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The Torchlight: Infinite Spacetime Witness Class Guide 

Torchlight: Infinite is among the best and newest ARPGs on the market, and it will make your head explode with how nice it can get in terms of gameplay and graphics. To begin, choosing your starter construction is the essential aspect of Torchlight: Infinite. The starting class and personality will not only know your strengths but also demonstrate all the weaknesses that arrive with them. Taking into account the RPG fundamentals, our guide will cover all you need to take active steps with the game.

Listed below are the 6 major classes in Torchlight: Infinite:

  • Commander Moto 

  • Berserker Rehan 

  • Frostfire Gemma

  • Oracle Thea 

  • Divineshot Carino 

  • Spacetime Witness Youga

Each persona in the class has a distinct personality, with weaknesses and strengths that vary depending on their applications. There are, however, talents that can be used to enhance a character's performance further. Consider the Berserker as an example of a melee combat expert. It is a spellcaster class that orders minions to fight on behalf, similar to Commander.

In this way, the game offers various personalities and guilds that will give you a glimpse of what the game offers. In addition, many features of the game will unfold as you play the game and progress through it. In other words, the game features courses with differing abilities, plus and minus points, to keep one on toes at all times. As the game progresses, try out each class one by one too, and see which one best suits you. You also can try out each character and choose which one you should select.

What is Torchlight Infinite Spacetime?

Torchlight Infinite has officially arrived, and we're now working on a series of guides covering every facet of it, emphasizing the heroes themselves. This Torchlight Infinite Spacetime Witness guide concentrates on the interesting Youga, a minute magician who is the most distinctive of Infinite's new classes.

Torchlight is being brought to smartphones for the first time in a format in this latest installment of the action RPG series. It has five playable characters, most of which are entirely new to the franchise, and all the monster slaughterings you could want. You'll enjoy this if you enjoy watching monsters burst into multicolored gore while gathering showers of loot, XP, and gold.

Torchlight: Infinite Spacetime Witness

Witness Torchlight Infinite Spacetime Equipment and Skills

We've recommended the greatest Torchlight Infinite Spacetime Witness equipment, characteristics, talents, skills, and pact points below to help you.


Your build begins with equipment, which delivers statistical boosts that help determine your playstyle.

  • Cold Breath Helmet

  • Necklace: Believer's AmuletArmor: Shaman's Short Robe

  • Gloves: Gloves of Grand Mentor

  • Burial Belt for Winter

  • Envoy's Soft Shoes for Boots

  • Ring No. 1: Coldlight Ring No. 2: Searing Ring

  • Weapon No. 1: Voodoo Staff Weapon No. 2: N/A

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Traits of Torchlight Infinite Spacetime Witness

Twisted Spacetime

You collect 1 mark of time or space energy for every 1% of your max mana consumed. For 8 seconds, click the hero meter to spend 50 points of space and time power to create a warped spacetime with yourself as the center. There is only one twisted spacetime.

Allies have +25% mobility, +25% attack, and cast speed in warped spacetime. +50% spell damage while on warped plane. Trait slot power is only generated when mana is spent.

 Flow Disruption 

-15% Attack and Cast Speed for opponents affected by you and Spacetime Illusion +30% Cast Frequency for Spacetime Illusion. Spacetime Illusion can use your Main Skill more frequently with a faster cast frequency.

Spacetime Illusion 

50 Consumption of Spacetime Energy. Make a Spacetime Illusion using a constant Twisted Spacetime. At any given time, only one Spacetime Illusion can exist. While a Spacetime Illusion is active, click the Trait Slot once more to call a new Spacetime Illusion. The Spacetime Illusion employs your Main Skill every 1.5 seconds. In addition, the castings of Spacetime Illusion activate active affixes on you.

Field Effect necessitates 

When you've levelled up, you get a 20% increase in cast speed and a 20% increase in spacetime illusion damage.

Twisted Ground

While in Twisted Spacetime, your damage taken rises by 2% every second, but your Spell Damage delivered by your Spacetime Illusion increases by 15%. After 6s, the effect no longer stacks. When you escape Twisted Spacetime, the effect is removed.

