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Gaming News
Bless Unleashed Temporarily Suspended Accounts with duplicated items
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By Anna|August 28, 2021|740 Views,0 Comments

Bless Unleashed’s Xbox version had some server problems that allowed players to duplicate the Founder’s Packs, including premium items and the premium currency Lumena

Gaming News
Bless Unleashed Launches Salamander Solstice Event
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By kevin|August 21, 2021|867 Views,0 Comments

Bless Unleashed is providing PC players a chance to cool down with the Salamander Solstice event.

Gaming News
Bless Unleashed Star Seed Farming Tips
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By kevin|August 20, 2021|1544 Views,0 Comments

This guide will show you how to farm Star Seeds in Bless Unleashed and become rich easily.

Gaming News
Bless Unleashed become one of the most popular titles on Steam
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By kevin|August 17, 2021|691 Views,0 Comments

Bless Unleashed has hit PC and the developers, Round8 Studios have announced the MMORPG has been downloaded over a million times since its launch.