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What is Tracker Perk in COD Mobile? See Enemy Footprints for 9 Seconds

Tracker is a useful perk in COD Mobile that shows the enemy’s footprints for 9 seconds. Perks give you an additional advantage in gameplay. In this article, I will tell you how to use Tracker Perk, the Best Maps in Which Tracker Perk helps, and how it helps in Search and Destroy matches.

What is Tracker Perk:

Tracker Perk is used to show the Footprints of enemies for 9 seconds in Multiplayer Matches. The footprints show on the ground with Orange color.

Enemies Footprints in COD Mobile Match

It gives you a direction of your opponents where they’re going. It lies in the Green Perk category.

Tip: Increase your Mobile Brightness to get better footprint visibility.

How to Use Tracker Perk in COD Mobile:

To use the tracker perk in any of your loadouts, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Game Lobby page.
  2. Tap LOADOUTS.
  3. Select the Loadout in which you want to use Tracker Perk.
  4. Tap Second Class or Green Perk Category.
    COD Mobile LOADOUT Page with Second Class (Green Perk Category)
  5. Choose Tracker.
    Green Tracker Perk in COD Mobile
  6. Tap EQUIP.

Now, when you play the game with that Loadout, the Enemy’s footprints will be visible to you. 

How to Get Tracker Perk in COD Mobile:

You’ll need to complete Level 24 to get the Tracker perk. There is no other way to get this perk. You need to complete this Threshold.

Tracker Perk required Level 24

You can reach Level 24 easily by playing several matches. The more matches you win, the more experience you’ll get in COD Mobile which increases your level. It’s better to Play in Small Maps such as Shipment, Summit, Nuketown, etc in MP and Alcatraz in BR, where you can achieve more kills.

Best Game Modes Where Tracker Perk Helps:

Tracker Perk is Suitable for the following game modes:

1. Search and Destroy:

You need to play aggressively in Search and Destroy, where you have to Plant or Diffuse the bomb depending on the team. In this match, the Tracker Perk will help you to track the enemy’s footprints to determine where he is going. The Footprints are visible for 9 seconds which is enough time to know the Enemy's location. 

If you’ve found the enemy’s footprints in A location, then you can open the Aim and kill it when you see it. Alternatively, you can go on the other side B to plant to bomb.

2. Hardpoint:

In Hardpoint, Tracker Perk helps you to know on which direction the enemy is. Sometimes the enemy enters the Hardpoint, where it’s difficult to determine where the enemy is either in the left or right portion. Using the Tracker Perk, the Footprints will give you an idea that the enemy is located here. So you can reach here fast and kill the enemy.

3. Frontline / TDM:

In Frontline / TDM matches, your team needs to complete the killing Threshold. The first team that completes this Threshold will be declared Winner. A Tracker Perk will help you to kill more enemies by tracking their Footprints, which directly helps in Winning the Game.

Best Maps in Which Using the Tracker Perk is Good:

There are some Maps, in which Tracker Perk helps you to Win the Game. Tiny Maps like Shipment, the Tracker Perk is not the Good Choice, as the enemies are closer to each other. However, these are the best maps in which using the tracker perk is good:

  1. Firing Range.
  2. Crash.
  3. Rush.
  4. Nuketown.
  5. Summit.
  6. Crossfire.
  7. Hijacked.
  8. Miami Strike.
  9. Hacienda.
  10. Apocalypse.
  11. Raid.
  12. Slums.
  13. Standoff.
  14. Hackney Yard.
  15. Vacant.

Tracker Perk is the best choice in the Green Perk category. It helps a lot in Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, Frontline, and TDM Matches. It shows the footprints of your opponent, which makes it easy for us to guess where the enemy is. In tiny maps like shipment, it's better to avoid using the Tracker Perk because the Enemies are closer to each other, where we may not focus the Footprints.

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