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Torchlight: Infinite Frostfire Class Guide

She is a mage named Frostfire Gemma. She uses ice and magic to fight against her foes, and the use of her potent spells allows her to inflict damage of the highest order. Additionally, it also possesses a vast hitting power. If you want Frostfire Gemma to excel at best at her range, make sure to place her in the appropriate place.

How to Construct a Frostfire Gemma Persona?

The Frostfire character in Torchlight Infinite is a fierce, icy lady named Gemma who uses strong elemental strikes to destroy her foes. Gemma channels her potent passive ability using Frost, Fire, or a combination of the two. She is very flexible and possesses a variety of damaging AoE and opponent-specific skills. Prior to spending some points on the ranger talent tree to increase your critical strike rate, focus on improving your magic and elemental while building Gemma.

Torchlight Infinite Frostfire Gemma

Frostfire Gemma's ideal hero trait

We only have one choice for the Frostfire Gemma characteristics, and it is Ice-Fire Fusion. The attributes you'll acquire after you unlock them are listed below.

  • Level 15: Icefire Fiend

  • Level 32: Expansion

  • Level 50: Frostfire Strength

  • Level 62: Spread

  • Level 80: Seeping In

The impacts of specific abilities are modified through traits, which fine-tune your build's behavior.


  • +4 fusion energy limit; expansion

Abnormal Energy

  • There is a +5% probability that each fusion power bar will freeze and ignite.

  • +10% more damage is dealt to foes who are on fire.

  • When you kill an adversary that is frozen, you get 2% energy and life back.

Frostfire Strength

  • Increases and decreases in fire harm are likewise transferred to cold damage when dealing damage.

  • The opposite is also accurate.


  • Always try to activate Frostfire rampage automatically at maximal fusion energy.

  • Every fusion energy, a 15% increase in Frostfire rampage duration.

  • When Frostfire rampage is underway, skill areas are increased by 10% every second up to 100%.

Frostfire Strength, which allows you greater equipment versatility, as well as the Icefire Fiend, which will give you a huge DPS downtime during "Frostfire Rampage," are the two crucial traits. You can scale the damage of your "frost skills" more skillfully now that harm enhancements from fire abilities can apply to cold. We have a bunch of frost penetration thanks to Seeping in, a level 80 trait, and it increases by two when Frostfire Rampage is activated. When one targe is harmed, this has a big effect.

Torchlight: Infinite Frostfire Class Guide

Torchlight: Infinite is a game where possession of various items and currencies will affect your advancement in-game. So it is advised that you own a decent amount of in-game currency to have an enjoyable gaming experience.

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When it comes to playstyle, this is a fairly straightforward concept. We can throw Ice Lances, which is our main talent. When something dies, Frozen Lotus must proc and clear the screen of all adversaries. We must always drop the Frost Pool on the enemy to increase the Ice Lance's damage.

Another thing to keep in mind with this setup is that whenever we freeze an enemy, Frigid Transmission's cooldown could be restored. The Frost Pool has the ability to freeze enemies around. This enables you to effectively eliminate whole enemy groups with Frigid Transmission. Bosses share the same traits.

Equipment that Frostfire Gemma should have

This first set of Frostfire Gemma's gear is appropriate, but you can alter it to fit your playstyle or discover better gear in its place.

  • Helmet: Shaman’s Headdress

  • Ring 1: Dawnlight Ring

  • Ring 2: Coldlight Ring

  • Armor: Sky Devourer – Quickness Armor

  • Weapon 1: Devout Wand

  • Weapon 2: Cursed Light Shield

  • Boots: Envoy’s Soft Shoes

  • Gloves: Grand Mentor’s Gloves

  • Belt: Opportunities Belt

  • Necklace: Ocean of Rock

How to Play Frostfire Gemma in Torchlight Infinite: Playing Advice

Genma primarily uses ice and fire strikes, and the more often you use a particular element, so more rewards you receive for it. The more firepower you have, the more fire harm you do while using spells that deal fire damage. A blast of AOE harm develops around you when your firepower reaches its maximum. Keep in mind that this applies to ice spell assaults as well. Most of the time, you'll concentrate on one element because using one would sap the energy of another.


Few characters, particularly in AoE settings, have the ability to deal quite so much heavy damage as the Frostfire. This class harnesses the elements of fire and ice to cast powerful spells over large regions, enabling them to quickly dispatch swarms of minions with little effort. Gemma may take on various elemental forms, all of which enable her to channel a range of spells appropriate for a number of situations.

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