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What are the key changes you will get to see in EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA24) as compared to FIFA23?

In the realm of virtual football, Electronic Arts’ annual release under the EA Sports FC name has caused a major stir, especially with the departure from the FIFA branding. FC 24, the latest installment in this series, brings forth several significant changes in comparison to its predecessor, FIFA 23. From cover stars & presentation tweaks to gameplay enhancements & new game modes, the transformations are palpable. In this article, we delve into the differences between FC 24 & FIFA 23, providing insights into the exciting upgrades that await gamers.

Cover Star

A prominent shift in FC 24 is the transition of cover star athlete from Kylian Mbappé to Erling Haaland. Haaland’s exceptional performance in the football world, including his prolific goal-scoring record, makes him a fitting choice for the new cover star. This change sets the tone for the fresh direction that FC 24 is taking in its branding & representation.

User Interface and Layout

The user interface in FC 24 showcases a distinct design from FIFA 23, featuring a sleek black background and a streamlined menu on the left. This interface simplifies navigation, providing quick access to major game modes like Ultimate Team & Kick Off. Furthermore, the presentation has been enhanced with full visuals of the commentary squad, new matchday scenes, & dynamic cutscenes, promising an immersive gaming experience.

Players, Kits, and Leagues

Despite losing the FIFA license, EA Sports conserves the rights to over nineteen thousand real life player names & images, offering an authentic gaming experience. The inclusion of new leagues, particularly women’s leagues like the Google Pixel Frauen-Bundesliga and Spain’s Liga F, marks a significant expansion. Improved player models, driven by advanced rendering technology and volumetric movement capture, add to the realism of the gameplay, making it a visual delight.

EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24) Leagues

Coach and Management 

Wannabe managers worldwide will be delighted to learn that FC 24 is concentrating the majority of its Career Mode upgrades on the actual teaching and game preparation side of things. One of the biggest adjustments will be needing to hire and supervise your own whole coaching team. You’ll need to search for and hire coaches with a variety of specialties and areas of experience, which will undoubtedly have an impact on the development—or lack thereof—of your players. The size and quality of your coaching staff will determine how quickly and how much your players’ traits will advance, as well as which of those attributes advance.


For those who enjoy getting more nitty-gritty with their micromanagement, FC 24 also allows you to build and set unique training schedules for individual players. It will be necessary to monitor training regimens throughout the season in order to strike the correct balance between assuring the player in concern performs at the highest level possible and ensuring that they stay physically fit and mentally sharp throughout the whole season. The demands for each player’s training programme will change as the season goes on depending on a number of variables, including how full your fixture schedule is, how frequently that player has played, their physical make-up naturally, and more. There are a total of five different training schedules you can create for a player, with two of them having differing degrees of an emphasis on Energy & Performance while the other being a balanced schedule.


EA Sports FC 24 doesn’t just carry forward modes from FIFA 23; it elevates them to new levels. Pro Clubs, now named Clubs, and Volta introduce cross-platform play and a refined season structure. Career modes receive enhancements with the addition of PlayStyles, agent interactions, and tactical philosophies. However, the most notable transformation occurs in Ultimate Team, where female players are introduced, expanding the player pool and adding a layer of evolution with the ‘Evolutions’ feature.

Career Mode Enhancements

The FC 24 Career Mode presents an array of improvements, introducing coaches who influence the playstyle of the squad and enhancing player development rates. The integration of training plans, pre-match reports, and match-ready training drills brings a new layer of strategic decision-making, enhancing the overall immersion and management of the career mode.

Player Career mode sees the introduction of Player Agents, facilitating player transfers based on objectives and preferences. PlayStyles also take center stage here, allowing players to tailor their in-game performance to their personality types, providing a unique customization element.

EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24) Career Mode

Pre-game Intro

FIFA games typically see some noticeable upgrades to pre-match introductions, and FC 24 is also promising similar changes. Pre-match build-up scenes in this year’s game will be more detailed and feature new cutscenes, menus, & graphics that combined will cover everything ranging from the commentator gantry & dressing rooms to stadiums tunnels and more. The hype created by pre-game introduction grants players an immersive & exciting experience.

