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Where to Buy Every Item in Hogwarts Legacy - Guide to All Hogwarts Legacy Shops in Hogsmeade

Hogwarts Legacy has a different realm of potions, plants, items, outfits, and wands. You need to purchase some stuff through the shops, while some are found while you are exploring the Wizarding World. Most of the missions even require you to utilize plants and potions or other types of items from Hogsmeade Vendors. But, there is one particular question that comes to mind, How to Buy Every Item in Hogwarts Legacy?

The game does give you information on the items you can get from the in-game vendors, but it doesn’t give you any tips about the vendors selling those items. This is a big question mark for players, as it becomes hard to travel around in search of vendors. Don’t worry here we have a Guide to All Hogwarts Legacy Shops in Hogsmeade to help you out.

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Buying Fluxweed, Venomous Tentacula, and Mandrakes in Hogwarts Legacy

When you do the Herbology Class in Hogwarts Legacy or its quest, you will be given a task to learn two spells. These are the famous Flipendo and Wingardium Leviosa. The assignment is given to you by Professor Garlick. 

To complete the assignment, you will be needing the following things;

  • Two Venomous Tentacula

  • Two Mandrakes

  • Fluxweed Seeds

Sounds familiar? Well, you can get the Mandrakes and Fluxweed only from the Vendors, while Venomous Tentacula can be earned in a side quest of Hogwarts Legacy that goes by the name of Venomous Valor given to you as an assignment by Astronomy Wing - Duncan Hobhouse.

To get the Fluxweed Seeds, you will need around 350 Galleons or Gold Coins in simpler wordings. Take this amount and go to the Magic Neep Shop found in the Hogsmeade Area. 

To get the Venomous Tentacula and Mandrake Seeds, you will have to take the path toward Dogweed and Deathcap, which are also found in the area of Hogsmeade. Keep in mind that these two are a little bit expensive in contrast to Fluxweed, costing you 600 and 500 Galleons or Gold Coins. 

They are quite expensive but you are hitting two birds with one stone. After getting it you can grow them in the Room of Requirements, as well as complete your Assignment to learn Spells. Below we got a complete Guide to All Hogwarts Legacy Shops in Hogsmeade and the items they are selling to help you Buy Every Item in Hogwarts Legacy.

All Shops in Hogsmeade and What they Sell in Hogwarts Legacy

First things first, most Vendors are present in the area of Hogsmeade which quite makes it easier as well as confusing for players. You go south, there are different vendors, you go north there are different ones, and so on. It messed up with your brain. So, let’s talk about the Shops and Vendors in Hogsmeade through the Image Below;

Hogsmeade Map and Shops

  • Dogweed and Deathcap at 8

  • Brood and Peck at 7

  • Gladrags Wizardwear at 6

  • Madam Snelling’s Tree Emporium at 5

  • The Magic neep at 4

  • J Pippin’s Potion at 3

  • Spintwitches Sporting Needs at 2

  • Toms and Scrolls at 1

Now Let's Talk about each of those in detail below;

Dogweed and Deathcap

In the far reaches of Hogsmeade, you will find this spectacularly useful Shop or Vendor in Hogwarts Legacy. Go to the Dogweed and Deathcap to get Chinese Chomping Cabbage, Mandrakes, and Venomous Tentacula.

These things are especially useful for the Assignments of Professor Garlick. In order to grow Room of Requirement, you will have to Buy the Seeds and Fertilizers from these shops for the Assignments.


  • Venomous Tentacula Seed for around 1050 Gold

  • Chinese Chomping Cabbage Seed at around 600 Gold

  • Mandrake Seed for around 800 Gold

Room of Requirement Items

  • Fertilizers for around 300 Gold

Combat Tools

  • Venomous Tentacula for around 600 Gold

  • Chinese Chomping Cabbage at around 300 Gold

  • Mandrake for 500 Gold

Brood and Peck

This is a famous shop in Hogsmeade where you can get all the materials for your cute little Magical Beasts. You can also come here for other ingredients for upgrades and assign gear traits to them. It is possible through the Loom which is found in the Room of Requirements. 

