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SWTOR events on May the 4th

Star Wars: The Old Republic will bring some nice events to players on May the 4th. This is a big day for all the Star Wars fans, don't miss it!

Event: M4-I6 Astromech Droid
M4-I6 Astromech Droid is a in game cute little pet, you may want to know how to get it? There just only way to get the pet that is players must log in SWTOR on May 4, then the SWTOR system will send the M4-I6 Astromech Droid to your in-game mailbox tomorrow. So easy! Right? Don't miss it! :D
Event: Double XP weekends
Besides the M4-I6 Astromech Droid, SWTOR will bring players two Double XP weekends: from May 3 until May 10 and from May 27 till May 30. Through this event, players can earn double Story and Legacy XP, and also receive double PvP Commendations along with Starfighter Requisitions.
Here is a list of upcoming events has also been revealed, you may find your interest event, let's take a look:
•  Story So Far Promotion: Play through the upcoming Chapter, ‘Profit and Plunder’, for your chance to receive collectible Zakuul-themed rewards. Five randomly-selected winners will be awarded with the Zakuul Knight Armor Set and Zakuul Dropship every five days, starting May 10th!
•   Eternal Championship Solo Speedrun: Fight your way through the new Eternal Championship challenge in the fastest time possible between May 3 – May 17. You could win a Grand Prize Trip for you and a guest to join our team in July at Star Wars™ Celebration Europe!
•   Show and Tell Your Saga: Share your videos and screenshots on Twitter using the hashtag #SWTORSagaSweepstakes, and we’ll send five randomly-selected winners Cartel Coin rewards every five days, starting May 10th!
•   Knights of the Fallen Empire Free** Trial: Be a part of the epic Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline and help turn the tide of the battle on the Eternal Empire – Subscribe to binge all of the episodic story so far! Activate your Free Trial by May 30 to gain a free Level 60 Character and instant access to Chapter 1: The Hunt!

Look at all the events, will you jump back into SWTOR on May? BTW, character transfers have also been recently enabled. Honestly, i can't control myself now, i want to test the sweet. May the Force be with you!
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