Contact arcane

Castings by Spacetime Illusions will deplete your mana when inside Twisted Spacetime, up to the Mana cost of your Primary Skill. Improves your Spell Power by 8% for every 8% mana consumed by Spacetime Illusion, up to 40%.

Time Synchronization

After you, because your Spacetime Illusion utilise skills 15 times, you gain Synchronized Time and a -15% Cast Speed. The cast rate limit on space–time Illusion is removed. If you and the Space–time Illusion haven't dealt any harm to the adversary in the last 3 seconds, Synchronized Time is removed.

Points for Pact

Pact points grant statistical boosts that aid in fine-tuning your build.

Maple Luluri

Ignore the two top-left pacts and max everything else.

Quicksand Explorer Otter

Ignore the two pacts in the bottom right, but maximize all else.

Violet – Awooawoo

In this contract, disregard the top-left network links and max up everything else.

Witness Torchlight Infinite Spacetime Active Skills

Your build's bread and butter, and the active component of your playstyle, are your skills.

Lightning Chain

We recommend the following auras:

  • Elemental Fusion Jump

  • Surge Increased lightning damage

Frost Protection

We recommend the following auras:

  • Longer duration


We recommend the following auras:

  • Rapid mobility

Potion Compound

We recommend the following auras:

  • Reduced cooldown

Torchlight: Infinite Spacetime Witness Guide


These are Frostfire's best passive skills:

Curse on hit

The auras we recommend are as follows:

  • Condensed Curse

  • Electrocute 

Magical Source 

The auras we recommend are as follows:

  • Selfishness

  • Rejuvenation 

Different Skills 

Torchlight: Infinite will provide you with a sum of 24 skill trees as well as over 180 abilities for your character. This is fascinating because there are so many skills from which to choose. Furthermore, there are some customization options available to you. For example, with each activation code, you would be given a variety of playstyles for every class.

Support, active, passive, and trigger skills are examples of some skills available in the game. These abilities can also be combined to create a new and more powerful skill. Categories on one's character indicate which skills they have, and recognizing them is essential.

As a new player, you must always ensure that you have the endorse skill since it is essential and can deal a lot of damage. Furthermore, you can easily change your characters' tags by acquiring skills during the quest. As you gain energy, skill slots appear in the game. When you level up your characters, users will gain energy, which can be used to enhance your equipment in general. 

You should always strive to defeat the most vigorous opponents to gain energy, which users can use to update their weapons or the best.

Torchlight: Infinite Spacetime Witness Class

Torchlight Witness Infinite Spacetime

We won't list the particular talents you must unlock the same way we won't list pact points. Instead, the following are the statistics we suggest aiming for in each tree: Pact points grant you statistical benefits, and testing sets effects.

Knowledge's Goddess

When adding talent points, aim for the following stats:

Points of Talents 
  • +20 dexterity

  • +20 in strength

  • +60 Intelligence

Select the following skill effects: Shield of Magic: +50% maximum energy shield: +50% damage dealt when the energy shield is fully charged.


When adding talent points, aim for the following stats:

  • +30 dexterity

  • +30 in strength

  • +120 Intelligence

Quick Mind
  • +1 maximum energy shield for every six intelligence points

  • +1 intelligence for each level

  • +120 total mana

  • Mana absorbs 20% of damage before life.


When adding talent points, aim for the following stats:

  • +20 dexterity

  • +20 in strength

  • +60 Intelligence

Path Compression
  • +9 for the minimum surge level

  • -10 for the maximum surge level


Torchlight: Infinite is a fantastic mobile game that will continue to gain popularity due to its excellent gameplay. These Torchlight: Infinite Spacetime Witness Class Guide and tricks will put you ahead of most players and allow you to play more smoothly and quickly. Because you can avoid the errors that everyone makes. Torchlight: Infinite has certainly added to the excitement with numerous offerings and gameplay content, trying to make it one of the year's most anticipated games.

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