More than that, you can also Breed Magical Beasts, catch them and come here to sell them for a good amount. We recommend doing it to Farm Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you first enter Brood and Peck, you won’t be able to Buy or Sell anything here because it is locked. In order to unlock the Brood and Peck, you will have to complete the Quest in Hogwarts Legacy that goes by the name of “The Elf, The Nab-Sack and the Loom”. Now let’s talk about what they are selling to you in our Guide to All Hogwarts Legacy Shops in Hogsmeade. 


  • Unicorn Hair for 700 Gold

  • Toad Warts for 400 Gold

  • Diricawl Feather for 250 Gold

  • Fwooper Feather for 250 Gold

  • Thestral Hair for 400 Gold

  • Puffskein Fur for 150 Gold

  • Graphorn Horn for 700 Gold

  • Hippogriff Feather for 700 Gold

  • Niffler Fur for 250 Gold

  • Mooncalf Fur for 150 Gold

  • Jobberknoll Feather for 150 Gold

  • Kneazle Fur for 400 Gold

All of these are used to Upgrade your Gear or Assign Traits to them. So, that’s pretty easy to understand.

Gladrags Wizardwear

Just as the name suggests, here in this Shop of Hogwarts Legacy, you will be getting all the Gear that is available in the game. It could be gear that is simply for the physical appearance or gear that can enhance your stats. 

When you get Gear in Hogwarts Legacy it gets better every time you are leveling up and it varies depending specifically on the Gear you are using (pieces of Gear) and the rarity it has in the Wizarding World.

We really don’t recommend you Buy Gear in the game as a beginner for Higher Levels to be achieved because when you open Chests, do Quests, or go through the game Exploration, you will find a ton of better Gear to wear that enhances your stat. 

Madam Snelling’s Tree Emporium

Again, this here is a Shop in Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade area where you can go to change your Physical Appearance. A quite fun thing to utilize and quite budget friendly as well. You are paying only 20 Galleons for this to happen and you can change;

  • Eye Color

  • Complexion

  • Hair Color

  • Hairstyle

  • Scars and Markings

  • Freckles and Moles

  • Eyebrow Shape and Color

One thing to note is that there is no mention of Skin Color or Face Shape because you can’t change these things in Hogwarts Legacy after you choose your character in the initial game. 

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The Magic Neep

Now comes the time to discuss one of the most useful Shops and Vendors in Hogwarts Legacy. Just like we mentioned in our Guide on Where to Buy Every Item in Hogwarts Legacy that in Magic Neep you can Buy Seeds for various useful Plants, which later on you have to get one way or another to complete the assignment.

Here in the Magic Neep Vendors of Hogsmeade, you can get Fluxweed Seeds which are connected to the Second Assignment of Professor Garlick. You need to get them to Grow and Harvest the Fluxweed Plant. 

Furthermore, you can also get the famous Mallowsweet Plants from here as well that are connected to the Merling Trials and you will need them at the start of those Trials. It is not all, but rather you can get other things like Fertilizers, Useful Seeds, and even Potion Ingredients from here at the Magic Neep. 


  • Shrivelfig Seed for around 450 Gold

  • Fluxweed Seed for 350 Gold

  • Mallowsweet Seed for 200 Gold

  • Knotgrass Seed for 350 Gold

Room of Requirement Items

  • Fertilizers for 300 Gold


  • Shrivelfig Fruit for 150 Gold

  • Dittany Leaves for 100 Gold

  • Knotgrass Sprig for 150 Gold

  • Mallowsweet Leaves for 100 Gold

  • Fluxweed Stem for 150 Gold

J Pippins Potions

Just as important as other top Shops and Vendors in Hogwarts Legacy, J Pippins Potions, just as the name suggests, can sell you Potions. Quite noticeable of them are the Thunderbrew Potion, Maxima Potion, Focus Potions, and Edurus Potion.

Searching for those in a while? Well, you can get all of those here at the J Pippin’s Store. You will be needing all the potions we mentioned specifically for the Assignments of Professor Sharp. On top of all of this, you will be finding all the Potions that the game has, the Ingredients to make those Potions and their Recipes. Quite interesting!

