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Torchlight: Infinite Berserker Class Guide

Over the past few years, Torchlight supporters have experienced a rollercoaster of events, from program suspensions to other ideas struggling to materialize. Torchlight: Infinite, a full-featured Torchlight video game in open beta on desktop and Mobile devices, is now available. After a few seasons and several sequels, Torchlight still seems to be going strong. And although it's yet to reach the point where it releases new episodes regularly, like other well-known games, its brand is still well-known enough to generate a lot of excitement even when a newer version is revealed.

Berserker Best DPS Build

The ideal build for Rehan is a berserker. He is the usual violent and confrontational character that can be found in nearly any hack-and-slash video game. With this build, attack delivery will be your main area of attention. However, you should also be aware that you should move around constantly.

Rehan has several AoE abilities that you should employ when there are a lot of foes around. Therefore, you'll occasionally want to start dragging as many opponents as possible. Then, do the damage and skills after that.

Torchlight: Infinite Berserker

Whirlwind build

Whirlwind falls in the channeling category in Torchlight Infinite. Still, it operates somewhat oddly from the majority of channeled skills, which is the primary factor why this setup feels so fantastic. Most channeled skills would require you to funnel up to the total number of stacks possible with a rising effect for each stack. Whirlwind flows up to the maximum quantity of stacks, releases significant despicable damage, and rewinds those stacks. As a result, you're continuously going up to five, expelling your Wind Blade, restarting, and proceeding. The Wind Blades provide a sizable AOE, so even if you don't overly invest in AOE, It will be easy for you to clear.


Because of your ability to ignore enemy resistance when using Fire Conversion, you no longer have to worry about enemy resistance to your power or how much penetration your gear has. This dramatically simplifies the gearing process.

Whirlwind appears to be a spinning build based on the gameplay footage available; therefore, you win when you play it. It feels extremely fluid and enables you to construct a newbie-friendly way because you can damage it while moving. You won't feel guilty about evading something because you'll still be dealing damage as you move away from the monster; thus, you don't need to have the maximum possible min-max damage. Your damage will also be very consistent.


Whirlwind is not available till Level 30. Therefore, it is suggested to use Flame Slash at lower levels if you want to inflict fire damage. Also, you can acquire Whirlwind and change to Fire Conversion as you climb a greater level, utilize Berserking Blade, and make your God of War character based on physical damage. Finally, resurrection Warcry can be beneficial if you need additional healing early on because, unlike Source skills, it does not require any kills to recharge.

It can be quite tiresome to upgrade your skills and player, although you can use the in-game currency to fast-forward your progress in the game. If you are falling short of the Flame Elementium, you can purchase it easily for real money.

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Torchlight: Infinite Berserker Guide

Berserker Traits

The finest Berserker traits to concentrate on are these:

Frenzy Furious

  • For each Rage, the critical hit chance increases by 3%.

  • Your fury will automatically reach its peak when you do.


  • When you are struck when berserk is also active, Burst will activate once (cooldown with 0.2 seconds)

  • Every level adds one more Burst of damage.


  • Burst now has two slots available for support skills.

  • Three Rage will be given to you when you defeat an adversary.

  • Increase of 3% damage protection for every 20 Anger.

Uncontrolled Anger

  • When berserk is active, attacks do +40% greater damage.

  • While berserk is active, you lose 15% of your maximum life every second.

  • Berserk is active when you have +50% more Rage.

Boiling Anger

If you receive a critical hit, you gain 15 Rage.

Berserker Equipment

When using this build, you should strive for a specific gear set. You should aim toward the following:

  • Weapon 1 – Dangerous Dream

  • Weapon 2 – Fire Lord's Sin

  • Necklace – Shooting Star

  • Belt – Quickness Belt

  • Boots – Fallen Knight's Footguard

  • Helmet – Tide of the Styx

  • Armor – Martyr's Staff

  • Ring 1 – Frozen Flame

  • Ring 2 – Frostfire Ring

  • Gloves – Ardour

Torchlight: Infinite Berserker Equipment

Best Talent Tree for Whirlwind Build

God of War

If you want to go completely physical, you should probably begin with God of War to gain brutality, which deals 35 more physical damage and prevents damage from elements. Combining that with unending fervor, which grants you 45 fervor effect, will enable you to go critical at an extremely low level.

God of Might and Warlord (Mid Game, 38 Points)

However, if you possess 38 Talent points, we advise moving to Warlord and God of Might. Once you have Whirlwind, this should occur at around level 30, making it the ideal moment to alter the build. In that instance, you'll begin with God of Might.

God of Might Talents

God of Might's Tier 10 now has three excellent choices: When you have a minimum of 20 points within the tree, Burnout deals the most damage, while Elimination is your most vital option defensively.


Fueling, which does damage while ignoring enemy fire resistance, can be obtained with 20 points within the tree if you're just beginning out but employing a fire ability. If a boss has a high fire resistance of 100, Ignore does not equate to lowering piercing, which treats a number zero as zero irrespective of what it is. In contrast, if you pile a bunch of penetration and manage to lower an enemy's fire survivability to a minus 30%, Fueling would disregard it and treat it as zero, forcing you to deliver less damage. As a consequence, once you've chosen Fueling, you should avoid having any gear penetration and make an effort to reduce enemy resistance because doing so won't increase your damage.

Warlord Talent

We wish to proceed to the warlord presently from there. Since we always deal with fire, wildfire gives 100% more damage to adversaries with low life, allowing you to dispatch bosses more quickly when they are at their most vulnerable. Sweep is your right approach if you want to swiftly clear maps, and Rock is also a good option for most defenses, but in this case, we go along with wildfire for the lethal impact.

Wildfire Skills

Talents that you ought to probably switch between frequently at level 36 are:

True Flame

You only give fire damage to enemies; thus, when they die from fire damage, they explode. This speeds up clearing because you may strike a few opponents in a group, and the whole thing explodes. However, it doesn't help against massive single-target bosses like Keegan; instead, Focus Blow's area talents deliver up to 40 more AOE damage to nearby enemies.

Focused Blow

Since you can implicitly make enemies burst as a weapon through corrosion, you can make enemies burst as a modification on your weapons or on your chest piece once you've fully maxed out Min. Alternatively, you can add Focused Blow as a weapon modification. If you do, pick up the genuine fire and observe the world burning because Focused Blow does not combine with a talent version.


That concludes the guide. This build has a lot of space for expansion as you practice it, but if nothing else, it's heading to be an excellent end-game mapping build with boss-killing potential.

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