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Torchlight Infinite Items

In Torchlight Infinite there are versatile Items that you can get from monsters or from drops. Some know them as Spoils while others call them Gear. In any case, they are essential to enhance your character in Torchlight Infinite.

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How to Buy Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium on MMOPixel

  • Select and Click on the Torchlight Infinite Items you need

  • Select the amount required

  • Click on the Button “Add to Cart”

  • There will be a new Window up front that allows you to pick the quantity of selected Currency and the Server.

  • To continue adding more things to the Cart, you can click on “Add to Cart” or you can move on next with the same pick with the “Buy Now” button.

  • After you have placed the order, you will be brought to the Deliver Information Tab.

  • On this Tab, you will have to select the method of delivery and in the case of Torchlight Infinite, this method is only “Auction House”.

  • After selecting the method, you will have to upload the Listed Item Images from the Game.

  • Now, you will have to press “Buy Now” to proceed.

  • You will be brought to the Shopping Cart and here you can see what you purchased.

  • Below, you will also find an Information Page where you have to fill in your Contact Details.

  • Last but not least, you can select the Payment Method and click on “Proceed to Checkout”. It will place your order and there will be a period of 24 hours in which you will get your order.

You can use the Live Chat option on the MMOPixel Page or email us at [email protected] for any type of guidance.

Auction House


If you are not used to getting Delivery through an Auction House, the process is fairly simple. You can get the In-game Items through the Auction House, where you simply have to reach the Trade House in-game and select the item.

Further, you will have to pick any Currency that you want to use and make sure that the Items/Item is the same as the ones that you placed as an order on the MMOPixel site.

Usually, the item to appear or post on the Auction House takes some time to be listed. From the Trade House menu, you can take the Screen Shot of the Listed Order.

About Torchlight Infinite Items

Spoils - These are the Items that get dropped by killing the Monster in-game. In Spoils, you have Gear, Commodities, Fate Cards, and Beacons. At the same time, Commodities are referred to as the Torchlight Infinite Currencies which you can also get at MMOPixel.



These are the most common of the Spoils that get dropped in the game. It has various qualities like;

  • Normal Gear - It is the Gray Gear without Affix

  • Magic Gear - It is the Blue Gear with 1 to 2 Affix

  • Rare Gear - It is the Purple Gear with 3 to 5 Affix

  • Super Rare Gear - It is the Pink Gear with 6 Affix

  • Legendary Gear - It is the Gear that comes with an exclusive Affix and is neither used for enchanting nor crafting.



At the time of picking up the pieces of Gear or claiming them, it requires further identification. Gear Affix stats can be checked for specific gear after you have identified it.

  • Number of Affixes - If you have a higher number of Affixes, there are higher chances of having useful ones in them.

  • Tiers of Affix - T1 is the best Tier for Affix and you can view their tiers after Tapping the Gear Details

  • Types of Affix - You can check whether the stat of Affix is the same as the Skills and the Builds you have.

Fate Cards

These are the Spoils of great importance and you can collect various types of them to exchange for Regular Gear, Crafting Materials, Embers, and Legendary Gear.


These are also important spoils which are the tickets that can help you unlock challenges for the Netherrealm.

Water of Forgetting

Before reaching level 70 you can free of cost reset your Talent, but after that, you need Talent Reset Point. Using Water of Forgetting you can get 1 of those.

Netherrealm Resonance

These are the affixes of the base level that you can use to refresh the stages of Netherrealm. They are termed late-game currencies.

Store and Sell

For the Legendary Gear which is not being used, you can simply store it in the Inventory. Different characters which are under the same account can have the ability to share inventory. So, this means a gear piece that is not being used right at the moment can be used by another.

You can also sell the unwanted Gear to the Trader in the Hideout Exchange for Flame Residue. Here you can exchange various Crafting Materials like Flame Dust.

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