Potions Recipes

  • Thunderbrew Recipe for 1200 Gold

  • Focus Potions Recipe for 1200 Gold

  • Maxima Potion Recipe for 500 Gold

  • Invisibility Potion Recipe for 800 Gold


  • Troll Bogeys for 100 Gold

  • Ashwinder Eggs for 150 Gold

  • The stench of the Dead for 100 Gold

  • Dugbog Tongue for 100 Gold

  • Spider Fang for 50 Gold

  • Horklump Juice for 50 Gold

  • Mongrel Fur for 50 Gold

  • Lacewing Flies for 100 Gold

  • Leech Juice for 150 Gold

  • Leaping Toadstool Caps for 150 Gold

Combat Tools

  • Wiggenweld Potion for 100 Gold

  • Edurus Potion for 300 Gold

  • Thunderbrew Recipe for 1000 Gold

  • Focus Potion Recipe for 500 Gold

  • Maxima Potion Recipe for 300 Gold

  • Invisibility Potion Recipe for 500 Gold

Spintwitches Sporting Needs

The Second Last we have here in our Guide to All Buying Items in Hogwarts Legacy is none other than the SpinTwitches Sporting Needs. There is a unique vendor that goes by the name Albie who is inside the shop of Spintwitches Sporting Needs. 

He will give you the Brooms that you always wanted in Hogwarts Legacy. In order to fly around the game you can utilize either the Brooms or the Magical Creatures. There is quite a fuss around the Beasts, but the Brooms are loyal to you like your Wands. They are as important to a Wizard and a Witch as a Wand in Hogwarts Legacy. 

This suggests that through this Shop in the Hogsmeade Area, you will find only Brooms, but Albie will give you various quests in the game to upgrade those Brooms as well. They can go faster as you upgrade them. Must be like a Sports Car that you upgrade in your Racing Games. 

There isn’t anything complex here when it comes to the Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop.


  • Yew Weaver Broom for 600 Gold

  • Ember Dash Broom for 600 Gold

  • Wind Wisp Broom for 600 Gold

  • MoonTrimmer Broom for 600 Gold

  • Hogwarts House Broom for 600 Gold

Broom Upgrades

  • First Upgrade for 1K Gold

  • Second Upgrade for a high amount of 4k Gold

  • Third Upgrade for a Whopping amount of 7.5k Gold. Quite Expensive!

Tomes and Scrolls

Last but not least we have here Tomes and Scrolls in our Guide on Where to Buy Every Item in Hogwarts Legacy. It is the most versatile shop in the whole game and quite one of the most important ones as well. 

You will get all the Room of Requirements stuff here at Tomes and Scrolls. It is like they are exclusive dealers in these things, but besides it, you will get Magical Beasts themselves here, Potions, and even Plants. 

One specific thing that Tomes and Scrolls sell to you is the Conjuration Spellcraft which you won’t find anywhere else, just like we mentioned here in our Guide to All Hogwarts Legacy Shops in Hogsmeade. Another thing to mention is that you will be needing Small, Medium, and expensive Large Pots for Potting Table in the Room of Requirements.

The Tomes and Scrolls Vendors will sell you those, which is also something you will be needing for assignments and your other needs in the world of Hogwarts Legacy

Conjuration Spellcraft

  • T-Shaped Potions for 2k Gold

  • Beast Feeder for 1.2k Gold

  • Medium Potions Station for 1k Gold

  • Beast Toybox for 500 Gold

  • Potting Table with Five Small Pots for 2.5k Gold

  • Potting Table with Three Small Pots for 400 Gold

  • Material Refiner for 1.5k Gold

  • Potting Table with Three Medium Pots for 3k Gold

  • Hopping Pot for 3k Gold

  • Potting Table with Two Medium Pots for 1.5k Gold

  • Dung Composter for 1k Gold

  • Potting Table with a single Medium Pot for 750 Gold

  • Chopping Station for 1.5k Gold

  • Potting Table with Two Large Pots for 3k Gold

  • Potting Table with a single Large Pot for 1k Gold

Final Verdict

Well, this is Where to Buy Every Item in Hogwarts Legacy. We mentioned all of them and what they are selling here, in our Guide to All Hogwarts Legacy Shops in Hogsmeade. Keep in mind that each of those will have a different price even if it is the same item. It depends on yourself which type of thing you are looking for and which vendor is selling it near you. 

If you are wondering where to get Gold for these Items, just go around the area of Hogsmeade and you will find a ton of Gold through chests, explorations, and quests. You can use the Disillusionment Charm to open the Eyeball Chests in Hogwarts Legacy for 500 Galleons instantly. 

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