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Buy Star Wars: The Old Republic Credits - MMOPixel Makes Quick Delivery

The Star Wars fandom has been satisfied in a way that it hasn't been since the series' inception in the late 1970s, thanks to the astounding success of Disney's Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, the unrivaled Star Wars Rebels television show, and the entry of Star Wars into the MMO space with Star Wars: The Old Republic. Given how well-liked the Star Wars universe is and how many Star Wars video games there are currently in circulation, it should come as no surprise that there also exists a Star Wars MMORPG. When SWTOR launched in 2011, high hopes were placed on the title. The fan community received big things from Star Wars: The Old Republic. SWTOR has been a surefire hit MMO thanks to numerous well-received updates to the game over the succeeding years and millions in total earnings. Being the "fastest-growing MMO of all time," it attracted over one million subscribers in just three days after its release.

This MMORPG consists of a virtual in-game currency that the players must have in order to complete certain microtransactions. MMOPixel provides you with the cheapest and safest option to purchase some Credits.

About Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR emphasizes the classic Star Wars fight between the forces of good and evil, represented this time by the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, using the renowned and adored Star Wars universe as its backdrop. The plot takes place around 300 years after Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The actual SWKotOR is set several tens of thousands of years prior to the movies. The struggle you experience while playing the game features the Jedi returning to Tython, their original homeworld, following a long fight, as they strive to regain their power. A terrifying cold war breaks out in the galaxy as the Sith Empire looks to grow and the Jedi as well as the Galactic Republic deal with turmoil on their home planets due to civil wars and politics.


Players are forced into the midst of this epic struggle, and while they can choose to support either the Republic or the Sith Empire, characters can truly have any morality they desire regardless of whose side they support. Eight combat classes, modeled on conventional Star Wars universe character categories including Jedi Knights, Smugglers, and Sith Inquisitors, are also available to players. There are numerous subclasses & companion characters accessible inside each class. The player can select from eleven species in addition to their class and faction. Additionally, the game promises a rich plot where the player can really influence other players by performing quests and by interacting with the universe.

What is ‘credit’ in SWTOR?

The main unit of transaction in SWTOR is the Galactic Credit, which can be utilized to purchase anything in the game from merchants on the numerous worlds that players visit as well as via the Galactic Trade Network, which serves as a sort of online market or the auction house.

SWTOR credits are obtained in the standard MMO manner by finishing missions and selling stuff found during exploits, but just like other MMOs, this may be challenging and time-consuming for players who aren't skilled in the technique. It can be challenging for even the best SWTOR players to acquire enough Galactic Credits to make the necessary purchases. The players that are successful in this game typically invest a lot of time and effort into finding profitable strategies to take advantage of market fluctuations, which is both difficult and time-consuming.

Best place to buy SWTOR Credits

In addition to the usual MMO elements, notably questing, crafting, trade, and PvP, SWTOR featured in-depth storytelling that had never been seen before in an online game. With a development cost of over $200 million US, it became the most costly MMO ever created. Getting credits is essential with everything going on in Star Wars: The Old Republic and its enormous recent expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire. The cost of speeders, armor, weapons, supplies, and everything in between can be high. Obviously, this might entail spending a lot of time farming for credits.

Players can now buy in-game currency through the Cartel Store since SWTOR changed from a subscription MMO to a free-to-play game. However, MMOPixel provides SWTOR credits at affordable rates, much cheaper than the game's online marketplace. For gamers to trade their credits, MMOPixel offers a secure marketplace. By directly connecting sellers and buyers on a safe, entertaining website, we assist players in obtaining the credits they require. To put it briefly, MMOPixel promises to have the best deals and exchanges for Star Wars: The Old Republic credits

Why choose MMOPixel?

MMOPixel is active 24/7, so you're welcome to buy any amounts of SWTOR Credits whenever you'd want! SWTOR gold is usually available in large quantities. Giving you Credits as quickly as we can at any moment of day is our main goal.

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We guarantee your security! The security & dependability of our platform have already been evaluated and validated by thousands of users. We can provide our users with prompt and trusted services because of our years of experience selling in-game VC.

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We try to give our customers the most economical SWTOR Credits possible. One of our primary focuses is making gold affordable, even if it is difficult to keep prices low in the current market. We update our prices frequently and don't impose any extra costs, so the cost you see is the total you'll pay.

Quick Delivery

We can meet your various expectations thanks to our years of trading experience in virtual currencies for video games. No matter when you submit your purchase, quick delivery is ensured by reliable supply sources and a full-stock.

24-hour customer service

If you require support when buying SWTOR Credits, ask for it. At any time, our live chat representatives are happy to help! Any questions you have about how to order, buy, or sell credits will be answered by them.

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MMOPixel provides you with a huge number of sellers that you can choose to buy from. Furthermore, to assist our customers we provide with you various options to pay. So you never have to worry about these two aspects whenever purchasing from MMOPixel.

How to make Credits in-game?

Flipping Items

Finding popular things posted at reduced prices on the GTN is a high risk but lucrative way to earn points. You can purchase those things and then sell them again for the regular amount to earn more credits. Before attempting to flip anything, it's a good idea to study the GTN for a long because it can take a while to become comfortable with the economics. This is obviously not a good approach for new players or anyone wanting to build up their cargo hold because you need a lot of credits to begin with. However, if you possess the resources, you can also sell things like crafting supplies, clothing, weapons, decorations, and color crystals.


You can earn credits by gathering Tech Fragments if you have at minimum one character with a level of 75 or higher. Get an OEM-37 or RPM-13 from the Spoils of War dealer aboard the Imperial or Republic Fleet when you've got a few thousand fragments to your name. These priceless crafting supplies, which are needed to create endgame Augments and frequently fetch hundreds of millions of credits on the GTN, are very precious.


If you have some extra credits to spend, you can construct endgame Augments or Stims—both of which can sell for hundreds of millions of credits on the GTN—by combining a crafting crew skill like Synthweaving, Armormech, or Bioanalysis with gathering & mission skills. To maximize your making abilities, you should have both time & credits, but the cost is typically well worth it because devoted crafters are frequently among the game's wealthiest players.

SWOTR Crafting


You have the option to earn credits by gathering crafting supplies, and based on your subscription level, you can acquire up to three crew abilities. You can gather valuable goods and trade them on the GTN for other players to utilize in their crafting projects if you have maxed out Archeology, Bioanalysis, Scavenging, or Slicing.


Slicing can be your best bet if you wish to earn credits passively. This crew talent makes it possible to collect credit boxes on each and every planet you visit, making it perfect for beginner players that spend the majority of their time leveling new characters. Although credit boxes only grant a few hundred to a few thousand credits at a time, slicing won't make you a millionaire overnight, but as long as you're persistent about stopping at resource nodes, they'll mount up over time. All these methods require a lot of time and effort, we recommend buying Credits quickly and safely from MMOPixel!


Your experience is very important to MMOPixel. Our administrators continuously monitor transactions to guarantee that each purchase is lawful and equitable in order to facilitate this. After every transaction, we also give players the option to rate sellers, allowing them to examine each other's ratings before making a purchase or a sale. MMOPixel gives refunds on all of its orders in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. We don't want you to waste any of your hard-earned money or credit. So, do you require SWTOR Credits? Click on the Currency page to see the amazing offers!

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