Ranking on the event leaderboards unlocks special, secret, rewards, delivered to contestants a week after the event is up! The higher a player’s rank, the more enviable their surprise!
We’ve assembled an all-star list of contenders, and the only competitor missing is YOU!

To compete in the Colosseum, locate the Crossed Swords icon on the lower right hand corner of the screen. Click the icon to launch the PvP Menu. Select Battlefields from the list of options and prepare to compete in the super slam of the season! All victories in 10 vs 10 (Darkwood Vale), 20 vs 20 (Iron Precipice Blitz), and 30 vs 30 (Machinist's Gauntlet) will accrue points to your total Colosseum score. So, don’t be too fussy about which one you choose! Join the Colosseum and win colossal prizes!
Check out our dedicated Colosseum website to learn more!

Gates to the Colosseum close May 3 at 12:00 CEST (3:00 a.m. PDT). Will you be the next top Champion in Nuanor? You could be.

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Bykevin|March 7, 2017

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