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SWTOR - New Character Creator and Second Combat Style

Star Wars: The Old Republic puts a lot of focus on how you assemble your character's appearance. New outfits and gear are available for you to update your look, and you can decorate your Strongholds and Ships too.  Keep your appearance updated and share items with other characters so that no matter what your play style is, you always look good. While you can use most items between characters, you can switch them up to give each character its look and feel. In this article, you will know about the character creator and second combat style in SWTOR.

Character Creation

In the SWTOR game, your character represents your role. What are your intentions? Which do you prefer: serving the Empire, fighting for the Republic, or do you prefer to mix it up somewhere in between? 

You can rotate the camera by left-clicking and moving the mouse and zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse wheel while creating a character. You can also use the SWTOR Credits to improve your character appearance. 

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Since more than twenty thousand years ago, the Galactic Republic has been a bastion of peace and tranquility, thanks to the Jedi Order. Despite the costly and long war with the Sith Empire, the Republic has remained steadfast. A new generation is ready to assume the mantle of defense of the Republic as the wounds from the last war finally heal.

After 1000 years in exile, the Sith Empire has taken back the ancient Sith homeworld of Korriban and gained control over many star systems in the galaxy.


You will begin by choosing one of the eight iconic class archetypes in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Character classes all have their own fully-realized interactive stories and gameplay styles that are uniquely their own. In a solo game, the role you choose is crucial to the experience. If you choose to play as a Jedi Knight, you will fight against your enemies using a Lightsaber and the Force.

Advanced Classes

While creating your character, you will have the option of selecting an advanced class to distinguish your playstyle further. The overall class story will remain the same, aside from the new abilities and combat roles.

You will play a different role in the group dynamic based on your class choice when you join up with other players. Your team will need to coordinate tactics to overcome some group challenges in The Old Republic, and every group has its strengths and weaknesses.

Species & Gender

The sheer number of species inhabiting the galaxy only matches its vastness. You must select your species after you choose your class.  Different classes can select different species. You also have to decide the gender of your character and then adjust the appearance. The features you can adjust may vary based on your species and gender.

Customizing Your Appearance

After choosing your Class and Species, you are present with the option of customizing your physical appearance. In the appearance editor, you can edit almost all aspects of your character's appearance, from the shape and texture of their face to the color and style.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, you can also customize some species' tattoos, such as Mirialan. It's always possible to click the "Random" button if you'd rather not customize your appearance.

Combat Styles in SWTOR

Advanced Class is now called Combat Style. A player's Combat Style determines the abilities and weapons he has access to. 

The Main Classes and Advanced Classes seem to be the same as in previous games due to Ability Pruning, the removal of utilities, and the redesign of the Disciplines progress system. 

As part of the new Legacy of the Sith 7.0 expansion, subscribers can customize their characters' Combat Styles. During non-combat periods, you can freely switch between Combat Styles, as with respeccing in SWTOR 6.0.

Once the second Combat Style is available to your character, you will automatically be given a mission to select the second Combat Style. Training in the Force refers to this mission for Force wielders. "Training and Skills" is the mission name for Tech users. You can choose your path simply by clicking the Launch button next to the mission.

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