Better Cut-Scenes

When it comes to the presenting aspect of things, more modifications are also being made. For instance, Sue Smith & Guy Mowbray will join FC 24 as a new commentary team, which should offer a welcome change of pace. Additionally, a number of new cutscenes are being added, such as those in the players celebrating, commentary gantry, significant plays during a game that aren’t goals, such as significant blocks and saves, and occasionally even cutscenes from the referee’s perspective, such as when a free kick is being set up or a player is being cautioned or sent off.


In terms of gameplay, EA Sports FC 24 brings substantial improvements. Graphics enhancements, including player and crowd details, and improvements in ball flight mechanics contribute to a more immersive experience. A diversified range of running styles and the introduction of PlayStyles add depth and strategy to team composition and player interactions. Precision passes and controlled sprint dribbles, along with new skill moves and celebrations, further enhance gameplay dynamics.

EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24) Gameplay

Ultimate Team Evolution

Ultimate Team, the beloved card-collecting mode, receives a significant overhaul in FC 24. Evolutions now enable players to enhance the ratings of their favorite athletes by completing specific objectives, a feature that promises to personalize and elevate the gaming experience. The introduction of women players adds diversity and excitement, allowing for mixed-gender squads and further expanding the roster of available players.

Moreover, the inclusion of Heroes and Icons, alongside revamped Chemistry mechanics, offers fresh strategic options for team building, adding complexity and depth to squad management. Presentation enhancements during pack openings and intuitive objective menus enhance the overall engagement of Ultimate Team.

Cross-Play mechanism

In FIFA 22, cross-platform multiplayer was launched. In FIFA 23, it was expanded. It is expanding once more in FC 24. FIFA 23 introduced a number of Ultimate Team options, whereas FIFA 22’s cross-play is limited to friendlies and seasons. However, with FC 24, EA is finally delivering on the community’s long-standing demands, having cross-platform multiplayer now accessible in all multiplayer modes. The fact that cross-platform is going to be generation-specific, however, remains constant. As a result, gamers on the Xbox Series X/S, PS5, & PC is going to be able to play alongside and against one another, whereas Switch users can only play with or against other Switch players. 

New Switch category

The FIFA series has provided terrible support for the Nintendo Switch. Sure the fact that it receives a new FIFA game each year is clearly already far superior to what Nintendo consoles had previously experienced but since Electronic Arts (EA) only releases a new Legacy Edition every year, players were paying the exact same game for no real Enhancements or changes, aside from updated squads & kits. But EA Sports FC 24 now offers a fresh, updated Switch edition. In addition to eventually switching over to the Frostbite Engine. It will additionally involve PlayStyles & a fully realised Ultimate Team experience, in contrast to the weakened ultimate team mode found in earlier FIFA editions for the Switch. This will allow players to keep on switching between modes which will make the game more engaging & will allow players to choose from a wide range of options to play with.

FC Pro 24

Incorporating esports into the FC 24 ecosystem, FC Pro 24 presents a simplified 1v1 tournament structure. The streamlined competitive narrative allows for easy tracking of player progress & results, ensuring an engaging esports experience. The tournament structure, spanning from open qualifiers to a grand final, adds a competitive edge to the FC 24 gaming community.

EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24) FC Pro 24

Cool Icons

Since the beginning of the series, icons have been an integral part of Ultimate Team. Every year, EA Sports adds new athletes to the roster, allowing players to experience these legendary athletes at the height of their powers. Over 100 different players make up the current Icons roster, & EA Sports FC is going to include some newcomers.

There are rumours that players like Zico & Bobby Charlton will soon become Icons. These two players were among the most well-known and influential in their respective times, and having them on the roster is only going to rise interest in the game.


While the full experience of EA Sports FC 24 is yet to be unveiled, the early insights from a pre-beta build indicate a promising leap in the football game series. From graphics upgrades to gameplay refinements and exciting new modes, EA Sports FC 24 appears to be a significant advancement over FIFA 23. With a fresh identity and a host of enhancements, it is poised to captivate football gaming enthusiasts, offering a thrilling and immersive gaming experience. The release of EA Sports FC 24 is highly anticipated, promising a new era in virtual football.

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