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Flame Elementium 500
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Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium

This image shows the Flame elementium Torchlight Infinite

Are you looking to craft rares in Torchlight Infinite? Well, first you need to get Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite and then you can proceed further. 

So, you are playing Torchlight Infinite and want to get some Flame Elementium, but there aren’t any useful sources to get them effortlessly. Don’t worry we got your back.

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How to Buy Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium on MMOPIXEL

Getting your required amount of Flame Elementium at MMOPixel is easier than ever before. You will need to follow the steps below;

  • Select your required amount of Flame Elementium

  • Click on the button “Add to Cart”

  • A separate Tab will open on the front, where you will have to choose the server and the quantity of Flame Elementium. 

  • Then you can further “Add to Cart” in case you want to shop other things from MMOPIXEL or you can simply click “Buy Now” to place the order right away.

  • After placing the order, you will be brought to the Deliver Information tab, where you will have to select “Auction House” as the delivery method and will have to upload the listed item images.

  • Afterward, you can click “Buy Now” to proceed further or you can also go for the Fast Checkout in case you are a regular customer of MMOPIXEL.

  • Now, you are precisely at the Shopping Cart, where you can see your order, and below there is a page where you will have to Fill in your Contact Details. 

  • Finally, selecting the method of payment and pressing “Proceed to Checkout” will place your order. There is a 24-hour delivery time and you will get your order in that period.

You can also get Torchlight Infinite Currency and Torchlight Infinite Items from MMOPIXEL at reasonable rates and fast delivery. 

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Auction House/Trade House

This image shows the Auction House or Trade House to get Flame Elementium in game

You can get your in-game Flame Elementium through the Auction House. For that you will have to select the item simply, below you will have to select the currency type which is Flame Elementium here and the price should be the same as you placed the order.

Usually, it takes quite some time (around an hour or less) to list that order in Trade Hour. Here you will have to capture the screen for the listed order and a shortcut here is to place items that aren’t as popular.

How to Sell Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium on MMOPixel

You can also sell your Flame Elementium at MMOPixel without having to go through lengthy procedures. You just have to make sure that the Flame Elementium is from authentic sources and not farmed through illegal means. 

If you have queries related to selling Flame Elementium you can reach out to our 24/7 professional customer support or you can also email [email protected]

About Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium

Flame Elementium is a Crafting Material in Torchlight Infinite that you can use to craft gear with roundabout Six or Five Affixes. Besides this, the Flame Elementium is also used as a trading currency. 

One thing to note about Flame Elementium is that it isn’t quite commonly available especially when you are not able to get them through special means.

Alongside other Crafting Materials like Flame Dust and Flame Sand, Flame Elementium are very rare Orange Material used for Crafting. 

Orange Quality Fossil

In Torchlight Infinite there are around two Fossil types at the time which are both rare and orange quality, used with the Flame Elementium. These are;

  • Spiral Fossil - To generate high tier Affixes for the purpose of crafting, the Spiral Fossils give you a greater probability

  • Acute Fossil - To generate new affixes when crafting, the Acute Fossil gives you a greater probability.

How to get Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium?

This image shows Flame Elementium Farm Guide

For the most part, the Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium will randomly drop in the Torchlight world of Netherealm, but you will have to reach around tier 4. As you start going higher with tiers, you will get it more commonly in Torchlight. 

Besides this, you can farm the Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite. Below we have all the methods you can possibly work on.

Trait Cards and Mapping

Mapping and Trait Cards are the most effective ways to earn some Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite. As always you will need luck alongside some preparation. Primarily, make a build that goes well in tier five or upper tiers without taking a long time to farm.

As you can do mapping faster, you will get more Flame Elementium and put the following Trait Cards in the deck;

  • Generous

  • Doughty

  • Sharp

Get yourself some memory compasses and roll a map that has better quality value, as well as a higher rarity above a hundred. Start fresh and place your cards on the map. Place them in the order of Doughty and move on the Sharp, finally moving onto the card Generous. 

Here, you will have to use the compass and do the map roll to get better rarity and higher quant. The concept here is that when you put these pieces in their respective place, you will gain a boost in the gear drop, increase the pack size, and increase rarity.

Further, this will convert to more Flame Fuel, and then you can further upgrade that Fuel to something better called Flame Elementium. For the most part, it is best used in tier seven or higher because its rarity and quality roll is high.

Item Sale

Definitely, the most common method to farm Flame Elementium is going to be through item Sales. You can work in the Auction House and sell items that you can sell for some good currency. 

After you reach a total level of 60 on Auction House, you will unlock a new system known as Price Check. You can use it to check the price of items and figure out how much worth they have for someone in-game.

It isn’t a secret that Legendary having higher requirements is going to be more in the spotlight and probably worth checking the price of. Higher Affix means a Rarer item or vice versa, meaning someone is going to need it.

To get your hands on the Flame Elementium, you can simply trade your Embers that are rare, especially the Restless ones and Ominous ones. Then you can get your hands on Flame Elementium in exchange for the Items sold or simply buy them with the gained currency.

Crafting Material Trade

Much like the Items Sold, you can earn Flame Elementium by Trading some special Crafting Materials. As we already mentioned, the primaries are Embers and Flame Fuel. 

The Flame Fuel can be gained by simply disenchanting the unwanted Gear through Edwin. The amount isn’t that great but still, something is better than nothing. Another is Embers, they are used in the process of crafting and gained in loot. 

Again, you will have to take the help of an Auction House where you need to trade the items instead of selling them. Mainly, you can trade your Flame Fuel or Embers for Flame Elementium. You can also use any currency of a lower level and trade it for Elementium. 

Popular gamers are usually in search of Flame Dust or other various Embers and will give you Flame Elementium in exchange. It does sound quite easy, but you do need quite a lot of patience, research, and traveling to get extra Flame Elementium. 

The only possible way we recommend you to try this method is when you have extra Embers, Dust, and Fuels or other low-level currencies. You can exchange them for Flame Elementium. 

Memory Fragments and Fate Cards

When you are playing the game simply to enjoy it, you will notice that there are quite a lot of Memory Fragments in your inventory. There isn’t a specific use for them and you can give them to the Spacetime Wanderers. 

Then you can simply get various things like Legendary Gear, currencies, and quite useful items of high value. Finally, you can give them to the Auction House to sell them or trade them in order to get Flame Elementium.

Final Words

As you have already seen, Flame Elementium is a quite useful but rare source in Torchlight Infinite. Getting your hands on it and farming it is another time taking process. You can simply bypass all of this and Buy Cheap Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium from MMOPixel.com

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